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Repost: Co Creating New Earth

Humanity has finally Reached a point where things are starting to Manifest Faster than ever before. Our Combined Consciousness is Contributing to our Reality in Such a Powerful Manner that we are really Magnificent Beings with Wonderful Co Creative Abilities.

As we move Higher and Higher into the Golden Age of Light we become Enlightened With Cosmic Codes, Wisdom and Light Codes from The Galactic Central Sun, traveling through All Universes and from Within the Core of Earth towards us. This Process Activates Our Entire Being to Realize that we are the Creative Geniuses of Life. Our Ability to be Conscious, to share Emotions, to be Interactive with Each other, to Feel, to Love, to feel everything so deeply is the Very Gift that Helps to Harmonize everything within this Universe and everywhere else. This gives us the Opportunity to Create the World we all Dream of.

Imagine you are in your Home and you are Surrounded by Plants, Trees, Waterfalls, Fountains, Animals and your Home is covered with Glass which allows the Sun Rays to fill your Entire Home With Light Rays Daily. Imagine the Glass being tinted so you can see out and so you have the Privacy that you seek. Imagine the Animals walking around freely and being Friendly, coming up to you for a Cuddle and some Love. Envision all Beings on this Planet Feeling Safe and Secure so all can Live Together In Harmony.

See Your Home Within a Community Where everything is Shared, Where all are Contributing their Natural Gifts and Talents. A place where you are Free to be You and where you can express yourself in Creative ways that Inspires those around you. These Communities would be Your Home Town where you are Now, it can be Converted into a Place that Shines With Light, Love and Harmony instead of the Cold City Look where you see things that does not Contribute to the Overall Happiness of the World.

Imagine Vegetable and Herbal Gardens Created and taken Care of by Everyone within the Community. See how you can Walk Through these Gardens Daily Where you can grow Fresh Food From Healthy Soil and then Envision being able to take the food to your Home to cook a Healthy Meal for your Family. No more Stores where things are adding up and where you have to budget your Money because you can only get so many things for a certain price. This way of Being and Doing is not Contributing to the World where others have to live in Poverty so that the rest can Thrive in Abundance. Surely we need a New Way Of Being And Doing Right? We can Create Communities where Everyone is Happy and Where all are Fed With Foods that Comes From the Earth, Food that Nurture and Cure. We can have Local Bakers and Local Craftsmen where we All Share what is Created.

A very Natural Plant to help With Healthy Soil Production and Building Materials as well as Health Benefits is Hemp. This Plant grows within 4 weeks and can create a vast Amount of Materials that is Sustainable and Healthy for Us and the Earth.

“Hemp can be used to produce strong, durable and environmentally-friendly plastic substitutes. Thousands of products made from petroleum-based plastics can be produced from hemp-based composites.

It takes years for trees to grow until they can be harvested for paper or wood, but hemp is ready for harvesting only 120 days after it is planted. Hemp can grow on most land suitable for farming, while forests and tree farms require large tracts of land available in few locations. Harvesting hemp rather than trees would also eliminate erosion due to logging, thereby reducing topsoil loss and water pollution caused by soil runoff.

Hemp seeds contain a protein that is more nutritious and more economical to produce than soybean protein. Hemp seeds are not intoxicating. Hemp seed protein can be used to produce virtually any product made from soybean: tofu, veggie burgers, butter, cheese, salad oils, ice cream, milk, etc. Hemp seed can also be ground into a nutritious flour that can be used to produce baked goods such as pasta, cookies, and breads.

Hemp seed oil can be used to produce non-toxic diesel fuel, paint, varnish, detergent, ink and lubricating oil. Because hemp seeds account for up to half the weight of a mature hemp plant, hemp seed is a viable source for these products.”
Read More about Hemp Uses and Materials here:

Envision Dome and Glass Shaped buildings for the Sun to be able to Shine within All Homes throughout the entire day. See Windows with Crystals for Rainbow Light to Reflect within all Homes. A Healing Room within each building that has a Greenhouse type of room with a Pyramid Structure for Healing and Orgones for Healthy Air and Plant Growth. There can be Positive Geometrical Designs within the tiles and Floor Plans. This Will Have a Positive Effect within all homes with Crystals built in for Enhanced Light.

Earth Ship Blue Prints:

The Happiest and Healthiest People are Those who Live In Harmony With the Earth. Those who Share and Enjoy the Gifts that Our Planet has to Offer. Our World Is Sacred And So are We. With this Realization We can Live In Harmony.

See and Envision Crystal Pools with Waterfalls and Beautiful Rocks with Crystals where everyone can swim and Ground With the Natural Elements of Earth and where you are being Blessed while being within Sacred Waters. See These Pools and All Water on Earth Radiating With Light as it is enhanced by the Frequency of Love. Grounding Daily is such a Healthy way to Connect with All the Elements of Nature. Water fountains can be a Great Feature and the Water can be Activated by Musicians as they Sit close to the Waters and Perform in 432hz. The fountains can be connected to Faery type pools for swimming where Rocks and Crystals act as Natural Grounding and Healing Stones.

Envision Fountains in the Center of Community Gardens, Build in the Form of The Spiral of Life. A good Example of such Gardens are the druid gardens. Here is an example of the druid gardens and how all is brought back to balance by these ways.

These Fountains can be Drinking Water for all and could be Activated with similar Technology presented by Keshe who has presented High Frequency Light Activated Water. Pleiadian Resonator tech Is also great Technology to Place Within Waters as this will Amplify the Goddess Light within the waters.

With Goddess Light Flowing Within The Sacred Waters of Earth the Whole Planet is Activated with High Frequencies as the Goddess Light Is the Most Powerful Essence In Existence. It Harmonizes all and Flows Directly from Source.

If We all Work Together to Co Create a New Earth For all and Bring Forth our Ideas this will Manifest Faster.

Home In the Garden of our Hearts all Beings including Animals are Sacred and Treasured, all are treated with Love and Respect, all Vibrate on a High Frequency that Emits a Powerful Energetic Signature Throughout the Rest of the Universe.

Home in the Garden of Pure Love and Oneness is where We are all Moving Towards.

"The first great civilization in which we lived began about 800,000 years ago. It was the land of LeMuuria, the great continent of Mu.

This was a land in which we lived in etheric bodies that were androgynous. There was no death, no reproduction and no sleep. Our intuitive state https://hiddenlighthouse.wordpress.com/category/consciousness/ consciousness was highly developed within a fifth-dimensional frequency. And all communication occurred on the level of the mind."

May all be Blessed as we Journey Together in the Light Of Oneness

In Joy and Truth
Maria Nesa

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Visions of Light

Sunday, January 20, 2019

A Message to all for this Lunar Eclipse in January 2019


Todayis an important day as we move in alignment with the cosmic dance that is transpiring with this Lunar Eclipse in January 2019.

This Lunar Eclipse event will bring forth amazing Source code activations as the Light enters from the Galactic Central Sun, the Pleiades and Sirius Stargates. All planets are in direct and is serving a purpose in their own way by amplifying the central cores of each planetary body within our solar system.  

As we become aware of the Light entering and as we connect with our Higher selves, our etheric, causal, mental, plasma, astral, physical etc. bodies, we expand in the Light and we are blessed with renewal energies in this accelerated ascension period.

With full awareness of our multidimensional being we are capable to bring forth the highest good of our Divine will esesence of self. 

Galactic Activations and New Light Codes on a monumental scale is approaching. 

May all be forever concious and may all rise in their true Source Essence.

Maria Nesa

Saturday, January 5, 2019

New Ascension Codes Anchored and Activated -01/05/2019

When the Inner I am Speaks I listen within to what it is my soul whispers. Here, I was Guided to paint with Gold and Violet. I asked if it was the new integration of the inner cells that is transforming and activating with new Source codes and the answer was offcourse Yes. 

I walked through the forest and was greeted by the elementals, trees and the crisp winter air as new crystalline codes shower our planet. As the trees stand tall and proud within their earthly vessels and speak to me through the winds of change, they bring to us new codes of Light, Wisdom and Inner Source Activations, as we connect with the Galactic Central Sun and our true Source I am Light. Many Light Ships surround the Solar body within our Solar System as the Essence of Pure Love and Light is portrayed in the higher dimensions as they stream Light and Source codes to all on our planet.

Let us show our gratitude to all who are here now assisting us in this next phase of our Source Expansion and Evolution with all of Life, as we move into a higher dimensional plane of existence. 

A special thank you to all keepers of the codes and all Gatekeepers, Ascension Masters and Ambassadors on the planet.


In Love and Light 
Maria Nesa 
Activation within the Forest.

Activation on the tree receiving the most light within the forest from the sun.

A close up from above. 

Activation on an elder Pine within a Goddess Vortex.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

A Deep Link between 3D and 8D and Key Geometrical Structures in Sound waves and Light

Let us Envision the following:

Below is a Structure of fractals combined as a Tri-sphere threefold Spherical Body also known as the Cosmic Trinity which is an emanation of the Gold, the Amethyst and the Emerald Rays, which forms the zero point of matter within a Harmonic Universe.

Below is an illustration of wave/particle theory of light:

The Cymoscope (The CymaScope is a new type of scientific instrument that makes sound visible). 

Cymoscopes are formed when Dolphins commincate as well:

What is cymatics?

Cymatics is the science of sound made visible.
It is based on the principle that when sound encounters a membrane such as your skin or the surface of water, it imprints an invisible pattern of energy. In other words, the periodic vibrations in the sound sample are converted and become periodic water ripples, creating beautiful geometric patterns that reveal the once hidden realm of sound. If we could see the sounds around us with our eyes we would see myriads of holographic bubbles, each with a kaleidoscopic-like pattern its surface. The CymaScope, in a sense, allows us to image a circular section through a holographic sound bubble. Developed by John Stuart Reid in the UK, the CymaScope reveals the once hidden realm of sound. The CymaScope, like the invention of the microscope and telescope, opens a realm not previously suspected to exist; a whole new world of visible sound.
More information about Cymatics can be found in the link here:


Here is a musical study on the harmonic series within music:


Here are some of my own observations. We can envision our Universal Structure like a Giant Diamond like here:

The arrangement of the cells in a 24-cell can be viewed as a central octahedron nested inside a cubeoctahedron, nested inside a larger octahedral envelope, however the figure can be rotated through a 4th dimension such that any cell can be in the center, or be the envelope containing the other three.

Now let us visualize a wave particle within the cymoscope as a geometrical structure and see this form within each of the small spheres within the Trisphere threefold Spherical Body above. Now let us see last mentioned within a larger 24 cell which makes up the Universal structure.

You may raise your own field of consciousness by practicing the following: 

Which will lead to:

Note: Below Pyramid structures have an above or below which forms a diamond.

Now let us have a look at the followig theory and see how above geometries fit into a Quiasicrystalline Network:

The QSN and Its Mapping to E8

"The Quasicrystalline Spin Network (QSN) is a 3D quasicrystalline point space on which we model physics. The QSN is deeply related to the E8 crystal. The following is a brief explanation of the relationship between the various related objects.

We begin with an 8-dimensional crystal called the E8 lattice. The E8 lattice is an 8D point set representing the densest packing of spheres in 8D. The basic cell of the E8 lattice, the Gosset polytope, has 240 vertices and accurately corresponds to all particles and forces in our (3D) reality and their interactions, specifically the way they can all transform from one to another through a process called gauge symmetry transformation (you can view a Ted Talk by Garret Lisi on this subject here).

The first operation we perform is take the E8 lattice and project a slice of it to 4D, through one of two processes: cut-and-project, or Hopf mapping. Either process gives us the same result: a 4-dimensional quasicrystal called the Elser-Sloane quasicrystal. When the E8's basic cell, the Gosset polytope is projected to 4D, it creates two identical, 4D shapes of different sizes. The ratio of their sizes is the golden ratio. Each of these shapes is constructed of 600 3-dimensional tetrahedra rotated from one another by a golden ratio based angle. We refer to this 4D shape as the “600-Cell.” The 600-cells interact in specific ways (they intersect in 7 golden ratio related ways and “kiss” in one particular way) to form the 4D quasicrystal. This is a representation of the two 600-Cells that make up the 4D quasicrystal.

Next we take five 3D subspaces, or tetragrid, of this 4D quasicrystal (one subspace being all tetrahedra that are oriented in the same direction) and then rotate them from one another by 15.522 degrees, we come up with a 3D quasicrystal that can be seen as a representation of the 4D, Elser-Sloane quasicrystal. We call this the “Compound Quasicrystal” (CQC). Here is a representation of five subspaces - the image on the left is one subspace, the second one has a second subspace layered onto it and so on. The fifth image is the CQC. 

Why is the Compound Quasicrystal important? It is important because of its relationship to the QSN. The QSN (Quasicrystalline Spin Network) is the densest possible (under certain constraints) 3D network of point-sharing Fibonacci chains and is the most computationally efficient point space in 3D. When we talk about the densest 3D Fibonacci chain, we are talking about two letter chains instead of the infinitely inflated chains, which is a property of QSN as a quasicrystal. The QSN is created by taking the FCC lattice (a point space that provides the densest packing of 3D spheres) and then spreading its points until they are spaced according to the Fibonacci sequence. We populate this new, extended point space with tetrahedra that point up and that point down. Here is a close up of what that looks like:

Let's call the tetrahedra pointing up "subspace 1" and the tetrahedra pointing down "subspace 2". We take new lattice of Fibonacci spaced points, clone it five times and as we did with the subspaces that formed the Compound Quasicrystal, rotate the five clones from one another by 15.522 degrees to create a new quasicrystal. We then repeat the process with subspace 2. Subspaces 1 and 2 are combined to create the QSN. In this sequence of images we see 5 clones of 4 tetrahedra in one subspace - each clone in a different color - being rotated from one another. The 4 tetrahedra share a vertex, and the object that is created from the 5 rotations of them is called a 20-Group. 

The QSN is composed of tetrahedra that form many different vertex types. The above mentioned 20-Group is one of them. Here are examples of other vertex types:

This is the QSN:

And now to the connection between the QSN, which started its life as the point space representing the most efficient sphere packing in 3D, and the 4D-quasicrystal-derived Compound Quasicrystal, which started its life as E8, the most efficient sphere packing in 8D: as it turns out, the Compound Quasicrystal is an exact subspace of the QSN. The QSN contains all legal configurations of the Elser-Sloane, 8D-to-4D quasicrystal.

The QSN is therefore deeply related to the E8 lattice and its 4D projection.

In simplistic terms, you can think of the QSN as a 3D version of a 2D TV screen. A 2D TV screen is made up of 2D pixels that change brightness and color levels from one video frame to the next at a certain speed (for example 24 frames per second in most modern movies).

Now we can use our QSN geometry as a toy model for physics!

Similarly, the QSN is a 3D grid of Planck scale, tetrahedron-shaped “pixels” that, via the rules of a binary, geometric language/code, exist at each “frame” of reality as either on or off, and if on, then rotated left or right. These pixels populate the QSN, and their states change from one frame to the next, at a "universal frame rate" of 10^44 frames per second (the "Planck time") Over many of these frames patterns emerge on this 3D quasicrystal. These patterns become more and more meaningful and sophisticated with time. After a while, particles begin to form on the quasicrystal. With time, these particles take on more and more complex forms, and eventually the reality we all know, love and play video games in, emerges."

You may find more information about above here:

A Study of Anamorphic quasiperiodic universes in modified and Einstein gravity with loop quantum gravity corrections can be found here:

The goal of this work is to elaborate on new geometric methods of constructing exact and parametric quasiperiodic solutions for anamorphic cosmology models in modified gravity theories, MGTs, and general relativity, GR. There exist previously studied generic off-diagonal and diagonalizable cosmological metrics encoding gravitational and matter fields with quasicrystal like structures, QC, and holonomy corrections from loop quantum gravity, LQG
May this information assist the Planet as we move into the next Golden Age.

In Love and Light 
Maria Nesa


This blog has been created to assist Humanity in the next phase of the start of this Golden Age of Ascension, for Goddess mystery teachings and remembrance, to Uplift, Empower and to Anchor Love and Light on the Planet in Unity. 

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About Ascension - www.ascensionglossary.com

Below is an excellent description on Ascension and what it is, I felt guided to share here and all articles can be found in the Ascension glossary links below: 

What is Ascension?

Ascension, also known as Spiritual Awakening, is a simultaneous increase of Expanding Consciousness that occurs when our spiritual-energetic bodies connect into our physical bodies. Generally, the catalyst for spiritual Awakening is discovered through the process of progressive Kundalini activation that starts in the base of our spine and moves the intelligent energies up the spine and into the Crown. As a human being undergoes the Awakening process, which can progress gradually over many years, that person shifts into perceptions of higher consciousness, which can include increased awareness of energy in the environment, perceiving multidimensional realities, sensing extradimensional entities and feeling a direct communion with God and the interconnected energy that exists between all things.

Ascension is a change in Spectrum of Frequency through Kundalini awakening and a change in the focus of our Consciousness. Ascension is about moving our Consciousness from one reality to another. Since reality is a dimension, what we are undertaking is essentially a full dimensional shift. To go through this shift we must adjust our way of thinking and being to that which is in alignment with our soul purpose and true divine essence.

Ascension is the complex quantum mechanics governing the movement of consciousness through time and space. Consciousness is energy, as well as, energy is intelligent consciousness. When energy shifts, so does our consciousness. Time and space as we have known on planet earth is changing, and we are moving into a future timeline. Through gradual exposure to frequency activation of various stellar bodies, the planet is transformed into higher dimensional and frequency planes of existence. One can consider the multidimensional model of our reality through the study of the Universal Time Matrix and the Universal Tree of Life. The shift of frequency forces all of the planetary inhabitants to shift into the newly exposed planetary frequencies and adapt to the accumulative impact of the shifting energies. All humans have a unique Blueprint and pace to keep aligned with the planetary frequencies. Some will adapt to these frequencies while embodied on planet, while others may not. The choice lies with each of us and is directly our responsibility. We can participate or not with our personal evolution process. All that is required from the Ascension process is participation at the level you are able and that attention and focus is placed on one's heart with a desire to know the true self.

As we develop Self Awareness which is the knowledge of the Self, we are developing the right relationship to the Self, and thus we can better develop our relationship with God Source. We cannot know the highest expression of our nature, until we know the deepest inner contents of our own being. Self study is self mastery and is the pathway to expanding Consciousness and awakening Kundalini.

Contents [hide] 

Embodying Higher Frequencies

Ascension Mechanics

The Ascension Stages are about the bringing of layers of light, the Kundalini force existing within the levels of our spiritual bodies (our Multidimensional God Selves) by descending these layers into matter and anchoring them into the physical plane of reality. Simultaneously, Ascension is a shift in energetic Spectrum of Frequencypatterns held in a dimensional space which, when absorbed and activated into the layers of the planetary and human bio-energetic field, activates its DNA Silicate Matrix template instruction set. This catalyzes a chain of events that creates a complete transformation and transmutation of various patterns and programs held in the energetic templates of the Human Soul’s journey within a cycle of evolutionary time. When activated, these patterns begin to shift, re-emerge and clear from the layers of experiences coded into every cell and memory pattern held as an energetic vibration within the bodies. This part of the biological ascension process may manifest physical, mental and emotional Ascension Symptoms as well as the spiritual crisis of the Dark Night of the Soul.
5D Ascension Aborted

The 5D Ascension is the original evolutionary schema or Ascension Plan for the planet Earth at the end of the 2012 Timelines or at the end of the Ascension Cycle, or the end of an Age of Humanity. This original plan was aborted by the Krystal Star Guardians, and in my knowledge, I was shifted from my original Ascension mission in 2004 to learn how to best work for the Guardian Aurora teams who were active building Krystal Star hosting architecture for planet earth. In 2005 I was made aware the original plan was aborted and councils disbanded and reassembled to work on the new mission upgrades, called Ascension Plan B.
Mission Upgrades

The elemental re-encryption process of this Avatar of Ascension (AOA) project as a part of the Aurora Guardian Families is an adjustment that actually changes the coordinates of your birth blueprint and its genetic imprint on the flesh. When we incarnated into 3D we had to accept huge miasmic package that is attached to the collective human race mental bodies on this planet. These are called “Negative Forms” or “Shadow” or “Phantom Sun” bodies. These phantom bodies are what connect humans to the timeline of the (911 Timelines), Armageddon Software or the negative alien agenda NAA. The transduction sequence is the definition of when the “God Spark” connects to the core manifestation body (12 Tree Grid) which projects out the elemental physical manifest body Three Layers of Ego. As we know a major project of the AOA Aurora is to “re-encrypt” the elemental structure of our bodies, as well as anchor the architecture to build the unity source code platform. This changes the false 911 Timelines architecture and is what the work of this ES community is in laying the template of the Law of One (LOO) in the GSF Ascension Timeline. This timeline exists in the Aurora time continuum. See Aurora Re-encryptions. [1]
End of Astrological Age

4 Planetary Rounds = 1 Planetary Cycles = 1 Astrological Age = Aeon = 26,000 (26,566) years = precession of Earth’s axis of rotation with respect to inertial space.At the end of every cycle, we become aligned to the galactic core; Stargate portals open (See Planetary Gates, and we are eligible to proceed with an Ascension timeline.

Precession Of Equinox

Galactic Alignment

Refers to the precession of Earth's axis of rotation with respect to inertial space. A complete precession cycle (One Astrological Age) covers a period of approximately 25,765 years, the so called Great Platonic Year, during which time the equinox regresses over a full 360°. The precessional movement also is the determining factor in the length of an Astrological Age or Aeon. (Note that there are 12 Zodiac Archetypes that are each of the 12 Astrological Ages. We are moving from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.) The Precession of the Equinoxes is caused by the differential between the gravitational forces of the Sun and Moon on the Earth.

The Golden Gate

Celestial Plane

The ancients called this circuit path made around the galactic equator, the Gate of the Gods or The Golden Gate. The Orion constellation sits in the opposite direction, which would be considered the anti-galactic center. The ancients called this circuit path the Gate of Man or The Silver Gate. Ophiuchus and Orion are mirror images of opposing polarity. Together, they represent the ascending path through the Gate of Man meeting at the Gate of the Gods. The many Ascension stages we endure to reach our spiritual Magnum Opus, are the stages of humanity moving through these sequences of consciousness gateways. We all incarnate as earthly beings that evolve through the Precession of the Equinoxes. This takes us through the consciousness realms moving through the ecliptic path of the Gate of Man to eventually complete the evolution cycle, which intersects at the Galactic Center. Once we unify the consciousness experiences through the Gate of Man intersecting with the Galactic Equator at Ophiuchus’ feet, we are potentially given access to The Golden Gate. This allows us to proceed on the Ascension path to become resurrected eternal spiritual beings unified with the Cosmic Holy Spirit. From our solar system the Galactic Center lies visually along a line that passes through The Golden Gate. This is the Gate to Eternal Life which pours out the Universal Elixir that opens at the end of Precession Cycles. The Golden Gate is located on the circuit path, where the two great celestial spheres intersect together that create four quadrants. The quadrant is one of four circular sectors in the equal division of the planetary sphere. The first great circuit is the path of the Sun through the zodiac made in its annual cycle. The other is the circle path made from the center of our Milky Way galaxy called the galactic equator.The intersection point made between the two circuits located between Taurus and Gemini constellations is known as The Silver Gate. The intersection point of the two circuits between Scorpio and Sagittarius constellations, right under Ophiuchus right foot, is known as The Golden Gate."

Ascension Stages

Ascension Mechanics

The Ascension Stages are about the bringing of layers of light, the Kundalini force existing within the levels of our spiritual bodies (our Multidimensional God Selves) by descending these layers into matter and anchoring them into the physical plane of reality. Simultaneously, Ascension is a shift in energetic Spectrum of Frequencypatterns held in a dimensional space which, when absorbed and activated into the layers of the planetary and human bio-energetic field, activates its DNA Silicate Matrix template instruction set. This catalyzes a chain of events that creates a complete transformation and transmutation of various patterns and programs held in the energetic templates of the Human Soul’s journey within a cycle of evolutionary time. When activated, these patterns begin to shift, re-emerge and clear from the layers of experiences coded into every cell and memory pattern held as an energetic vibration within the bodies. This part of the biological ascension process may manifest physical, mental and emotional Ascension Symptoms as well as the spiritual crisis of the Dark Night of the Soul.


1Inner Sustainability
2Ascension Stages of Bio-Neurological Consciousness Expansion
3Stage One – Initiation
4Stage Two-Absorption
5Stage Three-Integration
6Stage Four-Ascension
7Guidelines in First Triad of Evolution Phases
9See Also 

Inner Sustainability

Initiation,Absorption & Integration

Inner Sustainability is Integrated Spiritual Ascension and is the ultimate energetic sustainability when we self source from within our Soul and Monad connection, our personal spiritual source field connected directly with God. As we progressively undergo Expanding Consciousness through the activation of internal Kundalinienergies traveling up the spinal column and into our Chakra system, we end consumptive modeling and vampirism of other people's energies. Then we are capable to self source internal life force energies and develop our spiritual bodies into their highest expression and purpose, clearing Negative Ego and the Pain Body.
Inner Sustained Vs. Energetic Parasitism (ending recycling of reincarnation and Alien Mind Control),
The Ultimate Energetic Sustainability is within your Core God Being ,
As We are Fully Connected to our Soul-Spirit We are Inner Directed, thus Inner Sustained,
Connection to the In Breath and Out Breath of Source – Direct relationship to God with no intermediary,
Everyone is accountable to claim personal Sovereignty and Freedom by consciously choosing to participate in personal evolution, this is the GSF Ascension timeline,
Divine Will and Divine Source is The Ultimate Intelligence. Choose Divine Will over Personal Will and observe the magic around you. You Now become a part of the Guardianship of the Divine Plan for Humanity,
How do we get there? One way is understanding your Lightbody’s function, which is Spiritual Ascension or Kundalini awakening, by focusing on Chakras and our stair step up the 12 Bodies of Intelligence to reconenct with our Diamond Sun body and the Threefold Founder Flame. [1] 

Ascension Stages of Bio-Neurological Consciousness Expansion

The Ascension Stages are about the bringing down of the layers of light and sound from our higher frequency spiritual bodies, by descending these layers into matter and anchoring them into our physical body via successive kundalini activations. The transmissions of electromagnetic frequencies occur throughout many functions of our bio-neurology, between the CNS, Brain and physical body parts, as well as the Nadial Structureand spiritual body parts. Simultaneously, Ascension is a shift in the energetic spectrum of frequency patterns held in our physical self. When absorbed and activated into the layers of the human bio-energetic field, it activates the higher DNA instruction set. This catalyzes a chain of events that creates a complete transformation and transmutation of various patterns and thought programs held in the identity, which shifts Timelines and changes the direction the consciousness of that person is travelling. When spiritually activated, these old identity patterns begin to shift, re-emerge and clear from the layers of experiences coded into every cell and memory pattern held as an energetic vibration within the person’s bodies. The biological ascension process manifests physical, mental and emotional Ascension symptoms that ignite spiritual crisis, which is referred to as the Dark Night of the Soul. Many people without Ascension context are captured into the medical system and are being prescribed drugs that interfere with their spiritual development, because they are being told that they have a disease. We all must do our research and due diligence to find our own personal truth to take control over our personal health and wellbeing. We cannot give that responsibility away to others.
Stage One – Initiation


Spiritual Initiation: This is about the initiation of your physical body as it connects into a new electromagnetic frequency wave that is contained in the intelligent layers of your personal Soul-Spiritual bodies. This will activate in collaboration with what higher frequencies are becoming available, or are being generated onto the planet, as well as in connection to the personal Blueprint. The goal is to initiate the bio-neurological connection with a frequency layer of coded electromagnetic informationthat is designed to help you to activate and plug in the higher DNA codes. Each of us has a higher self intelligence, and it is this higher self aspect that directs the Ascension process with our physical self. Sometimes, there are teams of Ascension Guides related to the person’s spiritual family line, which come to help the person undergo the initiation process. Essentially, a person is activated into spiritual initiation when their neurological structure gets plugged in and begins to accrete the electromagnetic light codes and frequencies of the Soul through kundalini activation. Kundalini activation pulls in new neurological structures and neural networks that act as energy receivers so the person can absorb the new frequencies and intelligence into their auric body. Kundalini activation is also about activating DNA frequency receivers called Apparthi receivers, which act as a bundled nerve plexus for transmitting DNA Encodements and intelligence transmissions into the Lightbody. DNA also has 12 sub-strands, and those are called fire-codes or Fire Letters. Fire letters are the cellular alphabet of our DNA, and they become activated and organized by our neurological receivers, when we start to absorb the frequencies from the first octave of our next dimensional ascension. The body usually follows the consistent process of initiating into the next higher frequency layers, in order of each harmonic tone, to help the physical self and body more easily acclimate the frequencies into the lightbody. Too much exposure to high electromagnetic frequency too soon, can seriously damage the neurological system and brain, resulting in psychosis. Each individual has a specific energy signature (incarnation path) that determines the detail of awakening. Indigos and Starseeds are the first waves of people spiritually awakened to be initiated into kundalini activation during the Ascension Cycle. Every person has a unique path of Ascension, yet the same internal connection of an electromagnetic process of bio-spiritual transformation occurs. Consciousness expansion occurs through the progressive states of initiation that are made through successive and increasing electromagnetic frequencies of kundalini activation, which are transmitted to the entire Bio-Neurology.
Stage Two-Absorption


Absorption: Once the new electromagnetic frequency is initiated into the Aura and being transmitted into the body by the CNS and Brain, the frequency and information it carries is gradually being completely absorbed within the Lightbody. Each individual has a specific process during the personal frequency absorption process, as the new frequency will hold information that will bring to the surface many different kinds of experiences, as it reveals karmic lessons, issues of self-mastery, other lifetimes, seeing deceased relatives, emotional and spiritual conflict resolution, etc. Kundalini spirals move up the spinal column, conducting with the spinal nerves, and its electromagnetic frequency will move up the central column and flood into the Chakras and spiritual bodies. As the new frequency starts to accrete in the lightbody, it will come up against energy blockages in the body. At this stage karmic patterns may appear to dislodge or clear out Dead Energy or False White Light blockages or Miasma that need to be cleared to spiritually progress. During this stage, many strange things can occur as the spiritual energies are becoming physicalized. Successive clearing of psycho-emotional energy blockages allow access to higher intelligence and begin expanding consciousness through the person’s higher spiritual identity.

When this movement through dimensional bands and communication links to higher intelligence comes online, it is perceived by extra-dimensionals, such as advanced ETs. They will attack an ascending person to keep them controlled or derailed from the ascension process. As an example, when ascending into the Souldimensions, the person starts to absorb Soul frequencies into their heart center via the Nadial Structure, which relays that information to their CNS and Brain. There are twelve (12) subharmonic tones within each dimension (4D-5D-6D), which make up the three layers of the Soul body. The person starts to accrete the 1st subharmonic of the Soul layers and must absorb all 12 to complete the entire 4D spectrum. This continues all the way up the harmonic scale of dimensions where we all have aspects of our spiritual bodies. These frequency notes drill down through the layers of our Lightbody until they’re fully anchored and interconnected into our physical structure. This process is also referred to as light accretion. The combination of our natural biology, Soul and Monad intelligence is in charge of this process, and the higher intelligence does this as smoothly as possible. If the person resists or does not understand what is happening to them, it can block progress, and block spiritual communication from continuing. The NAA promotes fear in the spiritual development process to stop it from occurring. 

Stage Three-Integration


Integration: Upon the Aura receiving the maximum frequency absorption of the newly absorbed Electromagnetic Signals that came from the Kundalini spiral up the spine, the higher consciousness identity, Chakras or Orb Bodies, as well as DNA is activated to integrate into the physical self. The individual will begin to integrate new energies, may grow new neural networks and become more telepathic or develop higher sensory abilities. There are many Ascension Symptoms, which make changes to every area of the person’s make-up, including physical, mental, and emotional changes that shift perceptions or the sense of identity leading to Ego Death. If the ego mind is not prepared for this change in consciousness, it may result in Spiritual Crisis and problems coping with letting go. Because there is no information on Ascension, most people feel extremely disorientated and even scared that they are ill or that they are losing sanity. The NAA is happy to reinforce this distorted narrative. Ascension Symptoms, Kundalini activation, Spiritual Crisis and the recall of trauma and abuse memories from current or other lifetimes, can be misidentified as medical issues.
Stage Four-Ascension

Ascension: After absorbing all of the frequency bands and codes in a dimensional instruction set that is held within the Kundalini triad current, the frequencies will cause systemic upgrades that result in new levels of spiritual Consciousness in terms of greater planetary awareness, Higher Sensory Perception, and experiencing energy as intelligent. Humanity is growing their consciousness to evolve and become interconnected with the planetary consciousness, and that is shifting earth humans to be rehabilitated and to practice the higher principles of Service to Others. When a person evolves into the higher realms of the monad (8D+) or they are Starseeds, they will start to have interactions and awareness of higher intelligent ETs, light and dark beings, and other levels of planetary or stellar consciousness. The monadic body will start to build an orb body to accrete liquid Plasma light, and this builds our eternal divine source body, or Krystal Diamond Sun body. The Krystal Diamond Sun body is equated with the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One, over which there is a Galactic War to control the content and it’s Diamond Architecture. These are the dimensions of liquid plasma light or hydroplasmic light in the anti-particle fields which unite with the Zero Point God fields, beyond time and dimensionalization. When a person is communicating with and embodying the Monadic and Avatar levels, they are guided solely on missions to be in Service to Others. When in a life of earth service or incarnated with a specific spiritual mission, they will start to perceive holographic architecture, such as the Planetary Gates, Stargates, and the Planetary Grid Networks, which usually makes them a Gridworker.[2]
Guidelines in First Triad of Evolution Phases

This is the first triad of Spiritual Awakening, of which the life lessons are the Tests of Personal Self Mastery upon where one pays attention and focus of directing one's Consciousness. These are intended to support harmony as one develops and expands Consciousness.
Ask and Inquire on the Way of your Soul and its purposes.
Listen, learn the language of the Heart, which is the Soul Higher Sensory Perception and take action on the guidance of your Soul.
Develop your Inner Connection to Soul that supersedes all reliance on the External Connections or perceptions of reality, release fears of being judged by others.
Live a Life congruent to your Soul and is purposes, and that it serves as an example to others. Practice 12D Shield, Law of One and GSF Behaviors.
Clear Negative Ego, Fears and Emotional Pain in the lower Chakra centers, become aware of the Unconscious Mind, Instinctual Mind and Conscious Mind functioning.
Practice giving Unconditional Love and Compassion to others and learn to love oneself and practice Empathy.
Educate yourself about Ascension, Kundalini and the spiritual process of awakening one's Consciousness to help clear Ego/Personality fears that create pain and confusion around this natural process.(See Four Phases of Spiritual Evolution)

Ascension Symptoms

Ascending Lightbody

During the Ascension process as we accrete frequency and light we may undergo a variety of ascension symptoms, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual-energetic.

These transmutational symptoms can be extreme. The 12D Shield is helpful to harmonize the body through many ascension symptoms. Many of the ascension symptoms are vague to describe and inexpressible in linear thought and language. When people go to doctors, they are being told to take drugs or they are being instructed to seek professional psychological help. This site is not professing to be giving any medical advice. It may be beneficial for some of us to seek out medical or psychological treatment during our process. We must follow our own inner guidance on how to proceed with what is occurring within our physical and energy body systems at this unprecedented time of acceleration.

Certain symptoms are now becoming more apparent and when we know this as a "process" and that many others are feeling the same things, a certain serenity can be brought into the mind. Many can rest in the knowledge that they are being transformed in ways that may feel extremely hard on the physical body.

Some of the most common symptoms reported include:
cranial pressure and headaches
extreme fatigue
heating up of the physical body
joint pain
body aches
muscle cramps in legs and calves and shoulders
flu-like symptoms
kundalini experiences
feeling out of sorts, sadness or feeligns of loss or grieving
muscle pains
skin rashes
tingling in body parts
having specific awareness of a internal organ or body part unlike the past
diminution of spatial awareness
feverish feeling
feelings of being there and not being here
loss of visual acuity
memory loss
changes with body and head hair
lack of the ability to concentrate
feelings of standing up or moving too quickly that create “vertigo”
the feeling that you cannot accomplish anything because there is not enough time
anxiety attacks that happen suddenly and disappear just as suddenly
Seeing multidimensional energies, i.e. colors, entities, matrices, numbers, symbol codes
Seeing extraterrestrials both human and nonhuman in appearance
Communicating with nature,animals and people that have passed on

Also, our bodies often experience a rush of heat and energy bursts that are not comfortable. Our bodies are being shifted in thermodynamic ways and with so much light entering the fields of the body, some of the "symptoms" we experience are actually preventing our physical vehicles from bursting with the intensity of light. We may experience a "triad" sleep pattern (waking up every 3 hours) or interrupted sleep as we are being recalibrated and worked on energetically at night. This adds to our being restless and tired in the morning.

Remember to be gentle with your hearts and being and only allow others within your boundaries of inner sanctum that treat you the same. This can be an extremely vulnerable time emotionally. We need to release the fear of asking for help and investing in ourselves to feel balanced and healthy. Massage, Bodywork, Hydration, Supplementation, Energy Work, Spiritual Counsel.[1]
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1Body Changes
2Ascension Alchemy Principles
3Biochemic Cell Salts
5See Also

Body Changes

On the planetary scale, a massive shift is taking place. Huge infusions of Light are coming to the Earth plane as the veil of separation and denial are lifting. Earth Ascension Changes are creating physical changes in our bodies right now. The planet is mutating, and so are the beings on it. There is a transmutation taking place in the very cells of your body.

A transmutation is the act of being transmuted or changed or altered in form, appearance, nature to a higher form. transmutation is the internal change going on inside the body that puts together the combination of parts or chemical elements, groups or simpler compounds or by the degradation of a complex compound so as to form a whole new combination. During mutation, this new combination may be constructed by the body from diverse conceptions into a coherent whole body that may be different from previous bodies.

The physical transmutation change within your bodies is a significant and basic alteration in the body.[2]
Ascension Alchemy Principles

The Zodiac structural principles are both energetic and geometric which are being aligned to the Alchemical Laws of God. When astrological alignments occur through major conjunctions between planetary and stellar bodies, forces of alchemy occur which alter frequency current and manifest new creations. This new cosmic alignment changes the stellar architecture of how the Sun transmits the influences of the Zodiac in the Ray System throughout our Solar System. These stages of transmitting alchemical forces to aid consciousness evolution are qualities of which have never been previously exposed to this planet. This is allowing the Alchemical Laws of consciousness evolution to be transmitted through the constellations of which are inherently a part of the organic processes of planetary biological ascension.

The movement of stars, planets, comets and asteroids through space affects the solar magnetic field; which in turn impact the geomagnetic field influencing collective and individual electromagnetic, chemical and biological systems on the earth. These forces impact our consciousness and bodies in unprecedented ways, manifesting many unusual symptoms and changes. [3]
Biochemic Cell Salts

Biochemic tissue salts, also called cell salts are minerals in an energy form. (see Biochemic Cell Salts) The first signs of tissue salt deficiencies are visible in the face, much before physical symptoms occur. By reading the face signs and supplementing with the appropriate tissue salts, one can achieve a balanced correction at the cellular level, which enables the body to heal itself. Together all 12 of these mineral cell salts combined are called Bioplasma. In our spiritual community the necessity of soothing the brain and nervous system during many Ascension Symptoms have given Bioplasma the nickname of the "Starseed Supplement".

The Following is more or less a earthly time frame of all that may have happened:

Historical Timeline Trigger Events

These specific Historical Timeline Trigger Events are directly related to the seed or causal events of the main Galactic War histories involving humanity. The NAA war against humanity originated from the timelines of the Lyran and Orion Wars from the higher Harmonic Universe. When the Cradle of Lyra and several planets exploded this further destroyed the Andromedan Stargate, leaving humanity trapped in a fallen system. Those histories of Galactic warring eventually descended into many conflicts for power and control over the 3D Earth. The Belial Sons Luciferian Covenant and the Black Sun Program ultimately united to form the NAA artificial intelligence and the 911 Timeline Agenda that is playing out today, in the Timeline Wars.

The information that is provided below is with the intention to help associate memory and meaning to the timelines of Galactic History and bring witnessing to these events, as well as support graceful spiritual initiation into the Law of One, which is part and parcel of Cosmic Christ consciousness. This information is not to be integrated as dogmatic absolutes, but is being offered to help catalyze the individual and collective opportunities we have right now. It is to be utilized as a context for the Historical Timeline Trigger Events that have impacted all of us on earth, by assigning meanings to the memories that were stolen from humanity.

Historical Timeli
ne Trigger Events

Historical Timeline Trigger EventsApprox. TimelineSummary Description
Lyran Wars, Orion Wars, Victim-Victimizer Program20 Million YAMain Galactic War History of Human Holocaust, Lyran-Elohim overseeing 5D Earth Seeding, Genetic Hatred, Black Hole Entities, the seed of Anti-Christ Conflict.
Electric Wars5 Million YARace War over First Root Race, Wall in Time, Separated from 12 Strand DNA, Need to Collect Fragments in Timelines, 2D/4D Soul Split, Soul Rescue Missions.
Thousand Years War1 Million YAWar over realities based on the Law of OneService to Self vs. Service to Others conflicts, First Draco and Annu hybrid root races, and Elohim and Annunaki wars.
Nephilim Wars75,000 YAAnnunaki Breeding Program, Second Seeding attempt of Nephilim rejected by Elohim, Melchizedek and Annu DNA Fracture, 666 Seal is quarantine in Solar System.
Lemurian Holocaust52,000 YAFirst Major Event of Planet Earth Genocide, Secret Deception of Draconian Invasion via Underground Tunnels, Ice Age and surface climatic destruction.
Atlantian Holocaust30,000 YANibiru Annunaki Resistance and Patriarchal Melchizedek take over the Inner Earth, Earth Core Power Generator Crystal Grid Explosion, and intentional genocide of Christos Grail lineage.
Luciferian Rebellion and Armageddon Program26,000 YARebellion reaches apex at end of Atlantian Cataclysm, End of Aeon, Sons of Belial enslave Seraphim, Michael Wars, Enemy Patterning, and Golden Eagle Grid Wars.
Eieyani Massacre, Essene Breeding and Emerald Tablet22,000 YAFemales taken to Nibiru by Thoth-Annunaki for forced breeding. Thoth stole CDT plate; wrote down Emerald Tablet. Trigger timeline for Hermeticism, esoteric Kabbalah, Mystery Schools and Secret Societies formed to hide ancient knowledge from the common people.
Ascension Timeline Rebellion22,000 YANAA groups negotiate agreements for Earth Territories and Humans for workers, sex or slave colonies. Galactic Trading of Earth Resources. Reptilian ownership of earth humans.
Celtic Massacres/Druid Sacrifices22,000 YANAA genocidal agenda to eradicate Celtic Kings Grail DNA and Melchizedek Christ Teachings from Atlantis, RH Negative Hunting, spread disinformation, destroy records of star origin and artifacts.
Sachon- Thoth Viking Invasion22,000 YAIntruder Thoth groups, earliest Vikings attacked Celtic lines to eradicate Atlantian history and eliminate, spread false records about Celts and Druid lineages.
Luciferian Covenant11,500 YAThe Anti-human and Anti-Krystic agenda for takeover of the planet from NAA, as its controlled by Luciferian forces is called the Luciferian Covenant. Illuminati Lines.
Lunar Outpost, Moon Colony and Sexual Misery Program11,500 YAThe moon is a craft stolen from war and stripped to be refitted for its use as a Human, Reptilian and Grey Alien base. Transmits Mind Control NETs, Soul trap.
Atlantian Flood11,500 YATakeover and destruction of Giza Stargate, victors of war start re-writing historical records and false timelines, surface flood and holocaust.
Sumerian-Egyptian Invasion10,000 YAFirst stage of takeover of Iran-Iraq 10th Gate, Middle East settlements and organizing Brotherhood of the Snake in from Atlantian timeline in the region. Thoth Group and Phoenix Grid to gain control over Giza Stargate. Tiamat wormhole.
Knight Templar Invasion, Essene Templar Massacre9,500 YATakeover of Celtic Templar lines, NAA attempt to create super-race of Controllers for earth, genetic elitism, lineage of Freemasonry, massacre of those who do not comply. Hidden esoteric knowledge agenda.
Centaurian Wars8,000 YAAlpha Centaurian races attempt takeover on Earth from other NAA races, manipulation of Stonehenge and 11D timeline. Unsuccessful hijack.
Mayan Invasion5,500 YAGenocidal agenda to eliminate all 12 strand DNA bloodlines from Mayan tribes related to those that had ascended and traveled off planet.
Sumerian/Babylonian Massacre5,500 YADNA unplugging and identity and consciousness memory erasure, confounding DNA language and signals, glandular malfunction, early death.
Djoser Invasion5,000 YASakkara invasion from 5D wormhole, infiltrate regime, takeover portals, blood sacrifices and use of advanced SRA underground for power.
Dead Sea Wars and Masada Massacre4,000 YAWar in region to maintain control in Middle East, destruction of many cities in the area. Essene groups tracked down and massacred.
Hyksos King Invasion and Exodus3,600 YASakkara NAA forces infiltrate Egyptian Pharaoh lines through Thutmose, Hyksos intend takeover of Temple Mount and massacre of Human Tribe 2. Battle for control over Grail tools and Grail Stargate.
Israel and Jerusalem Crusades3,500 YAGenocidal campaigns to eliminate all humans with Essene Templar knowledge and Tribe 2 genetics in the landmass of Israel.
Hatshepsut Invasion3,400 YAHatshepsut hides Arc portal technology, protecting portal system from Thutmose Draconian controlled brother, finalizes Hyksos expulsion from Egypt.
Akhenaton Fall and Murder3,300 YAAkhenaton despises politics, working for human Law of One Ascension timelines, transits out trapped souls, attempts overthrow of Amun Priest’s child and blood sacrifice rituals, 2D underworld portal rips, family murderous plot, character assassination campaign.
Destruction of the Solomon Temple3,000 YAGrail Stargate takeover through Arc technology, genocide of Human Tribe 2, Hyksos line attempt takeover through King Solomon, NAA destroys the Temple and holographic grid
Iron Age Christos-Sophia, Jesus Christ Mission2,000 YASirius B Christos Mission to repair Giza and Stonehenge Stargate, timeline repair gridwork to prepare for the Ascension timeline and reclamation of the Christos Diamond Sun body in 2012 timeline.
Roman and Draconian Invasion2,000 YADraconian infiltrate Greek sacred texts and Italy to build the Church of Rome and spread NAA religious mind control through Catholicism. Retaliation of Christos mission. Collection of Martyr’s blood.
Council of Nicea1,700 YANAA and Luciferian Knights Templar cover story to hide the Christos Mission and humanities star origins, False Alien God worship and Blood Sacrificebased religion that became the Canonized Bible.
The Rise of NAA World Religions, Armageddon Mind Control1,700 YAIntentional spreading of violent world religions based on Satanic blood sacrifice, holy wars and worshipping Alien False Father Gods. Armageddon mind control linked to Atlantian Cataclysm and Human Genocidal Campaigns.
Saxon Invasion and Arthurian Grail Takeover1,400 YAInvasion of UK to take over territory and 11th Stargate, kill Templar Grail King Arthur and his support team, last benevolent Grail King, False King of Tyranny replaces rulership, King Arthur is in Stasis in UK. Related to the Awakening Albion and stasis beings.
Draconian Christian Crusades1,000 YAViolent Religious Wars used for human blood sacrifice, soul binding and feeding Crucifixion Implants and Martyrs Blood Alien Machinery in the Earth. Generates Black Heart systems and Anti-Life reversals on the grid.
Cathar Genocidal Massacre780 YAAlbigensian Crusade carried out by the Church of Rome, Cathars were trapped and burned alive in Southern France. Attempts to eliminate Essene Templar knowledge outside control of the Church.
America Crusades, Native American Holocaust500 YANative American holocaust and America crusades, elimination of indigenous lines that had Templar knowledge of Earth grids. Setting up Secret Societies in USA for Global Control.
Nibiruan Intervention/NRG Implants, Sexual Misery Mind Control250 YANAA and Galactic Federation starts to contact their lineages for channeling and propaganda for preparation of the New Age. Sexual Misery mind control and implants for harvesting human creative sexual energies, alien hybrid breeding programs.
Aleister CrowleyBlack Magic GridsMainstream Satanism115 YANAA Alien Abductee cooperates with Zeta infiltration of Earth grid networks, sets up Satanic Black MagicBlood Sacrifice and portals that become Human Energy harvesting networks. Enochian and Thoth-Annunaki Thelema Language, OTO.
Zeta Alien Surveillance, Abduction and Breeding100 YAZeta cooperate with Orion Group for NAA takeover agenda, human enslavement and territorial control.
Black Sun Program World War SRA Agenda, World Wars100 YAPoking holes in Earth’s protective grid, Orion and Zeta groups orchestrate World Wars to weaken EMF, Nuclear Bombs, and infiltrate Portals by ripping holes in the time-space fabric.
Majestic 12 and Zeta Grey Alien Trade Agreements85 YAZeta contact World Governments for Military Technology and Human Trade, Grey Alien Weaponry, Holographic Inserts and Time Travel Technology.
World War II, Nordics, Human Blood Sacrifice Grids80 YAAfter WW1, sophisticated machinery and implants are inserted into planetary field designed to capture souls and blood sacrifice for NAA during wars/killing. Perpetuate War Economy and World Slavery.
Nazi InfiltrationPsycho-Spiritual Warfare on Global Population, MKUltra75 YAOrion Controlled Nazi Groups go underground infiltrate Power Elite and Intelligence Groups, Nordic Alien technology and SRA experiments to mind control the public. Learned HelplessnessPavlovian Conditioning.
Black Operation, Secret Space Program, Space Colonies and Human Trafficking75 YAUSA Government splinters off into assorted secret interest groups to research, study and hide alien contact and alien technology from the public. Galactic human slave trade becomes highly organized.
Orion Groups Intervention40 YAOrion Groups recruit more Reptilian Races to join with NAA to prepare for the final conflict war over timelines in 2012-2017. Share spoils of war.
Pleiades and Sirian Agreement30 YAGalactic Federation makes agreement to support Ascension timeline as front to gain total control over the intended hijack of the New Age Spiritual movement. New Age Channeling increases.
Necromiton Invasion30 YAOrion Group recruits Necromiton for NAA control strong-arm on earth, to assist enforcement and compliance in the joint Military Complex Black Op and Secret Space Programs. MIB's.
Seed of Anti-Christ-SophiaAzazael and Black Lilith25 YAProduce anti-hierogamic spawn in Peru Stargate to destroy Genetic Equal and Twin Flame Sacred Unions during the Ascension, and put AI reversals and clones in its place. This is known as the Alien Love Bite.
Edict of War against StarseedsIndigos and Angelic Human Population17 YANAA groups offer hostage agreement to allow evacuation of selected humans by Lyran-Sirian Guardian Races, before intended Armageddon Destruction Agenda or Pole Shift.
911 Timeline Trigger Event, NWO Agenda for AI False Timeline Propagation16 YANAA draws line in the sand via the 9-11-2001 event to take control over Earth timelines, attempt to circumvent Ascension by dimensional blending, NAAcarries out AI Transhumanist Agenda. Starseed Christos Mission Upgrade to repair Ascension timelines.

Ascended Master

Ascension Field

An Ascended Master is a highly evolved group level of consciousness that exists beyond the dimensionalization of the Time Matrix.They are not in a form as we would know it.

Ascended Master is a term that is highly misunderstood within the metaphysical and New Age movement. The commonly known Ascended Masters that are channeled frequently are mostly our human spiritual elder brothers and sisters that have gone beyond the reincarnational wheel of the 3D Earth. However mostly they are existing within the 5th to 7th dimensional bands of our future. They are considered more like a Kindergarten Ascended Master as they have not achieved the true ascended mastery that would take them outside of our dimensionalized system or time matrix.

Many humans that think they are channeling Masters are channeling Astral entities in the 4th dimension that are misrepresenting themselves.This is why learning about our spiritual anatomy that explains the dimensional levels are important. One can employ more discernment with this understanding.

The Guardians refer to the true meaning of Ascended Mastery as not being the term to those identities that have progressed into a partial ascension process. These beings are as valued and loved, however it is more appropriate to understand them as our Elder Brothers assisting the human family in the current ascension process. Many of them do not possess the knowledge that resides within our own Higher Self-God Identity.

An Ascended Master is a highly evolved group level of consciousness that exists BEYOND the dimensionalization of the Time Matrix.

Contents [hide]
1See Also
3Master Christos Collective
4Kryst Hala Tones
5See Also
See Also

Ascended Master in Theosophy Teachings [[1]]

From the Omniversal Guardian perspective, the Ascended Masters referenced in Theosophy teachings are considered "partially" ascended, therefore are considered as partially ascended masters. The Guardians do not reference partially ascended humans with egoic rays as "Gods", although there is controversy about that label of usage. From the 3rd dimensional human perspective these levels would appear "god-like".

In 1937, The Voice of the I AM article on this subject elaborated:

"When the Ascension of both has taken place, each is the complete balance of all masculine and all feminine qualities within himself. Then the Threefold Founder Flame of Life is completely unfolded, the individual becomes Master at Cosmic Levels of creation and does work with systems of worlds, as well as in this physical world. Thus, that which came out of the Great Central Sun as One Flame becomes Three complete Flames, each of the same full Limitless Power and Activity as the Great Spiritual Central Sun. This becomes the Cosmic Activity of the Power of the 'Three times Three'. "When both Rays have made the Ascension, then the individual works with systems of worlds instead of just in one world. (Note by LR: i.e. the celestial management of architectural design in the systems of worlds, as we learn with the HGS template)This is the way the Godhead is ever expanding the Perfection of Itself throughout Infinity and keeping order throughout interstellar space."
Master Christos Collective

The Master Christos Collective are Ascended Masters of Krystal Star that may be communicated with in the Seven Higher Heavens or Trans-time continuum, which is located in the core of the next universes (through Andromeda) and corridors which lead into the higher creation realms of the God Worlds. They are a United Krystal Star Matrix Collective of beings from multiple God Realms that are in alliance with the Krystal Star and Aurora Re-encryptions projects. Their role is to unite all identities of the Personal Christ through all Precession of the Equinoxes Ascension cycles with the God Source and their collective matrix is the architecture of the Krystal Kaleidoscope which became accessible in 2014. Essentially they are the Collective Christ Sun Bodies uniting in the many universal cores simultaneously which phase lock into access into the Omniverses.
Kryst Hala Tones

When the tones of KA RA YA SA TA AA LA (KRYSTAL) are woven into a complete pattern, they are an actual “Merkaba” Spirit Body. This Spirit Body of Krystal Consciousness is phonetically (sounds like) spelled something like: CHRYSTHALLA or KRYST HALA (KA RA YA SA TA HA LA - emphasis on the H), which also describes and explains (means) the male and female merged as Risen Christos Double Diamond Sun Body. These KA RA YA SA TA AA LA (KRYSTAL) tones are a part of the Krystal Star and Krystal Diamond Sun Matrix of the Ascended Masters referred to as the Master Christos Collective located in the Omniverses of the higher God Worlds."

May we add to this information as we grow as multi dimensional co creators.

In Love and Light 
Maria Nesa 

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