Saturday, July 21, 2018

The Embodiment of the Divine Mother

The Embodiment of the Divine Mother, in all forms, spaces and places is the Essence that activates the Pure Heart Stream of Consciousness to awaken all Life. Soul Reminiscing captures this Essence in Divine form as we travel through the Goddess portals of Pure Unconditional Love and Light. 

The Light From our Hearts Activate fully once we allow each Area within us to be filled with Light and Love. Each Creation blossomed from the Sacred Lotus of the Most high Heart, every being a stream of co creation in fullness and in full abundance. Each one a part of the whole, a spark of the Infinite.

 Remember the Love and light you Hold within You.

Once you Initiate this Journey, your Heart follows the path to remembrance of Wholeness of which you are.

Maria Nesa

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