Wednesday, September 18, 2019

12D Light Rise, Anchor, Flow and Move like Liquid Light.

Rising in Dimensions and New Light Anchoring for all on Earth.

We are Collectively Raising the Vibration with our Heart’s Intent. 

Light and Joy manifests within as Peace anchors through Rebirth within the True self.

12D Light Rise, Anchor, Flow and Move like Liquid Light. 

The following Song was Created for Deep Anchoring of the Purest Light from the Sacred Crystalline Heart in direct Communication with God. 

Be still and focus on your breath, as you allow Pure Light to Flow through and around you. 

Goddess Light Sacred Waters 
by Maria Nesa

In Love and Light 
Maria Nesa 


This blog has been created to assist Humanity in the next phase of the start of this Golden Age of Ascension, for Goddess mystery teachings and remembrance, to Uplift, Empower and to Anchor Love and Light on the Planet in Unity.

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