Friday, September 13, 2019

The Divine Feminine has Risen

Here are a couple art pieces of Natural Clouds and the Sun, enhanced and With a Mirror Image effect. 

Please note the sacredness in these Divine Images as Gaia is showing us the sacral part of our human bodies. 

The Golden Age of Gaia is officially Radiating with Pure Feminine Sacral/Sacred Energy, Assisting the Divine Masculine in True Balance. 

A big Thank You to all the Goddesses on the Planet who gather to help make this possible and to all Gatekeepers, Lightworkers, Lightwarriors, Starseeds and the 144 000 etc. Celebrate the Victory and keep Shining Bright! 

Blessings of Love and Light  
Maria Nesa 



This blog has been created to assist Humanity in the next phase of the start of this Golden Age of Ascension, for Goddess mystery teachings and remembrance, to Uplift, Empower and to Anchor Love and Light on the Planet in Unity.

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