Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Dream Vision of Planet Earth’s Victory in the Light

Dear all

I had a very clear and vivid dream regarding the final clearing and cleansing of the last remaining anomaly on the planet. 

First I was shown a graph of about 6 lines. Each column had a short phrase that depicted the status or update of the clearing that was taking place. Once the first phase was initiated and completed the first box with the wording in it would lit up in a soft neon hue blue color marking the completion. Each column or line filled fast with color until the final clearing was announced on a very special website that will mark the final announcement of the Victory of the Light on the surface of the Planet!

And so it is and so it shall be 
In Love and Light and Victory of the Light through all realms, planes and dimensions. 
Maria Nesa 

Below is a manifestation tool to enhance the consciousness and intent for all on the planet. Please Hold the Vision dear ones. 


Many have asked me about the “graph” that I spoke about in my last and recent vision post above, I will show it here as close to what I can remember, the grids were organic and flashing color as codes streamed through one by one. It is not just a physical message it is also a higher level message that will flow through the grid through the collective consciousness as we reach the final liberation.

In Love and Light 
Maria Nesa


  1. nice o hear, Maria.... yet will we actually need an announcement of the final clearing?

  2. Victory of the Light!
    Galactic Codex:

  3. Cobra sent me. Love and Light and Victory of the Light! ❤️🙏☀️

  4. Cobra sent me. Love and Light <3

  5. Hi! This is very interesting, but my friend and I have actually seen a grid recently. It was part of a structure trying to suppress us and block us from communicating with other beings. Any idea what it could be?

    1. The planet is supposedly under quarantine. Not sure if that is part of the force field holding all our criminals from leaving?

  6. Cobra me enviou. Amor e Luz <3


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