Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Galactic Fleet in Earth’s Orbit

A short situation update. 

After this post: 

Allot of clearings and deep healing with the assistance from the Sirian Angel of Love, EELA and all Goddesses stationed on and around the earth have occurred and is continuing. 

Many people on the surface are being guided by angelic presence and are awakening to follow their true path and to make the right decisions to heal within from deep wounded trauma that was within the subconscious of the planetary energy fields. 

I have personally been asked to assist with the healing of the suppression of the Goddess on the planet and allot of healing has already occurred, more than we could have imagine possible in such a short period. 

Galactic trials of earth’s situation has been discussed and many off planet councils have gathered in meetings to assist earth in the next phase.

If you look up in the night sky you will be able to see the Galactic Fleet. Most of the stars that you see shimmering and moving around are lightships as seen below. 

The ships are close and vaguely visible (and still cloaked) to those who wish to open their hearts to love, light, peace, purity and the highest good for all on a universal scale. 

In Love and Light and Goddess Blessings 
Maria Nesa 

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