Friday, April 21, 2023

Ascension into higher Octaves of Light


Ascension into higher frequencies is at the Rebirth of the Fire within. 

The Fire Bird Awakens, the Phoenix Rises, the Goddess Pele Speaks to us through the vortex she embodies and sings a song of Rebirth to the living embodiment of the soul highest path. 

Souls enter for ReBirth into higher octaves into the Light of the 5th dimension and higher. 

The Stargate Opens. The Highest Light activates. 

The healing Medicine Bear brings power and strength to the soul, nurturing. 

In our Highest State we achieve Miracles. 

Let us be healthy, mind body and spirit as one, let us fly through the Stargate together, let us follow the inner calling back  to  the Origins of our Inner Source being. 

And so it is. 

- Maria Nesa 

Thursday, March 2, 2023

The Divine Calling - Venus and Jupiter brings Purity of Unconditional Love


πŸ•ŠπŸ•ŠπŸͺ·The Divine CallingπŸͺ· πŸ•ŠπŸ•Š 

The Goddess and God works in mysterious ways, with great Love and Dignity as well as Purity, shining from the Core of the Pure self, and so, both bring all the beautiful beings of creation as a complete Union into Oneness. 

Peace and Purity of Heart and Mind be bestowed onto all beings. 

So here we are with Divine Venus so bountiful and full of precious embodiment of Love πŸ’• and Jupiter the Masculine balance πŸ’•, divine Union and Sacred Love as One, so beautiful, the love of the pure self combined into one. 

Happy conjunction for this powerful day. 


Maria Nesa

Sunday, February 19, 2023

The power of Imagination is the key to Manifesting our Reality

The power of Imagination is the key to Manifesting our Reality that we Seek. The reality the Soul knows, already, here and now. 

Please take a moment in each day of thought and activate the following, as we are peaking into key portal days starting March: 

“I now Ask my Highest Self to Tune my Frequency here and now to the highest state of my being, where all my natural abilities are present and actualized. 

I ask to be fully present in my highest vibratory state of being, to fully manifest my highest self essence in full form and into existence. 

By doing this, I influence, affect and enhance the overall state of being of the those around me and the planet. 

I am Source Conduit Incarnated into this Reality and I am The Highest Vibrational Resonance of this now moment. I set this intent and generate this intent into all of the states of awareness of my being. 

I manifest the highest reality where I Live in the Pure Essence of my Soul. 

And so it is. 


In Love and Joy and Ascensions will, 

Maria Nesa 

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Happy 2/2 Aquarian Portal to all.

 Happy 2/2 Aquarian Portal to all. 

May the Light be Victorious in a Unified Sphere of Oneness. 

This is a time for inner reflection of what needs to be organized in one’s life for proper alignment with the higher soul path and with soul groups to practice their calling and to initiate their higher self activation on a planetary physical level. 

As we all gather in Unity this period, it is essential to see where all fragmented parts are spread out, so that it can be brought together as one and merge with the higher self.

In the Buddhic plane is the gathering, higher spiritual understanding and cooperation, here we find the fundamental essence where all spiritual seekers gather to learn higher soul growth and from there, ascension light anchors in from the highest self to allow growth in all realms and dimensions. 

The highest path now is Unity and Oneness so that we may accomplish Liberation for all living beings. 

Photo credit: Comet Leonard from Namibia by Rolando Ligustri & Lukas Demetz

In Loving Service 

Maria Nesa

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The sacred fountain of youth- embodiment of the Goddess within

The Goddess Speaks to those who listen within, those who feel her presence and her gentle nature…

The Goddess is ever-loving, compassionate and nurturing. 

The Goddess is in everything, the sky, the water, the air, the sun and in nature. 

The Goddess holds the Light from the Higher Planes and guides the Light for all. Once we allow our hearts and minds to open to sacred inner Light, she is there. 

The inner Light temple is the key to activate the self, to allow Goddess Light to flow once again. 

When we self nurture and take care of our physical bodies, and when we practice kindness and love towards all living beings, we embody the essence of the Goddess. 

Flowing through the sacred Light of the Inner Temple, there is the Goddess. 

May the roots of the soul of each living being be enlightened by the Love of the Great Goddess, she is present and here and near, she Loves Deeply. 

Oh Great Mother Goddess, allow Divine Wisdom, Unconditional Love, Beauty, Grace, Peace, Abundance, Joy, Clarity of Mind, body and Soul to cleanse and renew all

Hearts and Minds. 

Beloved Goddess of my being, allow and restore. I am Grateful. 

Dear ones, allow this sacred message to inspire and may all beings feel Complete, Divine Unconditional Love once more. May the world be Beautiful in the ever lasting embrace of God and Goddess in divine Union and Embodiment of Balanced Higher Divine Light.  

In Divine Unconditional Love, Beauty and Abundance to all. 

Maria Nesa  

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Meridian Pathways to Healing

Dear all 

Please use the following as guiding steps for inner healing and work and as the inner body heals so does the outer world. 

“Master Lu Tzu said: Since when has the expression "circulation of the Light" been revealed? It was revealed by the "true men of the beginning of form". When the Light is allowed to move in a circle, all the powers of Heaven and earth, of the light and the dark, are crystallized. That is what is described as seed-like, or purification of the power, or purification of the concept. When one begins to apply this magic, it is as if, in the middle of one's being, there was a non-being. When in the course of time the work is finished, and beyond the body is another body, it is as if, in the middle of the non-being, there were a being. Only after a completed work of a hundred days will the Light be real, then only will it become spirit-fire. After a hundred days, there develops by itself in the middle of the Light, a point of the true Light-pole. Suddenly there develops a seed pearl. It is as if man and woman embraced and a conception took place. Then one must be quite still in order to await it. The circulation of the Light is the epoch of fire.”

“So, what is a meridian anyway? This is one of the first questions students of Chinese medicine want to understand. Simply put, a meridian is an ‘energy highway’ in the human body. Qi (chee) energy flows through this meridian or energy highway, accessing all party of the body. Meridians can be mapped throughout the body; they flow within the body and not on the surface, meridians exist in corresponding pairs and each meridian has many acupuncture points along its path.

The term ‘meridian’ describes the overall energy distribution system of Chinese Medicine and helps us to understand how basic substances of the body (Qi, blood and body fluids) permeate the whole body. The individual meridians themselves are often described as ‘channels’ or even ‘vessels’ which reflects the notion of carrying, holding, or transporting qi, blood and body fluids around the body.

It is tempting to think of the meridians of the human body the same way as we think of the circulatory system, as the meridians are responsible for the distribution of the basic substances throughout the body just like the circulatory system, but here is where the similarities end. Conventional anatomy and physiology would not be able to identify these pathways in a physical sense in the way that blood vessels can be identified.

It is more useful to consider the meridian system as an energetic distribution network that in itself tends towards energetic manifestation. Meridians can be best understood as a process rather than a structure.

Practitioners of Chinese Medicine must be as knowledgeable about these meridian channels as the Western Doctor is about anatomy and physiology of the physical body. Without this thorough understanding, successful acupuncture treatments would be difficult. A practitioner of Chinese Medicine must know how and where to access the qi energy of the body to facilitate the healing process.

There are twelve main meridians, or invisible channels, throughout the body with Qi or energy flows. Each limb is traversed by six channels, three Yin channels on the inside, and three Yang channels on the outside. Each of the twelve regular channels corresponds to the five Yin organs, the six Yang organs as well as the Pericardium and San Jiao. These are organs that have no anatomical counterpart in Western medicine but also relate to processes in the body. It is also important to remember that organs should not be thought of as being identical with the physical, anatomical organs of the body.

Each meridian is a Yin Yang pair, meaning each Yin organ is paired with its corresponding Yang Organ: the Yin Lung organ, for example, corresponds with the Yang large intestine.

Qi flows in a precise manner through the twelve regular meridians or channels. First, Qi flows from the chest area along the three arm Yin channels (Lung, Pericardium, and Heart) to the hands. There they connect with the three paired arm Yang channels (Large Intestine, San Jiao and Small Intestine) and flow upward to the head. In the head they connect with their three corresponding leg Yang Channels (Stomach, Gall Bladder and Bladder) and flow down the body to the feet. In the feet they connect with their corresponding leg Yin channels (Spleen, Liver, Kidney) and flow up again to the chest to complete the cycle of Qi.

  • Arm Tai Yin channel corresponds to the Lung
  • Leg Tai Yin channel corresponds to the Spleen
  • Arm Shao Yin channel corresponds to the Heart
  • Leg Shao Yin corresponds to the Kidney
  • Arm Jue Yin corresponds to the Pericardium
  • Leg Jue Yin corresponds to the Liver
  • Arm Yang Ming corresponds to the Large Intestine
  • Leg Yang Ming corresponds to the Stomach
  • Arm Tai Yang corresponds to the Small Intestine
  • Leg Tai Yang corresponds to the Bladder
  • Arm Shao Yang corresponds to the San Jiao
  • Leg Shao Yang Channel corresponds to the Gall Bladder

The arm and leg channels of the same name are considered to ‘communicate’ with each other in Chinese medicine. Thus, problems in a given channel or organ can be treated by using various points on the communication ‘partner’. As an example: a problem with the lungs can be treated by using points on the Spleen channel as they are both Tai Yin channels.

In addition to the twelve regular meridians there are ‘Extraordinary Meridians’ that are not directly linked to the major organ system but have various specific functions:

1) they act as reservoirs of Qi and blood for the twelve regular channels, filling and emptying as required

2) they circulate jing or ‘essence’ around the body because they have a strong connection with the Kidneys

3) they help circulate the defensive Wei Qi over the trunk of the body and, as such, play an important role in maintaining of good health

4) they provide further connections between the twelve regular channels

The meridian system of the human body is a delicate, yet intricate web of interconnecting energy lines. If a person masters an understanding of this meridian system they will know the secrets of the flow of Qi energy in the body.”

Use the following guide to navigate the different body areas and specific meridian/acupressure points:

Guiding book:

You may do this simple exercise daily: 

In healing joy and love, 

Maria Nesa 

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Cleanse - Starseeds

Dear ones, 

A reminder to always cleanse your sacred stones and crystals with sacred salts. May use Epsom or course salts and a hint of rose oil, blend well and have your stones sit overnight for about 24hours. Great to do on special moon occasions to reach optimal cleansing results. 

A reminder to also take care of the self during these moments. Self Love talk and optimal prayers and light intent. 

May the Goddess with all. May God’s Light be with all. 

Much Love πŸͺ·πŸ’–✨


Ascension into higher Octaves of Light

  Ascension into higher frequencies is at the Rebirth of the Fire within.  The Fire Bird Awakens, the Phoenix Rises, the Goddess Pele Spea...

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