Saturday, July 21, 2018

Divine Decree of Ascension for the 7th Root Race written by Maria Nesa inspired by Saint Germaine

Sit or Stand Comfortably and hold your arms out with your hands facing upwards to receive Divine Light from your Higher self.

Breathe in and out with your Sacred Breath and do so three times, in with your nose and out with your mouth.

You may begin...

I call forth the Divine Light of Will to anchor through the Hearts of all Beings! x4

I call forth the Divine Light of Will to anchor through the Planet Now! x4

Divine Light Anchor Now and stream into the Hearts of Men! 

Divine Light Anchor Now and stream into the Hearts of Women! 

Divine Light Anchor Now and stream into the Hearts of all Living Beings! 

Divine Light Anchor Now! x4 

Divine Light flow Now! x4 

Raise me into the Divine Light of Truth! x4

Bring me to my own Free Will and Light! x4 

Shine the Hearts Ray of Will and Love through me! x4

Expand my being into the Presence of Source I Am! x4 

Ascensions Will Anchor Now! x4 

I am the Divine Source of Will 

I am the Divine Source of Love 

I am the Divine Source of Light 

I am the Sacred Flame of Will

I am the Sacred 

I am the All that is

I am the One



You may do this Decree daily as you step into your new field of Light. 

Love and Light surrounds us as we travel on this journey.

You may Study the Triangle Book of Saint Germaine for downloads of Light for the Heart is ready to receive. 

Maria Nesa

"All the Time in the World Flows From Me
The dragon is a symbol of immortality and archetype of the creative process. One paradoxical meaning of the downward-pointing or inverted triangle is the Sacred Womb through which we are born into life, and the tomb through which we are reborn in the spiritual world. It represents the magical potential for transformation and projecting into the future, forever - perpetual life. What is resurrected is a hyperdimensional vehicle of consciousness. Mere matter is transcended in new dimensions. Spirit and matter are realized as One.

The cosmic triangle is the Womb or Water of Space, the great Nothingness, invisibly radiant with omnipresent virtual photonic Light -- the seed of all-containing Space. The beauty and power of eternity is found in that Void or Abyss that is EverywhereAlwaysForever. Retrieving spiritual gold, gems and Mysteries from this hyperdimensional matrix is the work of magic, the energetic science. Your spine connects  from deep in the center of the earth, to high in the sky."

You may listen to the following while you activate this Light Decree:

Sonata N° 1 - Conde de Saint Germain

Ensemble Phoenix 

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