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Lions Gate - August 8, 2018, Anchoring Light through the earth, waters and I AM Being with The Light Forces and Remembering our Infinite I AM Power of Will and Love in Unity

On the day of the Lion’s Gate opening, we can expect major shifts in our lives that bring Harmony and Peace. It is important to be receptive to this Peace and Harmony and to allow ourselves to grow and expand in the Unified field of Oneness. 

In order for us to always be in a Harmonious flow of Light anchoring, we may open our Hearts to the Abundance of Light Codes streams pouring through the Star gate Portal on this day, and remember the Infinite Light that is ours as we allow this to fully anchor on the planet. During this time, amazing energies flows to all beings, bringing gifts of higher consciousness and Key Light frequencies from Sirius, to assist in our Ascension process while infinite Love, Healing and Light of Sirius will flow through each of us. 

Sirian master teachers, such as Master Jesus, Lord Buddha, Lord Kuthoomi, to name a few, are Sirian Master Initiates of the Temple of Illumination of the second Ray in Sirius whilst, El Morya, Sanat Kumara, Thoth and Seshat are the Blue Lodge Sirian Masters of Ray One and are here to teach us, guide us and to awaken the codes within our light bodies through the Sacred Gateway portals for remembrance of the ancient mystery schools of Atlantis. 

The Great Blue-White Ray of Purity is a Sacred Ray that allows the sacred Blue-White Light of Divine Rays to anchor and flow through to every part of Creation, throughout the Milky Way Galaxy. This area is the spot that has been chosen for the anchoring of the Divine Ray of Light within the Sirius star system. Here, many sacred Goddess temples reside within the Etheric plane, where Pure Source Light is streaming in. 

From within the Blue Ray of Purity, Sirius anchors the great electric Blue-White energy and releases it to the multitude of Star systems throughout the entire Milky Way galaxy. 

This White/Blue Ray is a direct anchor of Pure Source Light and is the Zero-Point energy from which all creation is created and manifested into different levels and planes of reality and existence. 

This is the blue Ray One of Divine Will, Wisdom, Power, and Protection and the Divine Ray two of Light, Love, Enlightenment, Truth and Pure I AM Light. 

The number eight is an important number of the Goddess, which assists Light to flow through the Waters within our own being and upon the planet from the plane of the Logos, our I AM Source.

Number eight also represents the waters throughout the planet and the activation of the sacred etheric waters within. When we show gratitude for the waters, for life and all things that bring beauty to our planet, we amplify Love and Light through the water with the Love from our Hearts and thus create positive conscious messages for all Life. 

Light, Water and Sunshine are three very important aspects of Goddess activations to assist Life to flourish and flow with Harmony and Balance. 

The eight-pointed star is also the star of Vénus. The Venusians play a key part in the building of harmonious structures and architecture on the higher planes, thus assisting the Goddess to create with ease as she anchors Light through the body of her Sacred waters within the Womb of her Inner temple. The Lyrans assist us with key creation codes, through the Light we anchor with our Energy bodies,  that allow us to have a deeper understanding about all life and bring to us their wisdom of true I AM Source Will and Love. The Sirians assist us greatly with anchoring Light from their Mother-ships throughout the portals of Light across the Planet.  

The Pleiadians assist us with the healing of our planet, positive timeline shifts, inner self healing, implant removals, clearing of anomaly(this will fully clear after the Event) and harmonization etc.

Each being embodying the Divine Masculine and Feminine embody the Sacred waters within their being and can Balance their Light within their sacred waters of self, to then assist the inner transformation and so all around them for Balance. 

You may create eight Star or torroidal Mandala’s to anchor Light through your bodies on the etheric, mental, astral, plasma and physical planes.

You may enjoy Harmonic sounds on this day such as: 

ANtoAN - Blue Whale (432hz)

You may be inspired to create water wheel mandalas with a torus or a cube octahedron in the center in art form or on the earth with rocks, crystals, flowers etc. while meditating and Embodying the Divine Rays of the Goddess.

You may be inspired by this video:

You may do this meditation for the Lion's Gate Portal on August 8th: 

1. Breath in Light from your I AM Presence, breathe out Light from your Heart. 

 2. Visualize your Higher Self, I AM Presence anchoring the Electric Blue-White Ray of Purity from the Heart of Sirius from where Pure Source Light is Streaming in. 

3. See all Goddess Temples of Light on the etheric plane around the planet and within our solar system, anchoring Pure Source Light towards the planet. 

4. Visualize all beings on the planet receiving this Pure Source Light and radiating their I AM Light. 

5. Visualize positive connections via your higher self with all Higher beings of Light, the Lyrans, Venusians, Sirians and all Pleiadian Light motherships, who are supporting the Ascension process, assuring that each being is in their own space of I am Consciousness and that all awaken to their pure soul path. 

6. See Rainbow Goddess and Pure Divine Source Light streaming throughout the planetary grid, anchoring Peace, Wisdom, Love, Pure Divine Source Will and Divine Inner Balance. 

The Goddess wants Peace, Wisdom, Love, Pure Divine Source Will and Divine Inner Balance. 

And so it shall be and so it is. 

Guided Audio for this meditation can be found here:

And music only here:

Everyone is welcome to meditate throughout the day as this Portal comes to it's peak on the 8th. 

Here are suggested times for gathering in meditation:

8 am UTC

12 pm UTC

4 pm UTC

8 pm UTC

12 pm UTC

A Sacred Invocation has been created to use in your daily inner work practice, please feel free to use: 

I call upon my Highest Cosmic Violet, Blue/Violet, Light Blue, Golden/Pink, Blue/White, Pearl/White, Ruby Red, Gold, Silver, Aquamarine, Topaz, White/Opalescent Rays of Will, Love, Wisdom, Joy, Creative Intelligence, Peace, Harmony, Absolute Positivity,  Manifestation, Divine Grace, Merging of Dimensions, Compassion And Divine Healing of my I am Presence, I call upon all the Divine Rays of my I AM Source to, Manifest now! (3x) 

Almighty I AM! (3x).  
I am that I AM. 

I AM the Cosmic Christ/God/Goddess of my I AM Will, Love, Wisdom, Joy, Creative Intelligence, Peace, Harmony, Absolute Positivity,  Manifestation, Divine Grace, Compassion, Merging of Dimensions And Divine Healing and Harmonization. 

I AM my I AM Presence. 

I AM my Sacred I AM Rays in full totality anchoring within my high heart, streaming throughout my Cosmic being in all Realms. 

I AM my mental, emotional, physical, plasma, etheric, astral and subtle bodies. I AM the ONLY ONE experiencing in these bodies and anything which is not my I AM presence is consumed and dissolved by my Sacred Divine I AM Rays. (Feel) I AM My Perfect Purification, I AM the Source Light of Love, Healing and Harmonization. 

Visualize all the Divine Rays of your I AM Source Light, streaming in through the Laniakea Supercluster, The Galactic Central Sun, through the Solar System, through to the Heart of Gaia, through your complete Multi-Dimensional soul stars above your Soul Star Chakra, anchoring Pure Light. 

Extend your arms horizontally and Call to The Goddess, (See the Ankh forming within your energy bodies)


“I call upon the Goddess to Anchor Light through my Divine I AM Presence now, I call upon the Divine Masculine and Feminine Rays of my Source I AM to anchor through me now for complete

I AM a Divine Crystalline being of my Source I AM Presence, of Luminous Will, Light, Love and Joy. I bring Harmony and Balance to all around me as I Anchor the Rays of my Divine I AM Presence and bring forth Wisdom from my Divine Self. Bring Peace within the Minds and Hearts of all beings within our Galaxy.”

To activate the Soul Star chakra see your Soul Star, High Heart, Third Eye, Throat, Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root Chakra And Earth Star filled with Pure I AM Source Light and the the Light will be stepped down from your I AM Presence for use on the physical level. 

Breathe deeply and Feel each expansion: 

I call the Circle of my Sacred Ray  
I AM the Original I AM Presence Sacred Ray
I AM the Mother Father God/Source Sacred Ray
I AM the Ascended Master Sacred Ray
I AM the Galactic Federation Sacred Ray
I AM the Universal Sacred Ray 
I AM the Great Central Sun Sacred Ray
I AM the Cosmic Christ Sacred Ray
I AM the Sacred Ray of Earth
I AM the Sacred Ray of Venus
I AM the Sacred Ray Sacred Ray
I AM the Heart Flame Sacred Ray
I AM My Sacred Ray

Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, May I stay in the Radius of my Sacred Heart Ray, fully anchored in the Rays of The Goddess and The Rays of my Source I AM, so that I maintain and anchor my individual Source Self in all planes, Live and do everything in My I AM Heart Realm and experience the Love, Splendor, Majesty, Truth, Peace and Beauty of my I AM Presence Heart Ray– the Sun, the Sacred RAYS, the Sacred White Ray of An (Zero Point) energetic Presence of the Great, Great Silence of my I AM Source. 

My I AM Source and the Goddess wants Divine Will, Love, Wisdom, Joy, Creative Intelligence, Peace, Harmony, Absolute Positivity,  Manifestation, Divine Grace, Compassion, Merging of Dimensions And Divine Healing and Harmonization. 

And so it Is! 

Thank you to a special someone who assisted to edit this article. 

May the Goddess be with all,
Maria Nesa


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    1. Thank you very much for sharing this! It is a great collaboration of meditations 🙏🏻💖


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