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Sisterhood of the Rose Essence of the Goddess

Newsletter for Sisterhood of the Rose, Planetary Network

Beloved Sisters and Brothers of the Rose

The idea of the Essence of the Goddess is to be empowered in our I AM radiant Light. When we are fully anchored within our I Am Presence, we bring forth the strongest essence of the self through towards all around us. 

Key parts of practice in the way of the Goddess is to be authentic through thoughts, intent, attitude, action, sacred practices, dedication, empowerment, sacred inner work, acting as a guide for those around us, being humble in all we do, surrounding ourselves with pure healthy surroundings that include nature, healthy drink and food, oils, harmonizing our daily lives in balance with each action etc. 


Authentic thoughts

Waking each day gives us the gift of Life within the physical. Once we recognize our sacred essence of life that flows through us and our sacred I Am, we remember that we are embody Life itself within the Womb of our sacred self. The Heart (where we receive our Soul activation remembrance and downloads) and the Solar plexus (sacred womb) the sacral (also known as the yoni), all parts of our sacred essence of self. When all flows in harmony, the mind recognizes each present moment in full awareness. Being aware of the self, the true self, our conscious and sub conscious self, brings forth full galactic anchoring of the entire multi dimensional self. Knowing who we are and what we are as beings of Pure Love and Light, in our full power as Co creators of Life, Love, Joy and Divine Will, allows us to Create with Pure creativity and then to enhances life in harmonious flow. We remember that we are the creators of our own thoughts. 

Anything that is negative, comes through unconscious portals that need immediate work and light, (we may ask the Light forces to help us with this when we anchor the White ray of AN) then once recognize what is our own thoughts and what we are empowering, then and only then will we be able to overcome the mind and expand ourselves into our true nature of Pure Higher Soul, the Sol essence of our I am Consciousness as a Co Creators. 

Being ourselves and authentic, thinking positive, activating what we wish to have in each present moment, in each day for all of Life throughout existence with each thoughtful breath makes us quite unique. We remember that create with harmonic patterns, fractals, thoughts and then actions. We are creators of energetic thoughts within our minds which then travels through the cosmos from the heart and then activates within our light body radius. 


What we feel and what we express, brings forth energetic activation to all around us. When knowing the true power of the I Am Self, all is in full expansion, for example our gifts and our abilities that we bring forth in all that is pure and of the best for all. 

When we learn to truly know ourselves, we can recognize what it is our higher self wish to express, with pure expression comes intentions of the Heart and of the I am self. Having a positive experience or intent can expand this throughout all of life as one small deed and one conscious act of kindness. With the intent of kindness and love we can express Love and Light to all around us which is needed for full harmonization of the whole Harmonic Universal structure. 


Throughout our lives, we learn from our elders, from experiences, life itself, all that is brought forth is shown to us as a tool to expand our inner actions and reactions. When we have a positive attitude towards life and all we do, we activate light in particles within our light radius which then has an effect on the quantum level of conscious expansion. 

Throughout the grid of life we are able to activate positive attitude, combined with positive thought and intent, which comes directly from our divine will. Overall, with positive thoughts, intentions and attitude we will shift the key aspects of growth within our lives and for all around us. 


In the form of action, we can step forth and take positive steps within our lives to assist all around us. Positive actions starts with the intent of creating a thought form that enables us to activate that which is needed to bring Love, Balance, Joy and Positive change to any situation. 

Action can be in the form of change within our own daily routines. It can come forth in how we react towards those around us, our actions bring forth what we can experience when we are with sisters, brothers, family, neighbors, friends, colleagues, animals, society etc. One small action can have a profound effect on the larger spectrum of life around us and so effect all beings. 

Sacred practices 

There are many ancient ways of practicing Sisterhood, Brotherhood and Goddess Light activation. One of the most sacred is joining together, Heart to Heart and to go within together to harmonize Light through all Planes and Realms through the Multi dimensional self. Meditation with the Goddess Vortex will help with this. Practices to connect with nature as we combine the inner alchemy of waters and sacred fires within, with the sacred fire we bring new life as we come together and anchor light through the multi dimensional self while anchoring Light throughout the planet from the Galactic Central Sun. 

Harmonious practices of Light enhances the mind, body and soul with  love from the divine self and activations of practices such as meditation, dance, song, art etc. Writings from the heart, breathing the essence of the I Am and breathing the air of the physical self into one as we merge our Light to a coherent state of full remembrance of who we are. 

The Goddess embrace the sacred stones, the sacred crystals, the trees, the bloom of the morning flowers, as they bring forth color, radiance and sacred essences through to our senses. Pampering ourselves with sacred oils and embodying a healthy mind, body and soul is key for self love. 

Crystal, flower and stone grids can help to enhance light within the physical plane and throughout the planetary grid as each crystal, flower essence or stone vibrates at a high frequency when activated with our sacred blessings from the heart and our sacred breaths, when placed among other crystals and sacred stones it can really form a powerful activation for all the positive intents we stream forth through our thoughts. We may be guided to place our stones and crystals in spirals or harmonic geometrical shapes. Stones usually found close to waters, hold high vibrational energies that can help enhance our grids. Water holds memory and activates with our intent as it flows through all of life. 

We can be creative with our sacred grids and add flowers, harmonic mandala patterns etc. some Harmonic patterns are the 7 or 8 pointed star, the flower of life or metatrons cube for activation of Light in a Universal way. Joining hands together as we dance in circles can bring forth so much Joy and Happiness in our celebration of Oneness. 

In ancient days, the Goddess would use sacred flower essences and place them in crystal bowls, anchoring sunlight and spinning the bowl clockwise in a spiral to activate Light through the essence of the flower petals by anchoring Light from the Sun, with the I Am presence, and blowing the sacred breath of life. These flower petals then got used for medicinal purposes, within oils with crushed crystals and sacred elements combined to create pure natural health sprays or balms. 

Through the trees, the flowers and the fruits of the earth, mother Sophia brings forth her gifts to all who are open to receive. 


In most hearts these days dedication is often ignored, we remember how we as powerful Goddesses and how we can bring forth that which is sacred to our hearts. We remember the journey inwards as we prosper with dedicated action, self perseverance and acceptance to always dedicate our selfless Love and Light to those around us. With dedication comes an appreciation for life and thus a deep appreciation for everything around us. 

A sacred reminder of Forgiveness in our self dedicated appointed self, to be here now in this lifetime, as we bring forth that which we signed up for is very needed. Dedication within our own practices and our own inner works, brings forth Balance to the greater part of our dedicated work as Goddesses. In the full form of self acceptance and Love, Peace and Joy, within our dedication to our fellow human beings, families, friends and animals, our kindred hearts expands our Light. 


Each being on the planet has in some form or another become somewhat lost from self empowerment due to heavy pressure on the mind. In our everyday lives, we need to remember what it means to be fully Empowered once again. To speak from our Hearts, to stand in our Power for Truth, Justice, Fairness, Equality, Mind-fullness, Peace, Love, Creative expression, Joy and Harmony in all that we do and are. 

Being fully Empowered means to not rely on anyone else too much, to go within and to find what is our own path and what the answers are to the questions we have. Everything all we ever wish to know is within and is available to us when we connect to our Higher Selves. 

Empowerment of the self is standing in our Power no matter what. Always being in the Highest Vibration and to always react in the best possible way in any situation. To be empowered means to radiate Love and Light so strongly from our self that all around us are in great joy, that is the effect we can have as sisters and brothers of the Rose. To be Empowered, means to always be Honest and Kind to ourselves and to nurture and express in healthy ways. Being ourselves means we are allowing our own self to be Free and to be in Harmony and Balance. 

Constant questions for the ourselves can enhance this as we allow ourselves to view all around us as co creators and acting as One Conscious fractal within the larger conscious Universal field of Light. 

Sacred inner work 

When we become Silent each day and do our daily inner work as conscious beings, we allow ourselves to move through all we experience and to Heal from anything that is required to Harmonize in this lifetime. 

Sacred inner work means becoming still and going into meditation each day. To use our own Sacred Power and to create positive results of harmony within our own being. As busy lifestyles sometimes intervene, we can practice to create a schedule that will allow us to have a few minutes a day for ourselves. Taking care of the body, the mind, the self and all that we are. 

Self care, love, really staying true to ourselves, and then sharing our full embodied essence with a larger group of sisters and brothers will  significantly help to anchor Love and Light for the Planet. 

A sacred space in our homes or gardens will assist for us to feel at Peace. Plants, crystals, sacred tools, comfortable seating or pillows, candles, oil diffusers, spiritual books etc. are all tools of what we may use to enhance our own sacred inner work. 

Being a guide for those around us 

To be a positive leader and also a Sister or Brother of the Rose in the Heart of Oneness, we need to only to be ourselves. 

When we fully express from our Hearts, all will feel our embrace as we share who we are and what we wish to activate for all from our Higher Selves. To be a good guide is to allow others to express, to feel, to learn, to show, to radiate, to bloom, to come together as one. Knowing within that all hearts can come together in Joy is a good way to acknowledge how we can gather in Unity and how to be guides to those who are in need of Healing and who require our Love and Light. Within our sacred circles we can allow our Hearts to fully Bloom once again so that we may Heal all the areas that require attention within and around us. A good guide is someone who really listens when the other one speaks, who truly hears the intent of the other ones hearts desires. As we guide all around us we can activate light as we expand our own light radius through our sacred practices and gatherings and the becomes guides together as one and then acting as fully empowered beings once again. 
'Let us gather in our sacred circles in full Health, Joy, Love and Radiance as we embrace the Sacred Sister and Brotherhood and the connection of Life that flows through all beings."  Maria Nesa

Being Humble in all we do 

Let us always be humble and appreciate that which we have, and all that is given to us. Let us always stay grounded as we do our Sacred work. The earth assists us here as she reminds us that her sacred Light brings Balance to our roots. The root of some plants brings medicine to those who are open to Heal. The humble Heart embraces and knows that in Truth and Loving intent, all flows as it should in all present moments and in all realms and planes of existence.

A healthy foundation is a healthy heart, a healthy heart is a healthy mind and healthy mind is a healthy soul. 

May the Light of the Goddess be with all,
Maria Nesa

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