Saturday, July 21, 2018

Sisterhood of the Rose Higher Self Remembrance

With Each Sacred breath, we are the embodiment and the creators of Light Within all Realms. The Essence of our remembrance, enables us to Manifest all we wish for and when we work with our own Light on a daily basis, it amplifies within each particle of existence and activates a presence that brings Joy, Peace, Harmony, Balance and Love . The Universe is made up of Sound and Light, forms and spirals of ever flowing fractals. We Create with our Gifts in the form of meditation, song, dance, arts etc. to birth our sacred wisdom into existence with the embodiment of the Goddess. Each light atom which we anchor holds a piece of the whole throughout the flower of life, and the intent we set expands through our light body radius the more we do our inner work as sisters and brothers of the rose. We do this with our highest aspect of self. Once we connect to our Higher Presence in the Highest Etheric Plane of existence, also known as the I AM, we directly manifest the Light of our Source Self into our physical realm as well. We can observe this and envision our Light body Connecting to the core of the earth and the Galactic Central Sun as we anchor light for the planet.                       

Becoming still for a few minutes a day...

Let us be silent, if we wish to be some days, and allow our light bodies to do the work. We can envision the Light to anchor whenever we wish. When in conversation with others or if we wish to send love and light to others or a situation, we can do the same. We can visualize the light from our hearts expanding in a sphere of Unity for the entire planet. Each day when we practice working with our inner light it creates a spark of light that echoes throughout all of creation. The infinite possibilities of who we are as beings of light is brought forth when we activate this inner knowing. Throughout our lives, wisdom will come forth to teach and show us experiences that make us stronger and wiser. As we grow within the stream of our inner wisdom, we share conscious packages of data through our light radius.

Let us look to our lives throughout all of the realms as sacred temples of the inner heart chambers, let us see each door opening within and see our hearts shining light within all the sacred temples of our inner being. Once we go within we are able to transmute and dissolve all which no longer serves our highest good and so the same for all around us.

When we are able to activate the aspects of inner mastery remembrance of the self in our daily lives and dissolve all these areas or perceptions of self that no longer serve, then we fully step into our highest light being and shift our reality to a higher state of vibration. All will flow with ease and with grace in each realm within in our purest silence. 

The perception of ourselves will have a dramatic shift as we start to realize that we have always been infinite and we have always been whole. We are the Goddess, the Infinite perfection that resides within all of our hearts.

Walk upon the earth with your Golden footsteps,See how all is touched by your Beauty,Awaken to the endless radius of Light that you Hold within,Embrace your higher self with gratitude and always Love yourself in all ways. Forgive all that is no longer needed in each area within you that reflects to those who also hold a spark of Light.See the earth, the solar system, the galaxy and all galaxies around those activated with pure light from your heart. Connect to the Central Sun and to the Core of the Planet, see your heart light radius charging as you do this. A constant Source of Light to activate the very essence of you which is Light in its purest form.

A Reminder of the elements for all circles of sisterhood of the rose groups gathering...

Fire - The Element of fire holds many sacred blessings and activations. Fire holds the essence of renewal and rebirth. You can make a sacred fire, burn various colored candles to bring meaning to you, burn incense or white sage to cleanse spaces. A proper clearing often with fire brings to us the activations of inner fire clearing. 

Water - This element holds the sacred essence of life itself. Each one of us is made of water, an essence of the divine. The sacred waters flows through the ethers and bring to us rebirth and rejuvenation. Take a bath with sacred essences, oils, salts, flower petals, activated with clear quartz. Swim in the ocean to purify and cleanse, imagine light streams flowing over you as you shower. Add some high vibration crystals to your drinking water. Shungite, rose quartz, clear quartz or whichever crystals you are drawn to use that works well in water. Bless the waters you connect to with your positive thoughts and intentions as water holds memory and is charged by light. Light in the water is called Sonoluminescence. A thought holds an activation and the intention manifests within each cellular structure that receives this blessing.

Air - We often think of air as wind and with this comes the sacred four direction winds which brings change and renewal. Each corner holds a code to assist in divine harmony. Air is also our sacred breathe in which we activate that which is needed to manifest and anchor in each moment. Creating movement can also assist air to be activated. Spiral movements are great as this movement assist in activating a portal of Light. 

Healing and Balance to all. 

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