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Universal Integration of the Divine 12 Rays of Light

Universal Integration of the Divine 12 Rays of Light 

Written by Maria Nesa for The 2017 Lions Gate Portal. 

With each in-breath and out-breath my physical body becomes more and more relaxed, and my mind starts to become quiet..

1. I am in a comfortable position and am at Peace with all that is and I start to relax. I now focus on my breathing and become aware of the present moment I find myself in. 

2. I ask my Highest aspect of self and all multi dimensional selves to merge with my soul and to be fully present, the most precious part of my Self, a Spark of Divinity, to join me completely as I am in my full power. I feel the light of my own being in my heart.

3. I now Anchor the Presence of the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Kingdom of Love to surround me in a circle of light. I now feel their Loving presence and I breath within the field/radius of light energy that permeates around me. 

4. I now visualize a very Large Merkabah/Light Body holding the space of the entire Universe and formed around all the galaxies within it. Inside the Merkabah/Light Body, I see the spheres that form the Fruit of Life, the seeds of Life and all of Life within this Universe. Our Solar system becomes the Center of the Large Merkabah, the Purest Stillness, Pure Unconditional Love. 

5. I now connect my heart to the 12 Divine Rays of Light, emanating Strong and powerful from the Great Galactic Central Sun, through the Suns in the Sirius star System and through our Sun within our Solar System and anchoring to the Crystalline Core of the Planet. 

I now visualize the 12 Divine Rays radiating the Purest Light through all the Fruits and Seeds of Life within our Solar system and connecting to the Multi/Omniverse. I see the Light Rays forming a Unified Sphere of Light, enfolding around our Universe and holding all Life within in the most Sacred Rays of Light. I am now aware of the Light that Permeates through all of Life and I see the brilliant colors emanating from my heart as I anchor these Divine Rays. 

Pink, Green, Violet, Crystalline Blue Ray of Purity, indigo, Aquamarine, Pearl, Golden Rays, Pure White, Soft Crystalline Rainbow Rays... 

6. The 12 Divine Rays bring forth New Codes of Wisdom, Healing, Enlightenment to all of Life, radiating and anchoring towards the central essence of the Merkabah where our Solar system resides. 

All of the Galaxies within our Universe Receive this Pure Light and as it becomes more powerful, a burst of light spreads towards every micro and macro being, star, planet, sun and each one of the celestial objects inside the galaxies, permeating everything with this Divine Light from the Creator. 

7. Our Planet Earth is now Fully vibrating with this Divine light as she anchors the light within her Crystalline core and while it flows towards all hearts.

8. I am an anchor for these Divine Rays of Light. I accept the Divine Calling as the Light flows through my Heart. I see the Light Radiating throughout each essence of my Multi Dimensional aspect of self, my physical, astral and etheric light body all receiving the codes of Divine Light. All Ascended Masters, Angelic and Crystal Kingdoms surround me and assist in anchoring these 12 Rays of Divine Light.

9. I am now glowing a brilliant sphere of Rainbow Light as my etheric light body Glows and Radiates with the Divine colors of the 12 Divine Rays. I Connect with the Earth's light body, the Sun's light body, the Milky Way's light body, all Galaxies within our Universe's Light bodies, all Sun's Light bodies and the Great light body of the Great Galactic Central Sun. I am now fully aware of the power of my I Am Light. I am Connected to all of Life. 

10. I Become still within the Purest stillness of my heart, I ask that I be shown what my soul purpose is in this now moment. I ask that the Light permeate and flow through me as I remain in this state of Light Anchoring. I ask for a full expansion of Soul Growth as I fully step into my Master I Am Presence. I now receive all the information I require to do that which is for my and all of life's highest good. 

11. I am fully connected to Mother Earth, holding the Divine Light and Love of all the Divine Rays within my heart.

12. I am grateful for all who were present to witness this great anchoring of light, as all of life within this universe, received a full light body upgrade of divine Light and Love. I thank my higher self and all aspect of self and all ascended masters, angelic and crystal kingdoms for their protection, guidance and love, and I get ready to work in unity with my highest soul aspect.

I Am.

And so it is!

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  1. I alpha master joshua have been honored and blessed with service to the earth mother Gia. This beautiful planet witch has swaddled me in her loving arms for so long now deserves deep love returned to her now. I have been so blessed to be to have a life with humanity and be a part of the family. As one of Gia's children I promise to serve earth and Gia to my best and always keep our beautiful family in my highest interests. May love and light reign here forever.


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