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Crystal Heart and Etheric Water Healing Temple Activation

A couple years ago, around 2015/6, I was guided to lie down on my living room couch and I remember it was a sunny day and the sun rays was coming in by the window and was touching my skin. The warm feeling of the solar rays brought so much Joy. I closed my eyes and I was immediately guided to a beautiful place and to my surprise  what became a very sacred activation. The place I went too and the experience felt like a higher etheric plane visit as I connected to my Higher self. The experience was as real as any physical experience. 

I was guided to retrieve a rainbow Heart crystal. It was so bright and as large as the biggest Heart Crystal I have ever seen. 

I remember flying to a mountain on earth and I believe it was somewhere in the Himalayas or a sacred mountain that holds allot of high vibration energies. I saw myself traveling through a portal, it had golden rings and white light was flowing up and down around me. It felt familiar, like I have been there before.

When I got to the other side of the portal I was in a diamond crystal city. I saw the garden of the crystal city where I had a memory recall that I stored a precious crystal activator there. I saw many Lyran beings, many different feline types of beings and they were sitting on a balcony made of vines. They were all dressed in white robe dresses infused with gold lines. I also saw golden steps and I decided to walk towards it and to go up. I saw a beautiful Goddess within a sun that shone into the crystal city. 

As I walked up the steps there was Lyrans and other Light Beings on the side of the steps, welcoming me and cheering me on. At the top of the stairs was a man with a robe and a White Beard, he spun around in Joy and he gave off amazing energies, it was so high vibration all I felt was pure Love and he showed an impeccable sense of humor. He had a golden staff, he called himself father, I remember thinking he looked like Merlin with a long white beard and he told me: "Thank you for coming and welcome". I smiled with such joy.

Everything and everyone was Glowing Gold and White. He blessed me and I proceeded to the garden. 

I saw a river and then there were faeries creating crystals on little trees with their light  on the side of the river bank that looked like little bonsai's and on the grass next to the river. I saw two trees next to the river, one on each side and it was holding a giant diamond crystal. I was guided to retrieve a rainbow Heart crystal. It was so bright and as large as the biggest heart crystal I have ever seen. I was guided to go within the crystal and in the center in the core was the diamond heart, it went through my entire being and was placed within my chest, high heart area, I felt the activation immediately and as that happened, I breathed in and out deeply and I could feel how I was encoded with new Pure Source Codes of Light and Remembrance. I was in there for a while and I also received codes and memories along with the crystal heart. It then started to spin and activated within my heart. I was guided that this is a new crystalline structure that will assist the ascension process for all of humanity.

There was a beautiful snowy top mountain in the background. I remember looking at it and thinking how beautiful it was. I looked around some more and traveled trough one of the trees and saw a tree being, her essence felt like that of my earth mother who passed away in 2010. She was green and luminescent and she was attached to the tree like a treee goddess. She was the soul of the tree and she was also this beautiful green faery in multi dimensional form. I remember she once told me that she will go back to the faery kingdom.  I remember thinking, oh that's how that works and I smiled for remembering.

The elementals have a vast network of light throughout the higher realms. They help to anchor light through their own light bodies and then anchor it to our universe through all portals of light. I also thought by myself: “I didn't know the Lyrans and faeries live together.  It was beautiful. I remember there were humans and other Light beings too. 

I then felt I was done and came back to the physical and opened my eyes. Immediately I was guided to tell some of my closest sister goddesses about my experience. I was guided to do similar activation for them and each one received a crystalline piece within their etheric being. All remembered storing these etheric crystals in beautiful places where they knew it would be safe to retrieve. With these new Source codes, we have activated vast amounts of Light and new Wisdom for all on the planet and within our solar system. A few years later I met another sister goddess who went through the same activation. This made my heart smile. 

Healing Temple and Goddess Activation

I had another beautiful experience this year among others, this one was special. It was when I connected with a lady from New York, she is a writer and is gathering remembrance for her new book. I have done remembrance and inner activation sessions with her over the course of a few weeks. 

In one session with her we dived deep into the deep waters within the earth and we found ourselves within a cave, she saw herself as a mermaid being and I was flying with her in the etheric plane. We connected with aquatic beings within a cave, who communicated with us telepathically, she told me she has done this before although she needed my help to see what it is they are asking, so like dolphins communicate, they streamed waves of frequencies to our third eyes. I remember Shiva was with us. I then knew what we needed to do. We swam deeper into the waters and I remembered about a place I was guided too the week before:

In Irish mythology, there is much mention of a place referred to as the Otherworld. But where and what actually is it? Ah well, that would be telling. The thing is, mankind has been searching for this mysterious and elusive land for centuries, and we are still no nearer discovering the truth.The Otherworld has many names; Tir na nOg (the land of the Young/ Ever Young), Tír na mBeo (the Land of the Living), Mag Mell (Plain of Joy), Tír fa Tonn (Land under the Waves), Tír na mBan, (Land of Women), Tir na nIongnadh (Land of Wonders), Tir Tairnigiri (Land of Promise), Manannán’s Land, and perhaps most famously, Hy-Brasil.

It is generally accepted that in ancient times, our ancestors believed one could access the Otherworld via water.
It’s understandable; water’s surface acts as a mirror to reflect the sky, mountains, trees all around them. It looked the same as their world, and yet different, easily banished with the merest touch of the surface. Not only that, but the water could be quick to take life if one fell into it, offering the return of only the empty shell of a body. Where could the spirit have gone, if not into the Otherworld?
Ireland is full of lakes and rivers, each of them with their own legends attached.
Co Cavan, where I live, is said to have a lake for each day of the year, and I am inclined to believe it; a new watery vista is revealed at every turn and twist of the road, whichever one you might be travelling.
These lakes and pools were thought to be filled from the Otherworld, and as such, bathing in them, or drinking their water, would bestow Otherworldly magic on the mortal concerned, such as poetic inspiration, wisdom and knowledge, or healing.

We then proceeded and entered within a rock formation which was within crystal caverns deep within the ocean. I believe we crossed a portal that took us beyond the 9th wave. 

We swam until we found a temple, it was worn down, broken structures, we were jumping from etheric to astral to plasma planes back and forth. I could see us walking within the temple and activating it with our golden footsteps. As we did this, all structures came to life once again. It was a healing water temple of sacred Light. We traveled through the corridors until we came to a large star tetrahedron crystal, it had a sun within it and was glowing pure white light. The crystal required an activation, beyond the balcony we could see the ocean shining beautiful magical goddess pillars, there was a large bowl of water which we took and we placed our hands within and activated the water with our light

We then took the water and threw it into the cavities in the floor which was stone and it flowed towards the large star tetrahedron crystal. The crystal lit up with light and it was very beautiful. We could feel and see twin souls flowing and dancing together in the sacred air and waters. We traveled further and found ourselves at an area of healing, there were stone beds to lie on and also healing water baths. 

On one area one can stand on a round stone and around you water flows like a circular waterfall around. Then others would come and stand around in a circle and bring healing, so I called upon the healers to join us. 

We freed a being also as we walked further, there was a large golden cauldron which we lit up with our sacred fire, we used the fire to pierce through a barrier that was surrounding a temple/tomb, I flew into the three large windows and opened the tombstone, a woman soul with long white hair, she was trapped in the tomb under some kind of dome field like an energetic barrier for many long years, she has princess mermaid energies very powerful goddess, we activated a healing temple within the etheric crystalline world and many aquatic beings happy and smiling and dancing. 

A week later in our following session we were guided through a waterfall. Saint Germaine came with us and showed us rocks with markings on them. We picked up the rocks and was guided to place them within the wall for a sacred key activation, a rock opened like a large rock door and we stepped through. Within was crystalline healing ponds that one could step in. We stepped into the waters and all around us was beautiful crystalline structures. 

It was a celebration when the goddess was free, she came forth in the form of a Mer Princess because she turned into a mermaid and flew off to the stars. 

The temple of Healing waters has been restored for all aquatic beings. 

I remained invisible in the higher ethers as we did this work. We saw many aquatic beings forming a circle and creating a torus field within the waters. They were all so happy and in joy for the new light that was streaming in. They were all giving off a radiant light from their collective spinning and activation within the sacred waters.

Later I shared this experience with a friend of mine and she told me about a website she has been reading. She told me that what I shared and what is written about an ancient priestess called Ashtar-tara who is part of the Sisterhood of the Eternal Fires. 

I was guided that lightworkers can use a merkabah crystal to connect with the etheric healing temples on the higher planes and that later on these types of water healing temples will be on the surface of the planet where pure Christ heart Energies is anchored through the I am off beings doing the healing Light activation. 

The image below is very similar to what I saw. The water would stream around the center person from the top and the light is activated from the hearts of all who stand in a circle around the person in the center: 

You may read more about this here: 

Later, I was guided to a cave in India, called the Amaranth cave. I felt I was connecting to Shiva and Shakti, as songs of Shakti came forth through my meditations through this time. 

They showed me the water fountains across the planet and showed me that the fountains was used by Triton's soul essence by dark magicians to bring daemons through to pester people in the astral planes on the planet. 

I called in my galactic light team and asked certain individuals to assist me to look into this immediately. We flew through the grid and anchored as much light as possible to clear this.

This was also because of the plasma interference that was spread by the anomoly that was brought in from the Rigel star system in Orion. There is a Stargate of AN in Orion where we can connect too to anchor more Light bodies into our Solar sytem to help raise the frequency on the planet. I was asked that as many Light workers as possible please assist to anchor Light from Source through this stargate. 

A meditation was established by fellow light lightworkers on the planet to assist with this mission:

You may do the following visualization:

1. See All Fountains and waters on the planet radiating in it's purest essence of Light once again.

You may connect to the New Atlantis (cintamani) light grid: 

2. You may visualize yourself connecting to all higher dimensional beings who assisted with the activation of the Etheric water healing temples.

3. You may see Pure source White-Blue Light streaming in through all Portals of light entering throughout the New Atlantis grid.

4. You may see a large merkabah forming around all fountains and water areas on the planet. See Pink Goddess Light anchoring.

5. Visualize rainbow light spreading throughout the waters, within the planet and on the surface through all beings.

6. See all beings on the planet receiving healing waters, streaming from the Highest plane of the Logos, filled with Rainbow light and flowing over their soul star chakras. 

Light and Love surrounds and heals all of us now.

And so it is 

In Love and Light 
Maria Nesa


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