Sunday, August 5, 2018

Sisterhood Circles gather and Powerful Ascension Decree

Since the start of the new year in 2018 and the Sisterhood of the Rose Planetary Network announcement, sisters and brothers have come together to anchor Love and Healing Light for the planet.

A Special Thank you to Sisterhood Circles who have been gathering in the physical, sharing unconditional Love, Light and Beauty throughout the planetary grid to all.

Here are a few words from sisters and brothers of the Rose and what they do within their sacred Sisterhood circles:

From Brazil

'The great call to start a presentable group in Curitiba was a deep desire for Anchoring the Balance between Feminine and Masculine energies.With an image representing the Sacred Union in the center, each member builds with their own objects (utilizing the tools they have at their disposal), to present their way to the Divine Balance between both polarities.In the beginning, we perform the Golden Spiral Meditation, opening space for the reception of the energies that connect us with the existence and which complements the feminine and masculine energies that is within each one of us.In every meeting we anchor Light with a couple who are twin flames. In the first meeting we connected to Jesus and Mary Magdalene. In the second, Saint Aeolus and Pallas Athena. In the next one, that will happen during Lion’s Gate, we will anchor Archangel Michael and Archangeline Faith, with the intention of connecting to the determination and the force of the first Divine ray, changing the paradigms that are propitiated by this moment: the proximity with Sirius.It is a pleasure and an honor to open this space and to bring back this knowledge.
In Love
Talita e Carmen, Sisterhood of the Rose Curitiba

From Turkey
“We usually do the sexual healing, pink rose red rose Meditation, Goddess meditation, Goddess vortex anchoring and ascension meditation.”
Kivilcim, Sisterhood of the Rose, Bodrum, Turkey


From Hungary

"We felt the calling to form our Sisterhood of the Rose group in 2016 October. We have had regular meetings since then where women and men come together to anchor the beautiful Goddess energies. During the years more and more people joined us and after Cobra's Budapest Conference more and more groups has been formed all over Hungary. The Goddess energy is increasing every day.We read invocations and decrees and of course dance.During the meetings we usually discuss how the members have been able to focus on the Goddess/female energies since the previous meeting, what kind of energetic work they have been doing or if there are important occasions (full moon, eclipses, equinoxes) we talk about their impacts on us and the world and do the related meditations.We always do the Return of the Goddess, the Goddess Vortex and the Sexual healing meditations and also the Golden Spiral by Isis and Cobra."
Anita Rácz, Sisterhood of the Rose, Hungary

Dear Sisters and Brothers of the Rose

A Sacred Decree has been created to use in all Sisterhood of the Rose Circles: 

I call upon my Highest Cosmic Violet, Blue/Violet, Light Blue, Golden/Pink, Blue/White, Pearl/White, Ruby Red, Gold, Silver, Aquamarine, Topaz, White/Opalescent Rays of Will, Love, Wisdom, Joy, Creative Intelligence, Peace, Harmony, Absolute Positivity, Manifestation, Divine Grace, Merging of Dimensions, Compassion And Divine Healing of my I am Presence, I call upon all the Divine Rays of my I AM Source to, Manifest now! (3x) 

Almighty I AM! (3x). 

I AM that I AM. 

I AM the Cosmic Christ/God/Goddess of my I AM Will, Love, Wisdom, Joy, Creative Intelligence, Peace, Harmony, Absolute Positivity, Manifestation, Divine Grace, Compassion, Merging of Dimensions And Divine Healing and Harmonization. 

I AM my I AM Presence. 

I AM my Sacred I AM Rays in full totality anchoring within my high heart, streaming throughout my Cosmic being in all Realms. 

I AM my mental, emotional, physical, plasma, etheric, astral and subtle bodies. I AM the ONLY ONE experiencing in these bodies and anything which is not my I AM presence is consumed and dissolved by my Sacred Divine I AM Rays. (Feel) I AM My Perfect Purification, I AM the Source Light of Love, Healing and Harmonization. 

Visualize all the Divine Rays of your I AM Source Light, streaming in through the Laniakea Supercluster, The Galactic Central Sun, through the Solar System, through to the Heart of Gaia, through your complete Multi-Dimensional soul stars above your Soul Star Chakra, anchoring Pure Light. 

Extend your arms horizontally and Call to The Goddess, (See the Ankh forming within your energy bodies)


“I call upon the Goddess to Anchor Light through my Divine I AM Presence now, I call upon the Divine Masculine and Feminine Rays of my Source I AM to anchor through me now for complete Balance. 

I AM a Divine Crystalline being of my Source I AM Presence, of Luminous Will, Light, Love and Joy. I bring Harmony and Balance to all around me as I Anchor the Rays of my Divine I AM Presence and bring forth Wisdom from my Divine Self. Bring Peace within the Minds and Hearts of all beings within our Galaxy.”

To activate the Soul Star chakra see your Soul Star, High Heart, Third Eye, Throat, Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root Chakra And Earth Star filled with Pure I AM Source Light and the the Light will be stepped down from your I AM Presence for use on the physical level. 

Breathe deeply and Feel each expansion: 

I call the Circle of my Sacred Ray 

I AM the Original I AM Presence Sacred Ray

I AM the Mother Father God/Source Sacred Ray

I AM the Ascended Master Sacred Ray

I AM the Galactic Federation Sacred Ray

I AM the Universal Sacred Ray 

I AM the Great Central Sun Sacred Ray

I AM the Cosmic Christ Sacred Ray

I AM the Sacred Ray of Earth

I AM the Sacred Ray of Venus

I AM the Sacred Ray Sacred Ray

I AM the Heart Flame Sacred Ray

I AM My Sacred Ray

Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, May I stay in the Radius of my Sacred Heart Ray, fully anchored in the Rays of The Goddess and The Rays of my Source I AM, so that I maintain and anchor my individual Source Self in all planes, Live and do everything in My I AM Heart Realm and experience the Love, Splendor, Majesty, Truth, Peace and Beauty of my I AM Presence Heart Ray– the Sun, the Sacred RAYS, the Sacred White Ray of An (Zero Point) energetic Presence of the Great, Great Silence of my I AM Source. 

My I AM Source and the Goddess wants Divine Will, Love, Wisdom, Joy, Creative Intelligence, Peace, Harmony, Absolute Positivity, Manifestation, Divine Grace, Compassion, Merging of Dimensions And Divine Healing and Harmonization. 

And so it Is!

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