Monday, September 17, 2018

Emotional Stillness and Healing

Dear ones, 

There is allot of tension streaming throughout the grid as all old paradigms and structures are being harmonized and healed in the Light. 

All distortions are clearing in many levels at the moment so each one emotionally triggered is clearing years of past life traumas as well as Awakening to their True self without maybe realizing and each one is playing a key role to assist in the Light. Some souls are feeling overwhelmed because of this so they may need an extra Blanket of Light Rays from their higher self, with extra angelic support and soul family members helping to heal in the higher planes. 

One method that was shown is to remain as quiet and loving as possible around people who are emotionally triggered, if it is yourself, be patient and to ask for Angelic assistance and protection for the physical, mental, emotional, astral and plasma bodies. 

The Arch Angels will assist to anchor Light from the Higher self as ones Own light is stepped down from the higher planes of the Logos and then it will be in Harmony with the entire Soul essence as it transmutes all that no longer serves through your Light body and multi dimensional selves. 

This may cause some friction so a persons cells may be overcharged with Light making some feeling overwhelmed, due to the high vibrational Light that streaming in. The Higher self of any individual  (the diamond light body) has a substance tube of light with healthy plasma which is available to all and is anchoring in the light for the physical self to be fully harmonized via assistance from the Light Forces.

You may ask Faith and Michael, Mother Mary and Raphael, Hope and Gabriel and Uriel and Aurora etc. to surround you or all who are emotionally triggered. The ArchAngels will then create a Light mandala for the person/s in the physical to make Light more easily accessible to flow through the physical self.

If you wish, you may visualize yourself or the person in the center of a Loving energetic stream of Light, representing Love, Empathy, Kindness, Joy and Peace. 

in Love and Light 
Maria Nesa


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