Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Higher Self Protocol 2

I have been asked to bring a message to the surface population:

As we are reaching the next phase of planetary liberation the following is proposed by The Light Forces. They have been observing the planetary grid and it is for this reason that the following protocol is being released to the surface population should you feel guided to use it:

Lightworkers are asked to use the above protocol to relieve any energetic tension that is still pressing on the mind. Once the Minds of all beings are free and within their own sovereign state we will fully enter into the New Golden Age.

For conflict solution and negative thought patterns to be dissolved each one can say the following:

Mu Om Shanti Ka
Mu Om Shanti Ka
Mu Om Shanti Ka

This is a mantra from the motherly essence of the Great Mother of Light which brings forth the divine feminine within all beings.

Mu is the name of the ancient civilization of Lemuria. The people who lived there was a very peaceful Civilization who had a strong Goddess Presence and who lived according to the values of Light within all beings. They knew the sacred essence of consciousness as it affected all beings as one planetary consciousness. They had advanced healing technologies that could heal a person very fast of anything.

Shanti is the Goddess of Peace. Shanti. Shanti, Santhi or Shanthi (Sanskrit: शान्तिः, śāntiḥ, Sanskrit pronunciation: [ʃaːnt̪iɧ]; √ शम śam: 'be calm') means peace, rest, calmness, tranquility, or bliss.

The mantra, Om Shanti, helps to call up a sort of cosmic harmony as we free our minds of distractions and unwelcome thoughts. The mantra, Om Shanti, helps to call up a sort of cosmic harmony as we free our minds of distractions and unwelcome thoughts.

This divine protocol is now made available to the surface population to use in times of tension and stress on the mind.

To call upon your Ka is to call upon your higher self. It is basically an essence of the higher self that is stepped down from higher planes for the physical self to use.
It is the essence of self that protects the divine spirit of any being.

The heart to mind and mind to heart balance is essential for the harmonizing of all and to help the grid stabilize.

To call upon the Divine Motherly and Fatherly essence of the Ka, also known as the Higher self, is a good start to harmonize and Balance Source Light Within daily spiritual practice and thus to restore balance for all.

You may find the first Protocol here:

In Love and Light 
Maria Nesa


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