Sunday, November 4, 2018

Ascension Support through vibration hums and tones

Recently I have had some tingly, vibrating feelings throughout my body and lower back area and today I feel like I am vibrating at a high vibration as well.
My skin feels tingly and it feels like my spine is activated and running pure Source light anchoring In.
I would like to share this for all:
If you are experiencing this as well, humming and sacred acoustic sounds through your body will assist to anchor the light and sounds streaming in from the solar portals. 
If you feel you require some re-calibration or fine tuning for your physical body, you may call upon your galactic medical team to assist you or you may fly to a goddess temple through dream time. 

Here are some humming sounds you may try, feel free to add your own as it comes forth. You may use a  432hz sound bowl or tuning forks to assist.

Muuuuh nuuuh
iiiiiiiiii eeeeaaaa
Shaaaahntiiii khaaaa muuuu

You may also do the following Goddess Meditations:

In Love and Light 

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