Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Primary Living Light Water of Planet earth

Water is Life itself and It is the fundamental principle of all living things.

I received vivid visions through my dreams recently that there is a vast network of a river running through the planet that can bring water to all. This is indeed possible if we look into some basic origins of our water sources from within the planet and learn where water actually originates from.

Another vision was of a photovoltaic power station that was emitting enough solar power to bring energy, power and electricity to the entire planet. May the knowledge of the waters bring more conscious choices of this possibility to all and may it manifest soon and so it is. 

Once we understand that the primary water coming from within the planet is abundant, no one on the planet will ever go without clean water ever again. It is then our responsibility as a human society, working together as one unified field, to make water resources available to all. It is our right as human beings to have clean purified water, to prosper and live full healthy lives. Primary water usually comes from crystals or rocks within the earth. These crystals or rocks are in fact also water type structures that are just more solid in nature.

Here are some of Walter Russel's images, you may receive a remembrance or a download while looking at the images:

This image reminds me of the music of the universal spheres.

Wave Cycle

Universal waters, all living thing beating to one heart.

Universal life. Expanding Spheres of ripples within water.

The secret of creation lies in the wave. Think water, think frequency, think harmonic tones activating tones through waves of light within water/s.

The Wave. The Motion. The vortex portal.

Zero Point of Water travelling through Universal Space Geometry.

Let’s look at what Primary water is:

In the near future we can see where we can find natural springs and wells to bring primary water to the surface for all instead of tertiary water which is currently our tap water.

“If the subject of primary or magmatic water is of interest to you, we encourage you to do your own research, and look for books published on the subject, as well as papers presented by researchers, and the early pioneers in the field such as the following
"New Water for a Thirsty World" by Michael H. Salzman

"Aquavideo:  Locating underground water through the sensory - eye of Verne L. Cameron" by Verne L. Cameron

Stephan Riess (1898 - 1985)

Adolph Nordenskiold (1832 - 1901)

William W. Riley (1898 - 1974)

"In the lithosphere other materials - chiefly water and gases such as are found in the air -- are intermingled with the materials that constitute the rocks and the soils, but rock and soil predominate."

Pg. 11 -- "Outline of Ground - Water Hydrology" by Oscar Meinzer (1923)
"Research undertaken by Stephan Riess in 1934 showed enormous quantities of virgin water could be obtained from crystalline rocks.  

This involved a combination of geothermal heat and a process known as triboluminescence, a glow which electrons in the rocks discharge as a result of friction or violent pressure, that can actually release oxygen and hydrogen gases in certain ore-bearing rocks.  This process, called cold oxidation, can form virgin or primary water.  

Riess was able to tap straight into formations of hard desert rock of the right composition and produce as much as 8,000 liters per minute." —

You may learn more about this here:


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You may read here about Magmatic water:

You may look at Walter Russels videos about water and the vortex here:

A message from the water:

You may enjoy this song: 

May our planet thrive with abundant source living waters for all. Let us all once again remember to be the light in the water. 

In Love and Light 


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