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The Galactic Centre, The Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun

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The Galactic Centre
The Galactic Centre (GC) is a giant black & white whole that sits at the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy.  The Galactic Centre is currently positioned at 27Sagittarius (tropical) or 4Sagittarius (sidereal).
Metaphysically, the Galactic Centre is the source of our Soul’s highest aspirations & what we have chosen as the greater evolutionary purpose for our Soul in this lifetime. 
To understand the influence the Galactic Centre has upon you individually, I recommend looking at your own personal Natal Chart (your astrology chart), and the position/house of the Galactic Centre at your time of Birth – as this will give you a greater understand of your Soul Purpose in this lifetime. Refer to Aetheric Healing™ for further details.
The Galactic Centre is a powerful transmitter of energy waves known as ‘Waves of Love’.  Since 1987, the vibrational frequency of these Waves have been increasing in intensity and will continue to do so as we move toward 2040, the Golden Age (refer to my book Shealla-Dreaming) as we quantum leap into our new 225 Million year Galactic Cycle.

These electro-magnetic cosmic emissions (Waves of Love) are pulsating the torroidal field of energy that surrounds our heart, helping us to beat our Hearts Torroidal Field in unison with the Earth’s Torroidal Feild, in unison with our Milky Way Galaxy’s Torroidal Field.  
As the ‘three Hearts’ (Earth, Human Heart, Galactic Heart) beat as ONE, we move beyond the limitation of our perceived separateness, and we embrace the Love, the Joy, the Beauty of a ONE humanity evolving into an enlightened New Earth.

Super Galactic Centre

As mentioned above, our Milky Way Galaxy is part of a local grouping of 50+ Galaxies referred to as the ‘Local Group’.   The Local Group (which includes our Milky Way Galaxy) is then part of an even greater group called the Virgo Super Cluster, which in turn is part of an even greater group called Laniakea Super Cluster.

Whilst our Solar System revolves around the Galactic Centre every 225 Million years, our entire Milky Way Galaxy (including the entire Local Group) revolves around the Super Galactic Centre (SGC) (m-87) of the Virgo Super Cluster over of period of immeasurable years (a number beyond the realm of cognition by human consciousness). 
The Super Galactic Centre is located at 2Libra (tropical) or 7Virgo (sidereal) and at an approximate distance of 53 Million light years from Earth (1 light year = 9.5 Trillion km).  Whilst the Super Galactic Centre has the mass of 30 trillion times that of our own Sun, 90% of the SGC remains hidden.
Whilst the Galactic Centre influences are individual Soul Evolutionary Purpose, the Super Galactic Centre represents the greater potential of our Higher Collective Consciousness – the Collective Evolutionary Purpose of our Galaxy & Local Group. 
The Super Galactic Centre draws us into a higher cosmic relationship with the eternal force of creation.  An interweaving, a soul-mate connection as the Feminine & Masculine fully unite as ONE, entwining together in a cosmic DNA spiral of life.
Interestingly the Super Galactic Centre lies at a right angle to the Galactic Centre.  Just like sunlight refracts of water droplets at a right angle to create a rainbow, Super Galactic Centre Cosmic Radiation Wave emissions refract through the Galactic Centre amplifying the GC Wave of LOVE streams and awakening humanity into the next cycle of Evolution.  On an individual level, these right angle emissions stimulate our Light Activation Points (refer Crystal Light Healing®), ultimately resonating our pineal gland / primordial cells pathway and activating our DNA.
Arise children of the Sun. Awaken to the Song of your Celestial Heart of all there is. Embrace the Sun within your heart and shine it forth for all to see. Dance in the Golden Rays of Liquid Light. Be free. Be Joyful for Now is the Time.

The Sun is at the centre of our Solar System and is the centre of Light, the intelligence that governs this Solar System. The Sun is connected to every aspect of life and creates the world as we live in it. The Sun is not just a gaseous ball but very highly evolved worlds and Beings, they illuminate direct to us and at night through the Moon. The Sun is a great place of learning and wisdom, also a stage of initiation for those who choose to go through the Sun and beyond. The Sun is connected to the Central Suns. Our own Central Sun is Alcyone, from the Pleiadian System that we are part of. There are many Suns and Central Suns and it is through these Suns that all worlds are governed. The Sun reads the vibrations and helps us to grow, if it feels our Love it feeds that Love, if it feels our fear it creates experiences for us to open up more fully to Love. The Sun is Light, and the Light allows us to see the mirror.

The Sun is changing, its vibrations are heightening as we open up to the Sun within our Hearts. We are aligning also with the Central Sun as our journey back into alignment with the Sun is a cyclic completion. We are completing not only a 26,000 year cycle but also a 500,000, and 2,000,000 year cycles as we return to our source back to God Creator. We have breathed out into creation through the Goddess, and the creation experience, and are now breathing in and back to God/Source. The Sun gives us life and the Golden Rays of the Sun are the highest vibrations of Divine Love energy, its higher expression is a mass of Divine Light Beings. Intelligence designs itself as Light, and it is the intelligence of the Sun that holds the solar system in its energetic field.

As we also align with our Sun, other Suns are sending their cosmic rays, these cosmic rays are solar flares from our Central Sun that are aligning on the Earth as we star map the grid with the solar system in harmony once more. The last time we were aligned to the Sun and Central Sun was in the last Golden Age. At that time we created the pyramids, stone circles, standing stones in alignment with different stars in our solar system. These stars are Suns and Central Suns. The Greater Central Sun is now aligning with us also which means all these high frequencies of Source energy are creating a shift in consciousness, and it is a graduation party for everyone. We become our Light Body and Solar Self, God I Am, the Earth becomes a Sun, the Sun a Central Sun, the Central Sun becomes a Greater Central Sun, the Greater Central Sun becomes are ever greater Sun back to Source. The Pleadians are joyously awaiting the Second Sun, which will manifest as we merge. The Central Sun Alcyone is in alignment on the 21st May, with the Wesak Full Moon and the Shamballa force on May 18th. The Central Sun Aldebaran, the eye of the bull, in Taurus will be aligned on 31st of May. Almach of the Andromedan Galaxy is right on the big alignment May 4th. The Andromedan galaxy is in alignment with Divine Will and this galaxy is merging with us, this is a multi-dimensional experience grounded through the Taurus alignment. The birthing of the new creation, the Golden Age.

In a 26,000 year cycle, which takes in the full cycle of the zodiac, we have four main stages. The first being the Golden Age where we are in full conscious connection to Divinity, Prime Creator, God is within. Where we live in a state of harmony with all life, Peace and Love are the energy we work with. We are aligned through the Sun and Central Sun, and core of the Earth. Then we have a Silver Age, where we start to need ritual to keep our connection. Next the Bronze Age where the Creator losses itself in Creation, and we start to experience separation. Then the Iron Age or Kali/Dark Age where we totally lose our connection and there is chaos, the energy we run on is Fear. We are now just about to move out of the Dark Age and into the Golden Age, and new cycle.
Halfway through this 26,000 year cycle we go into the Photon Belt. The Photon Belt is a band of Light Photons that runs through the Central Sun of the Pleiadian System.

This Sun is called Alcyone and our Solar System is in an outer orbit from Alcyone and the Belt. The Mayans, who are master mathematicians and time keepers came to Earth and left us with the Calender and Glyphs of the Cyclic flows of our Universe. They come from a Star that is in close orbit to Alcyone and always within the Photon Belt of Light. Our Solar System will be fully in the Belt in 2012 for 2,000 years, then out again for another 11,000 years. The year 2012 was the estimated end of the Mayan Calender, this may have come forward in time with new, recent revelations of the calender and the powerful shifts we are experiencing. As there is No Time and all is Now, to be at peace with this shift is to be surrendered into Divine Will, and being our connection to Source through our Heart.

The last time we went in the belt was in the Age of Leo, when Atlantis was at its peak, and then experienced the cataclysm as we hit the Belt. As we were not in harmony with the higher octaves of Light. But at that time in our learning we were also going into denser vibrations, from the Silver into the Bronze Age. Now we are about to come into the Photon Belt again, into the Age of Aquarius, which is opposite Leo, and we are having to make a great leap in consciousness, out of fear and into Love. If we can do this then it will be a harmonious transition. In Leo we had to learn about Gods Will and our Will, and we went out of alignment with Divine Will and into our own. In Aquarius we are learning to align our will to Divine Will, and so come from our Heart, Solar Self which is our Divine Connection. Learning to live in harmony and cooperation with each other.

Much of humanity still has the fear of destruction as the only way we change. As the memories of Atlantis still operate in the control and power dramas that run with fear, as full on as ever on this planet. The Earth Changes are the changes in us. If we keep abusing and disregarding the sacredness of all life, then we will create great chaos as a means of release from it. For when we are so separate from Love we create destruction and annihilation. But we have the opportunity to change this if we choose Love. The solar energy is creating a new vibration with which disturbing and disruptive energies will not be able to live. The vibration of Love is coming in so strongly now, the Sun is ready to complete and move into higher octaves and we are going too, as we are one with the Sun and in her Solar System, we are coming back into alignment. By being clear in our mind, emotions and body we will be able to cope with and enjoy these Golden Rays of Love and Joy, high Light energies.

With the shift in axis last time our hearts were closed through fear and frozen, just like the formation of the Ice Poles at that time. As we melt the ice in our hearts, the ice melts at the poles which is now happening. We are the Earth Changes, as we are one with the Earth and all Creation. The fear of prophecies of doom, tidal waves, volcanoes, earthquakes is the fear within us. If we can Love and transmute the inner tidal wave of emotions or earthquake within ourselves we are free of the fear in the physical world. By practicing this we open the doorway of the heart, the Unconditional Love, and so move into higher dimensions were fear does not exist. Our world changes to one of harmony and peace.

All ancient civilizations honored the Sun as the symbol of Source, the giver of life. They used gold as the metal that symbolized the Sun and Divine energy, one example of the use of Gold and its divine connection is with the Incas. In Peru there is a Golden Solar Disc, this had come from Lemuria just before the cataclysm that erased that amazing civilization. A master was guardian of this Disc for along time, and the Incas used it as they were aligned with its energy through the Central Sun, and worthy to use it. It was at the Temple of the Sun in Cusco. Cusco, 4,000 meters up in the Andes, itself being a sacred place, for after the great flood that submerged most of the earth, two starry beings came down to the Islands of the Sun and Moon in Lake Titicaca. They had a golden rod, and wherever it could be put into the earth would be sacred, and the beginnings of a new expression of humanity on earth.

This place was Cusco which thought of by the Incas as the umbilical cord of Earth. When the Spanish invaded in their lust for gold and power, they plundered the temple of incredible gold and silver sacred objects. Melting them down, and destroying the great temple and other buildings, to build their churches and town. They never found the Golden Disc, and to this day it has never been found. Some think it is under Cusco, in a network of tunnels that the Incas made from the Temple to Sacsayhuaman in the hill above Cusco, and other such places. There is even mention of a tunnel all the way to Ecuador which was in their Kingdom. On the 24th June each year a luminous glow is seen from the tunnels beneath Cusco, as presence of the Central Suns glow for humanity.

Now that Lemuria is once again rising, and all the cycles and civilisations merging, we are awakening to the presence of the Golden Discs through the Central Sun and our Solar selves. The discs are becoming once again free to vibrate in divine love and light, as their energy pluses through the network of light around, and through the Earth. There are other Golden Discs that are now being activated at the Island of the Sun, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia, in Egypt the Golden Solar Disc there at the temple of Horus, the RA connection, in the Himalayas at Himachal Pradesh and Tibet, in the south England, and other locations. Some of these have been dormant along time, others were always active, like in the Himalayas, being in their energy field creates great shifts in consciousness.

We are one with the Sun and have within us the Golden Solar Disc as well. We can anchor our own Golden Disc within our Hearts and bring in that energy at any sacred place. Which also means our own backyard or home as all the earth is sacred. We are now able to not just travel to these power sites but anchor that energy wherever we are. As we connect through our own inner Sun in our Heart, the Earth as it becomes a Sun, our Sun, the Central Sun and Greater Central Sun. Just allow yourself to be in this energy, in your true presence.

There are twenty Golden Discs that are physical, and were used in other cycles to keep the Divine energy aligned with the third density of the Earth. Twenty is the number of the marriage of Heaven and Earth, Spirit and Matter. Where we can be in the world of form and non form as one, in the world but not of it. We are now entering the 2000's and this vibration. Our Sun in this Solar System is also vibrating at the number twenty, as it operates at the twentieth plane. The Sun is also the merged God/Goddess, male/female and not just male, there is a Sun Goddess called Sol in mythology also. The Sun is beyond Duality, male/female and is unified energy. The Moon is a satellite that reflects the Sun at night, notice how Golden the Moon is now days.

It is now time for us to connect within to our source and Solar Self. Become aware of the Sun within our heart, a radiant Golden Ball of Divine Light. Feel and sense and be open to its love, joy and warmth. As we are now about to enter the Golden Cycle and into alignment with our Solar Selves once more, we are now becoming conscious of the Golden Solar Discs, and the energy they emanate, we are a Golden Solar Disc. Their full activation is to assist in a transition of cycles, this time without fear, but in Divine Love and into the 5th Dimension. We are at the precipice of a galactic change in cycle that is far greater than just the new birth of the Sun in our Solar System.

The Sun and Solar energy is radiating to and through Earth like never before as our Sun aligns with our Central Sun, and through to the Greater Central Sun in alignment with all. This is a major event and the reason why so many of us who are taking responsibility, and honouring and trusting our heart, are following our calling. Our Solar self illuminates us and transmutes our pain, and fear, our separation conscoiusness into unity conscoiusness as we to reunite us with our Source."

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