Monday, December 3, 2018

New Portal of Light and Light worker Guidance for the surface population

Dear Light Family 

We have made it through the recent big portal of light and have all gathered in our councils of light within the Higher Planes. 

Many have been given new codes to activate within the physical reality and am now ready to dive deeper into their core missions. This has not been easy and has left many with physical pain and confusion as the larger codes anchored through the nervous system and emotional, mental and plasma body for full healing and recovery. Thank you to all for your service in the light.

Some of the repressive energies and those who have not chosen to serve the light was trying really hard to keep this from happening so many felt a pull effect that left many tired and drained. Nonetheless, the light has won and succeeded to amplify these new healing and ascension modalities for all and for the highest good of the entire universal collective expansion. 

Many have been going through a difficult time the last few weeks as new awakening codes and streams of light are anchoring for all throughout the planet. 

I am guided to share some guidance, if you feel it may be of use please go ahead and try the following techniques as you are guided. 

1. Implant healing with larger med groups/teams that are pure in nature with your highest self.

This may include: 

Release from any and all dark hypnosis/trances, from frequency cages, beings, portals, chips, implants, dark crowns, necklaces, chains, boxes, blockages, barriers, dark energies, dark, frequencies seals, egregores, non harmonic elementals, morphogenetic fields, thought forms, black magic etc. Anyone may say that (loud) in a salt bath or ice cold shower if he/she can/wants/would. 

You may visualize your soul family members forming a sphere around you in your higher self state and see healing occurring. It is important to ask which family members in the higher planes would like to assist with this. Permission for healing work is very important as each one has their own work they need to do and complete and any extra energy work needs to be communicated in all planes as this forms an open field of trust and unified field balance. See the healing occurring in all realms. dimensions and planes. 

See all clearing from the soul star, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, root and earth star as you reconnect to your true Source Self. You may visualize an icosahedron spiralling throughout your chakras in realms and dimensions and planes and see how a pure prana flow of energy is flowing with ease and grace through your entire being.  

2. Heart and mind Balance  

You may visualize an infinity symbol around our heart and mind in all realms, planes and dimensions and see yourself becoming more heart based as Wholeness is restored to your entire being. 

3. No more judgement no more finger pointing we are all in this together. 

See all of the people on the surface of the planet working together in harmony and peace as all contribute with their special gifts and talents without any ego based principles and see all coming from a more heart based center. 

4. Understand right from wrong, judgement vs guidance. 

Many within the lightworker/warrior communities find their truths and wish to implement them and maybe sometimes have others see how they see things. This may cause some confusion, so it is best to focus on your own work and within and to then respect each ones individual task as they are guided. We should not judge anyone for where they are in their journey as each one brings a puzzle piece to the larger puzzle. 

5. Moral capacity meters 

We are finding ourselves in a new era where our personal morals are expanding. Practicing good morals within our own lives can help expand the light fields as we anchor light daily within our own light body radius. 

6. Coming together to create a larger field of healing for all as a whole.

It is important to resonate with the ones you anchor light with for the planet. Thus, start small. You find one or two people and then expand from there where you can co create, meditate or do something that brightens up the world around you. In this way, acts of kindness, creative flow of positive energy and harmonic light spheres will grow from wherever we are on the planet. This will then also create a large sphere of healing for all. 

7. Maintaining integrity by always being calm collective and not getting angry(not always easy especially if someone blames you of something).

As an awakened individual, everyone may not always see eye to eye or heart to heart with you. This is because you are on a special mission to assist the greater good. No one can understand you fully until they have walked a mile in your shoes. Ignore all that is not of Love and focus on love instead. Your soul is unique and brings forth talents and gifts to the larger field of consciousness. Do not ever take anything personal that is said or done that is not from the heart. This takes skill and mastery and to obtain this skill will take you far as you always stay within your center. Do your best to create balance, harmony and structure within your immediate life and the rest will flow well. Be at peace for all around you will see the peace within themselves when they are ready.

8. Source light anchoring daily and asking for healing through breathe work.

As we are approaching important cycles and alignments within the cosmo-sphere, it is important to practice your light work daily. Breath work and techniques to anchor light will be of great assistance here.

The following articles may be helpful:

You may also read this article:

May there be Peace
And so it is

In Love and Light 

Maria Nesa, 
Ambassador for the Higher Councils of Light for the surface population. 


This blog has been created to assist Humanity in the next phase of the start of this Golden Age of Ascension, for Goddess mystery teachings and remembrance, to Uplift, Empower and to Anchor Love and Light on the Planet in Unity. 

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