Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Repost: Co Creating New Earth


Humanity has finally Reached a point where things are starting to Manifest Faster than ever before. Our Combined Consciousness is Contributing to our Reality in Such a Powerful Manner that we are really Magnificent Beings with Wonderful Co Creative Abilities.

As we move Higher and Higher into the Golden Age of Light we become Enlightened With Cosmic Codes, Wisdom and Light Codes from The Galactic Central Sun, traveling through All Universes and from Within the Core of Earth towards us. This Process Activates Our Entire Being to Realize that we are the Creative Geniuses of Life. Our Ability to be Conscious, to share Emotions, to be Interactive with Each other, to Feel, to Love, to feel everything so deeply is the Very Gift that Helps to Harmonize everything within this Universe and everywhere else. This gives us the Opportunity to Create the World we all Dream of.

Imagine you are in your Home and you are Surrounded by Plants, Trees, Waterfalls, Fountains, Animals and your Home is covered with Glass which allows the Sun Rays to fill your Entire Home With Light Rays Daily. Imagine the Glass being tinted so you can see out and so you have the Privacy that you seek. Imagine the Animals walking around freely and being Friendly, coming up to you for a Cuddle and some Love. Envision all Beings on this Planet Feeling Safe and Secure so all can Live Together In Harmony.

See Your Home Within a Community Where everything is Shared, Where all are Contributing their Natural Gifts and Talents. A place where you are Free to be You and where you can express yourself in Creative ways that Inspires those around you. These Communities would be Your Home Town where you are Now, it can be Converted into a Place that Shines With Light, Love and Harmony instead of the Cold City Look where you see things that does not Contribute to the Overall Happiness of the World.

Imagine Vegetable and Herbal Gardens Created and taken Care of by Everyone within the Community. See how you can Walk Through these Gardens Daily Where you can grow Fresh Food From Healthy Soil and then Envision being able to take the food to your Home to cook a Healthy Meal for your Family. No more Stores where things are adding up and where you have to budget your Money because you can only get so many things for a certain price. This way of Being and Doing is not Contributing to the World where others have to live in Poverty so that the rest can Thrive in Abundance. Surely we need a New Way Of Being And Doing Right? We can Create Communities where Everyone is Happy and Where all are Fed With Foods that Comes From the Earth, Food that Nurture and Cure. We can have Local Bakers and Local Craftsmen where we All Share what is Created.

A very Natural Plant to help With Healthy Soil Production and Building Materials as well as Health Benefits is Hemp. This Plant grows within 4 weeks and can create a vast Amount of Materials that is Sustainable and Healthy for Us and the Earth.

“Hemp can be used to produce strong, durable and environmentally-friendly plastic substitutes. Thousands of products made from petroleum-based plastics can be produced from hemp-based composites.

It takes years for trees to grow until they can be harvested for paper or wood, but hemp is ready for harvesting only 120 days after it is planted. Hemp can grow on most land suitable for farming, while forests and tree farms require large tracts of land available in few locations. Harvesting hemp rather than trees would also eliminate erosion due to logging, thereby reducing topsoil loss and water pollution caused by soil runoff.

Hemp seeds contain a protein that is more nutritious and more economical to produce than soybean protein. Hemp seeds are not intoxicating. Hemp seed protein can be used to produce virtually any product made from soybean: tofu, veggie burgers, butter, cheese, salad oils, ice cream, milk, etc. Hemp seed can also be ground into a nutritious flour that can be used to produce baked goods such as pasta, cookies, and breads.

Hemp seed oil can be used to produce non-toxic diesel fuel, paint, varnish, detergent, ink and lubricating oil. Because hemp seeds account for up to half the weight of a mature hemp plant, hemp seed is a viable source for these products.”
Read More about Hemp Uses and Materials here:

Envision Dome and Glass Shaped buildings for the Sun to be able to Shine within All Homes throughout the entire day. See Windows with Crystals for Rainbow Light to Reflect within all Homes. A Healing Room within each building that has a Greenhouse type of room with a Pyramid Structure for Healing and Orgones for Healthy Air and Plant Growth. There can be Positive Geometrical Designs within the tiles and Floor Plans. This Will Have a Positive Effect within all homes with Crystals built in for Enhanced Light.

Earth Ship Blue Prints:
The Happiest and Healthiest People are Those who Live In Harmony With the Earth. Those who Share and Enjoy the Gifts that Our Planet has to Offer. Our World Is Sacred And So are We. With this Realization We can Live In Harmony.

See and Envision Crystal Pools with Waterfalls and Beautiful Rocks with Crystals where everyone can swim and Ground With the Natural Elements of Earth and where you are being Blessed while being within Sacred Waters. See These Pools and All Water on Earth Radiating With Light as it is enhanced by the Frequency of Love. Grounding Daily is such a Healthy way to Connect with All the Elements of Nature. Water fountains can be a Great Feature and the Water can be Activated by Musicians as they Sit close to the Waters and Perform in 432hz. The fountains can be connected to Faery type pools for swimming where Rocks and Crystals act as Natural Grounding and Healing Stones.

Envision Fountains in the Center of Community Gardens, Build in the Form of The Spiral of Life. A good Example of such Gardens are the druid gardens. Here is an example of the druid gardens and how all is brought back to balance by these ways.

These Fountains can be Drinking Water for all and could be Activated with similar Technology presented by Keshe who has presented High Frequency Light Activated Water. Pleiadian Resonator tech Is also great Technology to Place Within Waters as this will Amplify the Goddess Light within the waters.

With Goddess Light Flowing Within The Sacred Waters of Earth the Whole Planet is Activated with High Frequencies as the Goddess Light Is the Most Powerful Essence In Existence. It Harmonizes all and Flows Directly from Source.

If We all Work Together to Co Create a New Earth For all and Bring Forth our Ideas this will Manifest Faster.

Home In the Garden of our Hearts all Beings including Animals are Sacred and Treasured, all are treated with Love and Respect, all Vibrate on a High Frequency that Emits a Powerful Energetic Signature Throughout the Rest of the Universe.

Home in the Garden of Pure Love and Oneness is where We are all Moving Towards.

"The first great civilization in which we lived began about 800,000 years ago. It was the land of LeMuuria, the great continent of Mu.

This was a land in which we lived in etheric bodies that were androgynous. There was no death, no reproduction and no sleep. Our intuitive state https://hiddenlighthouse.wordpress.com/category/consciousness/ consciousness was highly developed within a fifth-dimensional frequency. And all communication occurred on the level of the mind."

May all be Blessed as we Journey Together in the Light Of Oneness

In Joy and Truth
Maria Nesa

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Visions of Light

Sunday, January 20, 2019

A Message to all for this Lunar Eclipse in January 2019


Todayis an important day as we move in alignment with the cosmic dance that is transpiring with this Lunar Eclipse in January 2019.

This Lunar Eclipse event will bring forth amazing Source code activations as the Light enters from the Galactic Central Sun, the Pleiades and Sirius Stargates. All planets are in direct and is serving a purpose in their own way by amplifying the central cores of each planetary body within our solar system.  

As we become aware of the Light entering and as we connect with our Higher selves, our etheric, causal, mental, plasma, astral, physical etc. bodies, we expand in the Light and we are blessed with renewal energies in this accelerated ascension period.

With full awareness of our multidimensional being we are capable to bring forth the highest good of our Divine will esesence of self. 

Galactic Activations and New Light Codes on a monumental scale is approaching. 

May all be forever concious and may all rise in their true Source Essence.

Maria Nesa

Saturday, January 5, 2019

New Ascension Codes Anchored and Activated -01/05/2019

When the Inner I am Speaks I listen within to what it is my soul whispers. Here, I was Guided to paint with Gold and Violet. I asked if it was the new integration of the inner cells that is transforming and activating with new Source codes and the answer was offcourse Yes. 

I walked through the forest and was greeted by the elementals, trees and the crisp winter air as new crystalline codes shower our planet. As the trees stand tall and proud within their earthly vessels and speak to me through the winds of change, they bring to us new codes of Light, Wisdom and Inner Source Activations, as we connect with the Galactic Central Sun and our true Source I am Light. Many Light Ships surround the Solar body within our Solar System as the Essence of Pure Love and Light is portrayed in the higher dimensions as they stream Light and Source codes to all on our planet.

Let us show our gratitude to all who are here now assisting us in this next phase of our Source Expansion and Evolution with all of Life, as we move into a higher dimensional plane of existence. 

A special thank you to all keepers of the codes and all Gatekeepers, Ascension Masters and Ambassadors on the planet.


In Love and Light 
Maria Nesa 
Activation within the Forest.

Activation on the tree receiving the most light within the forest from the sun.

A close up from above. 

Activation on an elder Pine within a Goddess Vortex.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

A Deep Link between 3D and 8D and Key Geometrical Structures in Sound waves and Light

Let us Envision the following:

Below is a Structure of fractals combined as a Tri-sphere threefold Spherical Body also known as the Cosmic Trinity which is an emanation of the Gold, the Amethyst and the Emerald Rays, which forms the zero point of matter within a Harmonic Universe.

Below is an illustration of wave/particle theory of light:

The Cymoscope (The CymaScope is a new type of scientific instrument that makes sound visible). 

Cymoscopes are formed when Dolphins commincate as well:

What is cymatics?

Cymatics is the science of sound made visible.
It is based on the principle that when sound encounters a membrane such as your skin or the surface of water, it imprints an invisible pattern of energy. In other words, the periodic vibrations in the sound sample are converted and become periodic water ripples, creating beautiful geometric patterns that reveal the once hidden realm of sound. If we could see the sounds around us with our eyes we would see myriads of holographic bubbles, each with a kaleidoscopic-like pattern its surface. The CymaScope, in a sense, allows us to image a circular section through a holographic sound bubble. Developed by John Stuart Reid in the UK, the CymaScope reveals the once hidden realm of sound. The CymaScope, like the invention of the microscope and telescope, opens a realm not previously suspected to exist; a whole new world of visible sound.
More information about Cymatics can be found in the link here:


Here is a musical study on the harmonic series within music:


Here are some of my own observations. We can envision our Universal Structure like a Giant Diamond like here:

The arrangement of the cells in a 24-cell can be viewed as a central octahedron nested inside a cubeoctahedron, nested inside a larger octahedral envelope, however the figure can be rotated through a 4th dimension such that any cell can be in the center, or be the envelope containing the other three.

Now let us visualize a wave particle within the cymoscope as a geometrical structure and see this form within each of the small spheres within the Trisphere threefold Spherical Body above. Now let us see last mentioned within a larger 24 cell which makes up the Universal structure.

You may raise your own field of consciousness by practicing the following: 

Which will lead to:

Note: Below Pyramid structures have an above or below which forms a diamond.

Now let us have a look at the followig theory and see how above geometries fit into a Quiasicrystalline Network:

The QSN and Its Mapping to E8

"The Quasicrystalline Spin Network (QSN) is a 3D quasicrystalline point space on which we model physics. The QSN is deeply related to the E8 crystal. The following is a brief explanation of the relationship between the various related objects.

We begin with an 8-dimensional crystal called the E8 lattice. The E8 lattice is an 8D point set representing the densest packing of spheres in 8D. The basic cell of the E8 lattice, the Gosset polytope, has 240 vertices and accurately corresponds to all particles and forces in our (3D) reality and their interactions, specifically the way they can all transform from one to another through a process called gauge symmetry transformation (you can view a Ted Talk by Garret Lisi on this subject here).

The first operation we perform is take the E8 lattice and project a slice of it to 4D, through one of two processes: cut-and-project, or Hopf mapping. Either process gives us the same result: a 4-dimensional quasicrystal called the Elser-Sloane quasicrystal. When the E8's basic cell, the Gosset polytope is projected to 4D, it creates two identical, 4D shapes of different sizes. The ratio of their sizes is the golden ratio. Each of these shapes is constructed of 600 3-dimensional tetrahedra rotated from one another by a golden ratio based angle. We refer to this 4D shape as the “600-Cell.” The 600-cells interact in specific ways (they intersect in 7 golden ratio related ways and “kiss” in one particular way) to form the 4D quasicrystal. This is a representation of the two 600-Cells that make up the 4D quasicrystal.

Next we take five 3D subspaces, or tetragrid, of this 4D quasicrystal (one subspace being all tetrahedra that are oriented in the same direction) and then rotate them from one another by 15.522 degrees, we come up with a 3D quasicrystal that can be seen as a representation of the 4D, Elser-Sloane quasicrystal. We call this the “Compound Quasicrystal” (CQC). Here is a representation of five subspaces - the image on the left is one subspace, the second one has a second subspace layered onto it and so on. The fifth image is the CQC. 

Why is the Compound Quasicrystal important? It is important because of its relationship to the QSN. The QSN (Quasicrystalline Spin Network) is the densest possible (under certain constraints) 3D network of point-sharing Fibonacci chains and is the most computationally efficient point space in 3D. When we talk about the densest 3D Fibonacci chain, we are talking about two letter chains instead of the infinitely inflated chains, which is a property of QSN as a quasicrystal. The QSN is created by taking the FCC lattice (a point space that provides the densest packing of 3D spheres) and then spreading its points until they are spaced according to the Fibonacci sequence. We populate this new, extended point space with tetrahedra that point up and that point down. Here is a close up of what that looks like:

Let's call the tetrahedra pointing up "subspace 1" and the tetrahedra pointing down "subspace 2". We take new lattice of Fibonacci spaced points, clone it five times and as we did with the subspaces that formed the Compound Quasicrystal, rotate the five clones from one another by 15.522 degrees to create a new quasicrystal. We then repeat the process with subspace 2. Subspaces 1 and 2 are combined to create the QSN. In this sequence of images we see 5 clones of 4 tetrahedra in one subspace - each clone in a different color - being rotated from one another. The 4 tetrahedra share a vertex, and the object that is created from the 5 rotations of them is called a 20-Group. 

The QSN is composed of tetrahedra that form many different vertex types. The above mentioned 20-Group is one of them. Here are examples of other vertex types:

This is the QSN:

And now to the connection between the QSN, which started its life as the point space representing the most efficient sphere packing in 3D, and the 4D-quasicrystal-derived Compound Quasicrystal, which started its life as E8, the most efficient sphere packing in 8D: as it turns out, the Compound Quasicrystal is an exact subspace of the QSN. The QSN contains all legal configurations of the Elser-Sloane, 8D-to-4D quasicrystal.

The QSN is therefore deeply related to the E8 lattice and its 4D projection.

In simplistic terms, you can think of the QSN as a 3D version of a 2D TV screen. A 2D TV screen is made up of 2D pixels that change brightness and color levels from one video frame to the next at a certain speed (for example 24 frames per second in most modern movies).

Now we can use our QSN geometry as a toy model for physics!

Similarly, the QSN is a 3D grid of Planck scale, tetrahedron-shaped “pixels” that, via the rules of a binary, geometric language/code, exist at each “frame” of reality as either on or off, and if on, then rotated left or right. These pixels populate the QSN, and their states change from one frame to the next, at a "universal frame rate" of 10^44 frames per second (the "Planck time") Over many of these frames patterns emerge on this 3D quasicrystal. These patterns become more and more meaningful and sophisticated with time. After a while, particles begin to form on the quasicrystal. With time, these particles take on more and more complex forms, and eventually the reality we all know, love and play video games in, emerges."

You may find more information about above here:

A Study of Anamorphic quasiperiodic universes in modified and Einstein gravity with loop quantum gravity corrections can be found here:

The goal of this work is to elaborate on new geometric methods of constructing exact and parametric quasiperiodic solutions for anamorphic cosmology models in modified gravity theories, MGTs, and general relativity, GR. There exist previously studied generic off-diagonal and diagonalizable cosmological metrics encoding gravitational and matter fields with quasicrystal like structures, QC, and holonomy corrections from loop quantum gravity, LQG
May this information assist the Planet as we move into the next Golden Age.

In Love and Light 
Maria Nesa


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