Sunday, January 20, 2019

A Message to all for this Lunar Eclipse in January 2019


Todayis an important day as we move in alignment with the cosmic dance that is transpiring with this Lunar Eclipse in January 2019.

This Lunar Eclipse event will bring forth amazing Source code activations as the Light enters from the Galactic Central Sun, the Pleiades and Sirius Stargates. All planets are in direct and is serving a purpose in their own way by amplifying the central cores of each planetary body within our solar system.  

As we become aware of the Light entering and as we connect with our Higher selves, our etheric, causal, mental, plasma, astral, physical etc. bodies, we expand in the Light and we are blessed with renewal energies in this accelerated ascension period.

With full awareness of our multidimensional being we are capable to bring forth the highest good of our Divine will esesence of self. 

Galactic Activations and New Light Codes on a monumental scale is approaching. 

May all be forever concious and may all rise in their true Source Essence.

Maria Nesa

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