Saturday, January 5, 2019

New Ascension Codes Anchored and Activated -01/05/2019

When the Inner I am Speaks I listen within to what it is my soul whispers. Here, I was Guided to paint with Gold and Violet. I asked if it was the new integration of the inner cells that is transforming and activating with new Source codes and the answer was offcourse Yes. 

I walked through the forest and was greeted by the elementals, trees and the crisp winter air as new crystalline codes shower our planet. As the trees stand tall and proud within their earthly vessels and speak to me through the winds of change, they bring to us new codes of Light, Wisdom and Inner Source Activations, as we connect with the Galactic Central Sun and our true Source I am Light. Many Light Ships surround the Solar body within our Solar System as the Essence of Pure Love and Light is portrayed in the higher dimensions as they stream Light and Source codes to all on our planet.

Let us show our gratitude to all who are here now assisting us in this next phase of our Source Expansion and Evolution with all of Life, as we move into a higher dimensional plane of existence. 

A special thank you to all keepers of the codes and all Gatekeepers, Ascension Masters and Ambassadors on the planet.


In Love and Light 
Maria Nesa 
Activation within the Forest.

Activation on the tree receiving the most light within the forest from the sun.

A close up from above. 

Activation on an elder Pine within a Goddess Vortex.

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