Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Philanthropic Bank for Humanitarian projects

Dear all

Social media sites like Facebook is blocking this information from going public and mainstream. 

If you believe in the best for all of humanity and the Golden Age to Prosper...

Please share via email and texts, blogs and websites as far and wide as possible.

Quantum banking is available to all who are hearing the call to action to assist humanity with humanitarian projects. 

If you wish to learn more please visit: 


Below has been written in quantum language for a specific purpose. 

**Philanthropic....... Bank
**Philanthropic....... Bank was created fore government(s, financial firm(s, foundation(s\\ oþer(other that provide service(s 2 assist people\\

Our objective is 2 spread the spirit of philanthropy wið(with credit grant(s\\ bank service(s that can stimulate fair trade\\ global development\\ Organization(s can now request an initial $100,000 **philanthropic....... credit grant\\

Download\\ register on our Cyclos 4 Mobile App fore Android or iOS \\ It allow(s user(s 2 pay each oþer(other, view account information, search fore user(s, manage contact(s, read message(s\\ After downloading our App you willa(will be required 2 enter our Cyclos url\\ The Cyclos url 2 enter is www.philanthropicbank.info / then click the submit button fore login access........

Universal Note bce.\\\\\\\ herinne(herein present future forward\\ oþer(other\\ Philanthropicbank.info\\ Diplomatcredit.info are **sovran(sovereign platform(s noht meant 2 be “grammatically correct”, eall copyright(s via superscript code\\ under reserve 2 safely market fair\\ oþerwise(otherwise trade matter via, but; “NOT of the World”, always under sciionseals.. signe immunity as Community Church of Truth.. **sovran expressive associate action via U.S. Department of The Treasury\\ IRS Internal Revenue Service Code: Group– 1 recognize since 1968\\

**Philanthropic....... Warrant~|~Surety Bond.. TaxFree..(c credit asset used 2 support\\ back Philanthropicbank.info $ account is provided via Diplomatcredit.info


In Love and light 
Maria Nesa 

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