Thursday, April 4, 2019

Remembering our Truth as Creator beings of Light

Dear all

Recent energetics have been anchoring as we move through towards new aspects of being. 

Much is clearing and purifying on a cellular level. 

Take it easy dear ones.

Humanity is moving out of all illusions of what was and towards a positive state of being, not just as individuals, but also together as a collective.

Each being can create their own reality and know this, like a seed, with positive thought, intent, energy and positive plasma light, with conscious knowing and expression. We, as a humanity, can create all we wish to see and have for our highest good. 

Each being brings forth various pieces of wisdom and experience from that which they remember from various time lines and lives lived. The point is to bring it all together in the purest and most positive state. 

Then, as we all come together, in a sacred unified form, within the state of our highest selves, like a blooming flower in the midst of spring, we create a large sphere of positive plasma/electricity/magnetic signals, which then echoes throughout existence.

Most books written, for example, is the experience of the writer and the stories told, which brought forth the information or ideas and that is the information that was passed on by the realities of the remembrances of individuals.

If you lived in a controlled state, for example with that which happened with quarintine planets and with those who tried to control this planet, then your thoughts were distorted and your memories were somehow scrambled so to speak, as to who you really are as creator beings, who really have vast amounts of conciousness to help make the multiverse bloom in harmonious essence. 

So, as all merge in a positive state within, through conciousness Expansion, Inner harmony and Positive alchemy, each individual's essence and what each one create within and around them, acts as a petal contributing to A whole fractal/conciousness/essence.

What is The truth? Only, As all remember and all are harmonized then such a state can be accomplished.

This is why we are all here. To bring Back Wholeness within and around us and to the Larger Unified Universal arena.

This what is occurring now. To bring the full Truth to all that is.

As all are One and in Harmony as the One  Conscious Truth, the Cosmic Womb of the Pure Source, all becomes whole, as all True knowledge and memories, actions and consequences are linked as One and brought forth with our pure Hearts intent, which is a powerful tool to transmute all that no longer serves.

Experiencing purity within one Sphere, which connects to all other Spheres/cells of the living body of Truth, will bring Healing to all. 

The living body of Truth is activated by the harmonic heart-mind of Truth and Light. 

The Spark which activates and harmonizes each living thing. Proton-Electron, light and light, positive and positive etc.

May all remember their Sovereignty as Loving beings of Light.

In Love and Light
Maria Nesa 


This blog has been created to assist Humanity in the next phase of the start of this Golden Age of Ascension, for Goddess mystery teachings and remembrance, to Uplift, Empower and to Anchor Love and Light on the Planet in Unity. 

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