Monday, July 29, 2019

A message to all on Planet Earth for this Lions Gate Portal in July/August - 2019

In this now Moment many have decided to be here on this planet including you. As you read this message, Sacred Light-codes are surrounding you as you stand tall as your Higher self/I AM presence. Please hold the Light as you have and see all Starseeds, Lightworkers and Warriors, all Elementals, Light Forces, Animals, Plant life, Human beings, all Galactic beings, Angelics, Planets and Suns, within our Universe, enfolded with Pure Light and Love in all realms, dimensions and planes. 

Please Visualize Pure Rainbow Light, within a Large Sphere of Light, forming around the entire planet earth, streaming through the core of the planet. See all portals of Light across the planet being blasted with Pure Rainbow Light, throughout all God/Goddess Ley Lines across the Planet, through all Stargates, pyramids etc. 

The Moment has come for all to gather and stand strong, for all Rainbow Warriors to Gather in Unity and to Embrace the Event that is about to occur. 

Be ready. Open your Heart to Love. See your true self rising in power, strength and Joy. 

The present, future and past all as one is bright and victorious as a 144 000 has heard the call to assist all here and now as we rise  in frequency together. 

The best and Highest timeline for all is here. 

Embrace Peace.
Feel Love.
Hear Joy.

Please take some moments in each day and become silent for at least 15-20 minutes. Visualize above vision or follow your inner guidance of your soul purpose as you have come to be present on this planet and feel/know/see within what to create in this now moments as you are guided. 

You are needed. You are important. You matter. You can make a difference. You are unique. You shine bright like a star. You are amazing. Remember your true self and your abilities to rise above. 

I love you

In Love and Light 
Maria Nesa 


This blog has been created to assist Humanity in the next phase of the start of this Golden Age of Ascension, for Goddess mystery teachings and remembrance, to Uplift, Empower and to Anchor Love and Light on the Planet in Unity. 

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