Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Canvas and Poster Art upon request available now

Dear all 

My art pieces will be for Sale soon on posters! 

The ones below are keepers and have special meaning with Sacred codes and Real Gemstones so the originals here are not for sale, however you may request a poster if you wish with my signature and a healing Goddess Sigil in the back in gold paint. 

If you like or love my painting style and you wish to purchase a canvas from me, I am open to create with Joy and inspiration. 

Please allow me a couple weeks to complete since I have a full schedule. 

If you have any special requests for a painting, please contact me at: 


In Love and Light 

Maria Nesa


This blog has been created to assist Humanity in the next phase of the start of this Golden Age of Ascension, for Goddess mystery teachings and remembrance, to Uplift, Empower and to Anchor Love and Light on the Planet in Unity. 

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