Sunday, August 18, 2019

Prophetic dream 2019

Hi all 

Prophetic Dreamtime 

Interesting experiences of large groups of people walking the streets, like what is happening in China. It felt however like a different country. In the dream it was people standing up towards a leader of a country that was corrupt and evil and hurting the people and thus the whole universal structure of harmony. 

Within my dream a women came by and spoke to two men specifically to congratulate them on their victory. They lead the people to victory and encouraged all. They were well built and tall, courageous and brave at heart. In their presence one feel safe and protected. 

The women stepped forth after the final victory and her words: “Well done Children of the Stars, you have defeated the evil that ran this world, your bravery has lead you to victory.”

Even though I was a third person observer within the dream I merged within it to meet the women and then she invited me to watch her small gold black and white fish in a bowl. As I watched the four little gold, black and white fish, I knew they were not ordinary and not of this world. They sent the most loving healing and calming energy towards me. It felt like heavens Light and a Gift from Source. 

My take from the meaning behind the fish and watching them is the dawning of New Life on this Planet! The Rise of Pure Source Consciousness in its full purity.  

In Love and Light 
Maria Nesa 


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