Monday, August 26, 2019

Some Clear Perspectives

Recent claims about the Amazon fires and how it is the politicians that are causing chaos for profit has created outrage and fear mongering across the planet. 

Allot of good people got duped. Why?

From an outside view or perspective, it does appear as if there are greedy people who just want to tear down our precious fauna and flora for profit and although this is happening, there is also a deeper root to the issue. All these groups going to political institutes to stand up for the Amazon May have been false events to distract everyone from what is really happening and to cause more fear. Please pay attention dear ones. There are big changes on the horizon. 

It is important that people do not fall for the fear mongering and what is displayed on the fake news. What is important is that all focus on their inner work as much as they can. 

We all care for the planet, well most of us with the spirit of true human beings and that is good. 

The false propaganda about the fires and other fear type events distract allot of people and it does not serve the planetary grid as a whole. 

Yes, it is true that the Amazon has been set on fire and it is man made propaganda to try and lower the planetary consciousness.

It is indeed important for waters to rain over our planet and to feed and nourish us all with the sacred waters from heaven.

Now that I see everything more clear...

Mainly, there is an agenda to push Artificial Intelligence and also an agenda to create large fear to feed false grids and to prevent people from standing in their power. It’s an age old trick by certain cabal members who push these false narratives. 

The dark have been trying to reactivate and push old timelines into the earth with no success.

With all this said, there is also recently been an agenda for lower vibrational frequencies to try and get to Starseeds who play an important role on the planet. Many have been having cold and flu symptoms because of the massive clearings that is going on. 

It is important that each person follow their inner journey and that if you have recently released yourself from the dark groups, that do not follow others. Do your own inner work and allow Love and Light to enfold your entire being.

When people rely on each other too much for soul growth, like following a guru, instead of going through their own journey, it is not a good way for pure soul growth to transpire. This, only drains the people who have worked hard to get to where they are in their soul journey. Please stop feeding off of others energy. Be your true and pure self and focus within.

Starseeds, please make sure to shield yourselves daily in you I AM Light with White or Gold, even Rainbow Light then you may visualize a mirror sphere around you, to reflect all that is not of your Highest Good back to the sender. Do this every morning and evening.

Here, I wish address those who recently broke away from dark factions and who are joining the Light. The jump between dimensions is not a fast one. You cannot simply piggy back ride on someone else and expect to jump from 3rd dimension to 5th dimension or higher. Please understand this very carefully. It takes years of inner work and breathing as well as meditation practice and hard work in a multi dimensional way to raise ones own frequency. This is important for the ascension process to naturally occur and you cannot do this in a day.

On another note, I do see there is amazing progress in the field of expanding all into awareness of the false players on earth. 

Allot of the celebrities and fake “stars” are being revealed for who they truly are and people are starting to wake up more to the fact that allot of these people who have fallen for fame and fortune and billionaires whom have been using blood of children, after their ritual sacrifices, to look young will not be tolerated any longer.. This sick and twisted satanic cult have been shut down and continues to clear.

Many are here on the planet to help support the the Light and to clear the evil that has ran through this planet.

The Victory of the Light Dawns Pure Gold makes its way back to our shores.

President JFK played a large role in our history to help support Natural Healing and this allowed more natural remedies and healing styles to be implemented to help relief the opioid crisis.

Another promise will hopefully soon complete itself if all goes well. I am sure it will.

Remember your mission and your Light as one or two people can make a big difference: 

Be still and know that your soul knows who you truly are.

Breathe and stay in the present moment, for you know that your path has been chosen and for Light to have its full Victory. . 

May earth shine bright with Rainbow Light:

In Love and Light and In Service to Earth and Humanity 

Maria Nesa 

This blog has been created to assist Humanity in the next phase of the start of this Golden Age of Ascension, for Goddess mystery teachings and remembrance, to Uplift, Empower and to Anchor Love and Light on the Planet in Unity. 

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