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Healing the Sacred Feminine and Masculine to heal Planet Earth

Healing the Sacred Feminine and Masculine to heal Planet Earth 

Many ask me: “How can it be that an empowered woman can help heal the planet and what about the men, they need healing too.”

The answer to this is: Yes they do. 

In order for men to fully heal and to be in harmony once again, they need to start their inner work and not suppress their emotions or feelings and start diving deep into the sacred self, the inner child, to heal emotional traumas and past timelines as well as older lifetimes. 

For a long time, men was trained to be strong in ways that hid emotions and feelings. This is not a strong man this is indeed a suppressed man. 

For a long time the hearts of man have been poisoned by disharmony and distortion. 

The time of the Sacred Masculine Rising is upon us now. It is with the Rise of the Sacred Feminine that this can truly come to balance. 

This can only transpire when a man has embraced his inner feminine side. 

You see, each human being has a balance point, within the Sacred Silence of their True inner self. 

The Sacred Feminine and Masculine merge to bring inner harmony and balance within both woman and man. 

This is a sacred teaching that has long been forgotten. 

In many of the religious sectors many people are not taught this. They have forgotten their true essence. Their inner abilities and natural talents.

The human being is naturally empathetic, natural healers and natural in their essence and true self when not corrupted by programming and false belief systems. 

The human being is a conduit for Source Light. 

This is what each human being can awaken to now. 

Each Being holds a Dynamic Built in Radar that acts as a transmitter for Light and Frequencies. 

When the frequencies is Harmonic, the Human being is in Balance in all planes and for this to occur the human being must become strong in their own I AM Light once again. 

There are many forms of healing, for example emotional, mental, sexual, physical, spiritual etc. 

Once you decide to open your Heart to heal all the parts of yourself, you give yourself permission to be in your True Essence once again. 

Essence in the eastern cultures combined with Qi creates Shen. The essence is that which you carry from your family lineage, your DNA, the Qi is your Life force energy that makes your Aura strong and which prevents disease and imbalance, everyone is born with this. The Shen energy is the energy of the heart, which corresponds to the fire element in TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) Heart energy exists in direct relationships with the energies of the liver and the spleen. Shen is nourished by Hun energy from the liver, while the shen nourishes the spleen.

The Inner Smile as you place both hands over your heart and create a spiral as you rub, then over all your other organs, is an ancient taoist tradition of physical healing through the inner light of your being. 

So you see, if our Physical bodies are in Balance with nutritional and high vibrational foods and drinks, when we send Love to our physical self from the heart intentionally everyday, we can then visualize all parts of ourselves healing in all planes. Our physical bodies acts as a vessel to hold light here on the planet. The vessel of the body then connects to higher dimensions of self with intent through meditation and silent inner work. 

There are many forms of natural healing present in the planet for all now. Massage therapy is one amazing healing modality, it works with the skin which connects to the fascia which is I fact directly connected to the nervous system is the entire body. 

Then there is emotional healing by being in Balance mind body and spirit. 

Spiritual healing is also present, this healing is necessary for all to break free from false control patterns and distorted frequencies fed through the disharmonious antennae and ai structures that is not natural to the human being. Spiritual healing occurs when you teach
 the inner zero point of harmony where you allow your higher self(closest self to Source) to be a conduit for your physical self. With inner joy, harmony, balance and peace within your sacred true self, comes wisdom and natural order and balance. 

Physical healing comes through eating and drinking healthy, exercise, healthy mind by doing what you love and nourishing your physical body with the balanced lifestyle that is yours to have. 

Many humans have forgotten how to feel worthy of balance and harmony. When we allow ourselves to feel abundant in being worthy to receive all that we require to be fully healthy, we heal ourselves and all who came before us and who will come after us. 

Mental healing comes from allowing your brain to be in balance once again by listening to harmonic music like 432hz, natural healing remedies in flower essences that is in high vibration to the earth and the natural human being. Asking your personal Medical teams in the higher planes to assist you or ask for Angelic assistance to help restore your mind back to balance. 

Sexual healing occurs when sex becomes sacred once again. When the act of Love making becomes a state where you use your body fluids and sacred orgasm to flow up towards your heart then your crown and your soul star. This essence in rising energy upwards and not leaking fluids, allows consciousness to expand. It is an ancient healing that the sacred Magdalene taught along with Yeshua, when they travelled on the planet to teach human beings of this ancient sacred way of expanding the soul consciousness. The Magdalene scripts was intentionally suppressed because those who sought power and control through religion hid this from human beings so that humans can become slaves and suppression was spread throughout the planet. 

In order for Humanity to rise in their natural state and frequency and in balance, harmony and peace, these basic fundamental healing needs to occur. 

I wish for each one to remember their true self and to heal in all planes. 

It is indeed a Positive and a Positive that brings Harmony and Balance. 

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In Love and Light 
Maria Nesa 


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