Monday, February 3, 2020

Dream Vision of Galactic Fleets in our Athmosphere

Dear Ones 

Dreamtime visions are increasing. 

This morning I had a clear and vivid dream of driving in a car. As I looked up towards the sky, I saw a ship of golden colors hovering right above the lower clouds in the atmosphere. 

There are many space crafts in our atmosphere within the Astral and Etheric plane now. 

Many ships are cloaked and will reveal themselves when the moment is right. 

They are from many divisions within the Galactic Fleet that is here to aid our planet in Peace. 

My awareness was drawn to the sky more and as I looked around, more ships revealed themselves to me.

I saw many different kinds of ships in our atmosphere that was many different sizes and shapes. 

Many of these ships are on a higher dimensional frequency and can be revealed to all when humanity is in a higher state of frequency. The aim is for all to raise their vibration on the surface of the planet. This will probably occur at the time of the event. 

Once the collective consciousness is on a vibration that radiates Love, Joy, Kindness, Peace and Light, all on the planet will be able to make this connection and receive similar experiences that will enhance life for all. 

If you are so guided, you may take a few moments each day to feel a deep sense of Peace within and find ways in your daily life to increase your vibration. 

It is time for us to soon greet our Galactic Neighbors in Joy and Peace. 

They are eager to land, to greet all on the surface of the planet and to assist and aid humanity with The Golden Age where there will be freedom, prosperity and abundance for all. 

Even if there is chaos out there, it is recommended to stay in your center, breathe and remain calm. 

In Love and Light 
Maria Nesa 


  1. I had a very similar dream about ships coming about a week ago, look:


  2. I had a dream last week about seeing ships in the sky and one ship landed. I was shocked and happy. The dream seemed so real. Now I hear that other people also dream of seeing a ship and Cobra says ships will be appearing in the next weeks.These are very exciting times.

  3. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to it, have been all my Life. Victory of the Light!

  4. ~ Dear Maria Nesa ~!~
    ~ The GODDESS *SEEDS* LOVE ~!!!~
    ~ Please n' Peace ~ Go ~*ON* ~ Line ~i~
    ~ With best Wishes ~ from Germany ~

  5. I do not need to dream. I see them. I have nearly 40 sightings in the past ten years, roughly. They are increasingly becoming much lower in the sky. After my last sighting a little over a week ago, I received, in an heightened state of awareness, a telepathic message that I percieved as "the higher the surface vibration rises, the lower the "ships" will manifest." I have photos from several sightings. I am guided to remain anonymous at this time...


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