Thursday, April 23, 2020

God’s presence is luminous, omnipresent and graceful.

God’s presence is luminous, omnipresent and graceful.

Light flows through all that is and ever was and infuses each cell, atom and molecules through all planes and dimensions.

God’s Light is ever-present, healing, majestic, loving, peaceful, grounding and supreme in beauty and grace.

Feel soft pastel rays of pink, soft blue, white and pearlescent colors permeating through and around every cell of your body. World’s within worlds within are blessed as vast amounts of networks of electric sparks are blessed with the sacred Love and Light of God.

Emerald codes activated through all the sacred waters within and luminous beings of light spiraling in their highest form.

Transcendence, blissful, peaceful, gracious, glorious. The heart is infused with magnificent rays of pure Light, the wounds that was, is infused with Sacred Light.

Breathe in the Sacred Codes of God’s Love and ever present Joy. Breathe out the Sacred Codes of God’s Love and ever present Joy.

Infinite Perfection, luminous Being of Love and Light.

Joy is here. Love is here. Peace is here. Beauty is here. Bliss is here. Abundance in all aspects is here.

The sacred rhythm of the soul is blissful as each radiant essence of Life is Now Gloriously Glowing in Ever Present Godly Essence.

Love is now the Purest form. All is forgiven, blessed and purified.

Bless each Heart as we Glow like a Candle dancing in it’s Light and burning as a sacred light tall and bright.

In Love, Joy and Goddess Blessings of Pure light

Maria Nesa

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