Monday, May 25, 2020

Constructs of the mind, Yarn, Ping Pong Aka The Inner Games of the Matrix, The Veil and Rainbow Galactic Light Beyond. Freedom Now! Breakthrough Now!

And here a piece of Galactic Humor filled with Codes of Awakening and Activation


By The Galactic Council of Kitty’s
Written by Maria Nesa

Let us entertain a thought and it may bring all some humor..

Imagine you are within a spherical construct of yarn/the mind and there are two kitties, sitting and playing ping pong within, see some Rainbow Light is somewhat visible and shining through the thin lines of the construct like Light Piercing through. Both kitties are entertaining the game within. The one kitty decides to connect with kitty outside of the construct. In this case a ball of yarn that can be pulled from the outside and become smaller....

Now see the kitty outside of this construct, the kitty is pulling the yarn and the construct is becoming smaller and smaller until it loses structure and then...BOOM!

Colors Appear all around!

Is it the Radiant Universe filled with Beautiful Rainbow Spectrums one could have always Dreamed off?

Yes, It is so Beautiful and Bright. How amazing, the construct was only in the mind and could always collapse with an awareness of outside kitty. How Amazing!

The Universe is Colorful filled with Rainbow Light that is beyond the Spectrums of what we thought we knew!

Hyper dimensional Higher Self Kitty is so Awesome!

We are now Aware and Awake.

Awakening Sequence is completed.

Veil lift Completed.

Thanks so much for entertaining this idea!

May all be free and happy and all awakened souls are applaud for finding humor as all make their way towards freedom and the breakthrough which is here now.

The Yarn has been pulled by Galactic Kitty!

Mission status:
Over and Out.

Motherships Engage!
Activate Hyper dimensional Sequence!
Hyper Drives Active!
Stargates Opened and Operational!
Ascension Sequence Engage!  
Go Galactic Kitty Go!

In Love and Light and Freedom to all  
The Galactic Council of Kitty’s
Meow Meow Meow

In Love and Light
Maria Nesa

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