Friday, May 8, 2020

Universal Laws -written by Maria Nesa for the People of Planet Earth

Universal Laws 

1. Each being, on a Universal scale, has an inalienable right to freedom and liberty.

2. In a free society no one is governed, all are equal.

3. Each being, on a Universal scale, has an inalienable right to fair and good health.

4. A Society that is just and fair, and without corruption and greed, is a society for Peace, Love and Joy.

5. Each being has a right to protect themselves from harm, from any entity, in all realms, dimensions and planes. 

6. God is present on Earth and also in Heaven. The children of the Universe is a happy, abundant, peaceful, joyful Universal society. 

7. The right to live and to feel is a Universal Law that flows through all Dimensions. Each sentient Being has a right to live life freely and to express themselves in free will.

In Love and Light 

Maria Nesa 


  1. Thank you, Maria, for expressing my thoughts/feelings.

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