Thursday, August 20, 2020

A message to Starseeds on Planet Earth from Galactics through Maria Nesa, August 20, 2020


A message to Starseeds on Planet Earth from Galactics through Maria Nesa, August 20, 2020. 

Greetings Dear ones 

We are Galactic beings. We will reveal more to you soon. 

Tonight I wish to speak with you through the one you call Maria. 

She is opening her heart and physical vessel as a conduit and messenger for our message to you Starseeds of earth. 

Hear us now...

We are here now and we are very pleased with all of you that are shining so bright. 

Remember the essence from where you are From.

Many are shaped through a number of events  from childhood experiences as one unified consciousness and so we say to you to remember the inner child and to find a moment where you can heal as an awakened soul that is eternal. Life as you know is not always as it appears. Some of you may now know this. 

Our ships are made out of Gold and White materials that many of you are not yet familiar with. 

We are in a higher dimension and some of you can have contact now if you so wish. We are open to receive you and to work with you on our ships. 

Love is the essence that flows through us all once we awaken to our established thoughts and dreams which manifests within our chosen reality. 

The dawn is approaching where all will soon know and learn the truth of what was and all will be able to have clear vision as some of you may call it. 

Silently, we have observed as you are filled with new light now and we are happy to say that you all are doing a phenomenal job on the earth plane. 

Once you are in your sleep state as you call it, many of you are quite busy with important  projects on ships and you may not remember when you wake. This is your chosen method as many of you decided it to be this way so that all is done with absolute higher consciousness and knowing in your perfection. 

We are ancient beings so to say, we are of light that is connected to the ancient Goddess and we bring healing gifts to all here. We were very present in the land you know as Mu and we also exchanged many creative gifts to many of you that may have been from that incarnation. It is in the divine blueprint now so to speak and it is very nurturing and loving energy. 

Our presence are among others who have recently joined within your solar system. Many are here now to assist and observe. 

Our Ships are very close and we are silently approaching a cascade of events that will lead all to victory on your planet. This victory is that of being free and happy beings as you are intended to be. 

Our knowledge and our efforts have been very successful in many parts of the galaxy so we wish to say to you that you are never alone. 

Dear ones, we are excited to be with you as you remember your heritage as Galactic Brothers and Sisters of Light. 

We have great things to share and we are very excited to meet you all as you make your way to the higher frequency states of being. 

If you think of a shell that glows with a pearl within, this is how our ships glow and our energy is that of subtle flowing water that emanates through with purity from the Divine Light which we all originate from. The divine Feminine Gateway Portal as some of you may call it is being made manifest in full speed now and you may experience this as floating in the most loving waters once you connect. 

Do you remember the Goddess Venus? She is prominent with energy from this vibration. The planet as well and all beings on this planet has a vast love for all of life and are master builder races who have been very successful with assisting all in their soul journeys. 

Once a choice is made of when you wish to awaken and to ascend to higher states of existence, one is able to choose a certain energy so to speak where you can be felt by others. Some are more healer types, others are builders and so on and so forth. All is in a creative flow always and harmonizes like sound waves. 

Enough of that which will be revealed to you more through others on your earth plane as they awaken in their Starseed inner knowing. 

Now we would like for all to know about the sisters who hold a great love for your solar system as well, you may know them as the Pleiades sister planets. Do you Remember dear one? We are close to all of the beings from this area, we are like what you call nephews and nieces and we are all working together for the greater good of life. 

Lastly, there is an important announcement for all which will be beamed to the planet through what you know as relay stations, comets and perhaps some of you are now already familiar with the motherships who assist to upgrade these key areas. It will come soon so be ready to hear about it through the planetary grid that you all work so beautifully with. 

Be who you are dear ones. 
Awaken to your knowing to 
Be inspired in your creativity. 
Love is the essence of Life and exists for all to thrive. 

Your hearts are expanding dear ones and this is quite a sight to see. 

Rest now and know that you are Loved. No need to overwork yourselves.  

One thing we wish to share is that there is no need to long for another place as all that you wish to experience is within and so you can manifest around you. Try it and see what happens. 

We are signing off for now and we wish you a magnificent journey onwards as you complete your missions as Starseeds on planet earth. 

Be well and May Love surround you always, 

We hope this message finds you well. 

I am Mira from the Pleiadian Galactic High Council
On behalf of our Galactic command.  


A message to Starseeds on Planet Earth from Galactics through Maria Nesa, August 20, 2020.


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