Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Mothership report via Maria Nesa


**En Route 

Destination: Central Race/Tree of Life 

**Into the Future we go

*Starseed Missions are running smoothly and all 

are protected and supported. 


***Initiate final Sequence coming soon. Stay tuned. 

***Creative Flow Exceeds beyond expectations. 

*Exciting moments. 

**Shields up. 

Be reminded to Anchor your Light within your inner Universe. 

Motherships are beaming strong and powerful Light and supporting all on the ground, be steady in your body vechicles. 

**Healing modalities initiated. 

***Higher Frequencies Streaming in through Grid. 

Add on message via my higher self: 

****Remember the Buddha and the sacredness of your thoughts and intentions. 

Pay attention to all Messages being sent to you now. Angelic support is coming through strong via all around you. 

Thank you, blessings to all ground crew. 


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