Tuesday, August 11, 2020

The Great Clearing ~ Humanity is Free

 Dear all 

May all Dark Technologies be Lifted and Cleared once and for all, throughout Planet Earth, with any reversal dark tech that tried to suppress souls throughout all Lineages be dismantled, cleared and dissolved once and for all. 

May All Dark black Ships from the Draco be Taken over by the Light And May these ships Clear, along with all programs and institutions and weaponry throughout the planet, so that no Harm is done any longer during anyone’s Dreamtime. 

May all False and and harmful Surface Programs created by the Minions of the Draco on the surface such as DARPA, HAARP, CERN and all in their affiliates be Cleared Once and for all and may All harm that was Done in all Planes, Realms and Dimensions be cleared and dissolved. 

May all Spider, AI, Robot and Insect beings who have caused harm throughout our Planet and Solar System to human beings, be cleared and Dissolved, in all Planes, a and Dimensions, so that Humanity is free from any Extraterrestrial threat (Mainly Dracos, AI robots and Insect beings whom have worked through power Hungry Elites, that has harmed our Soul Growth for thousands of years, harmed our Children and our Progress on the surface to be Abundant in all resources. 

The Sacred Blood of Humanity is Free and The Christ Lineages are Set FREE and will not be Used for any sacrifices or rituals that feed any Harmful Technology in any planes, realms and Dimensions which tried to create reversal grid to suppress humanity. This Ends NOW! 

Our Grid is Restored to Wholeness and clearing so that all are free. Our planetary Grid is Filled with Light from Heaven! And so it is. 

May ONLY Good InterDimensional Galactic Beings be present throughout earth who have been helping Humanity for Millenia and May they have the consent of the surface population to assist and intervene with their advanced and loving technology that is free of any anomalies, to help bring Healing, Abundance and Prosperity to all. 

May all Souls be Free and and able to fly in all realms, dimensions and planes so that they can proceed onwards with their Soul missions. 

May ALL SOULS be set FREE from any dark agents, traps, cages, chains, dark rooms that serve the AI and any other technology that box anyone in. 

May the Black box Technologies that the Archonics beings whom have lost their connection to God and whom have used this tech to keep Humanity enslaved, CLEAR NOW! 

May the Aeons who Tested and and created Accidental Ripples through Soace Time with their Interplanetary Labs ln all Realms, Dimensions and Planes Heal and May they Forgive themselves so that all Beings, Free and Happy and Returend to Wholeness. 


May ALL SOULS who have been laid to Rest be IN PEACE and May their Souls be Lifted to be one with their Higher Selves as they make their way towards the next plane of their Evolutionary existence. 

May the False programs that was created by the dark Lords, dark kings, and AI programs be Cleared Once and for all. 

May All Warriors and Beings in the Light Heal and Restore for the silent war that has been going on for a long time. 

May Planet Earth be Lifted into the Higher Planes where Rainbow Bridges are Visible, where Higher Dimensional Healing Light Permeates throughout for All to Feel and See. 

May Earth Be blessed with the Divine Rays from the Galactic Healing Ships and the Rays of their Ascended Masters and Goddess Relay Stations. 

May Healing and Divine Love and Light be Available for all and May all Receive the Blessings from Heaven. 

May God’s Angels Land en Masse!!! 

Humanity is FREE. 

And so it is! And so it will Be! 

In Love and Light 

Maria Nesa

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