Wednesday, November 11, 2020

11:11 Gateway 2020


Dear All 

Today is a prestigious day for many on Planet Earth. We Are Entering on a New Journey in the next months and Years to come as we are Fully Activated with Pure Divine Light of Wisdom, Healing, Light, Abundance and Grace from the Higher Planes. 

Now, is the moments for all to Awaken to their Souls Mission and to Act on it. Action is needed to help create Heaven on Earth. 

When we connect to the Universal Balance we can achieve many things with Ease and Grace. All becomes Easy and Flows in Balance if we set the Right intent for exactly what we wish to accomplish. 

May Divine Creativity Flow abundantly. 

The Galactics, Light Forces, Light workers and Warriors on the Surface is equipped with Enough Wisdom, Knowledge and Creative abilities to create Heaven on Earth. The Highest Good of all is encouraged.  

Roles and Missions come from the Wisdom of the Higher self.  Connect within and Listen to the Sound and Inner voice of the Soul in the Sacred Stillness. 

Many Blessings to each one on this Sacred day and may Earth be restored in Pristine Light and Love. 

A Sacred Intent for Planet Earth: 

As the Gateways stays Open from 11/11/2020 and onwards until their closing, let us collectively hold an intent for: 

- Pure Life force Energy and Sacred Waters to flow for All the People of the Lands. For abundant Clean Energy and Pure Water Resources that is pure and healthy to be available to all living beings on planet earth. 

- Earth to be transformed into Pristine Conditions in all the lands of the earth. 

- Peace Agreements to Continue for all Countries worldwide. 

- Good Health to all the people of the earth and resources available to each one that can aid in healing on a soul level, physical level and in all planes and dimensions. 

- For the World to be in a Higher Frequency, where Heaven on Earth is Made Possible and is Seen and Felt. 

- Higher Wisdom to flow to all. 

- Love and Joy to fill all Hearts. 

- Learning and Higher educational tools that is filled with Good Hope and Honest soulful learning to all children of earth. 

-Blessings of Abundance to all. 

- Healthy and Happy Livelihoods for all the loving beings on the planet. 

- For All to do what they Love and for each one to always be inspired with Joy. 

And all that is of the Highest Good for all.  

In Love and Light 

Maria Nesa

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