Saturday, November 28, 2020

Grid/Mandala Poster and Guidance for Age of Aquarius Activation

The following Grid/Mandala Poster have been created for Light workers who would like to create a physical Crystal grid or Cintamani grid for the Age of Aquarius Activation Meditation and then use it connect with sacred intent to the planetary grid while meditating and this Grid was approved via Cobra: 

Please use your inner guidance to set up a sacred space for the Age of Aquarius Activation. 

Here are some ideas: 

The Grid/Mandala Poster can be printed on poster/photo paper, stickers, canvas, clothing or cloth or any material you would like and use for your crystal and stone sacred grid. 

You may use it to place crystals, stones on or sacred objects like: 

Golden or white healer Lemurian or Atlantean Quartz crystals, Rose quartz, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Lapiz lazuli, Angelite, Selenite, Celestite, Amethyst, Aqua Aura, Morganite, Selenite, Green Jade, Heart shaped crystals, Aquamarine Beryl, Goshenite, Shells, Pyrite, Gold Rutilated Quartz, Cintamanis, Silver coins and Gold or Golden Coins, Ankh shaped organite, crystals or copper. 

Natural Lotus shaped candles, Rose Shaped candles or quartz crystal bowls can be added with crystals or flower petals within. 

Flowers like Roses or Lotus that bring joy to your space around the Mandala/Grid can be added. 

Harmonizing and Balancing oneself before a meditation, especially when connecting with others and the planetary grid, is always good for the most optimal results. 

A sacred intent to connect with the Ascended Masters and Angelic Kingdom will be very beneficial. Connecting to the healing rays of light of your higher self and the Violet flame and purifying all chakras is also very good before the start of any meditation. 

Asking Archangel Michael to Cut any chords before and after meditation with the cosmic blue ray is very beneficial as well before connecting to the grid and other meditators. 

Once a sacred grid has been set up and you are ready you may set the intent to connect your grid to the planetary earth grid and begin your meditation. 

You may also do the following inner meditation beforehand and prepare to connect with your sacred soul to have the best meditation results: 

Inward Meditation Steps

Close your eyes and breathe deeply into your abdomen and feel your breath flow deeper and fuller.  

Take a full and deep breath, bring your awareness to your brain, then feel the mind. Now, calm the mind.

When the mind is calm, with your intent, command the mind to slowly join with the Navel/Sacred Womb.

Feel the presence of the mind in the Navel/Sacred Womb.

Now feel the warmth, acceptance, peace, feel how all is present.  

Bring your awareness to your heart. Feel your heartbeat and observe the emotions you are feeling. Now, listen to these emotions and assure yourself that it is okay to feel. It is safe now.  

When the heart is calm, with your intent, command the heart to flow down and then feel your heart merging with your navel/sacred womb.  

Feel the presence of the heart and mind in the navel centre. *Now, feel the warmth, feel acceptance, and feel peace as it is present, always  

Go internally not externally to the deep core within, which connects you through earth to the universe then with God. Stay focused on the earth, while maintaining the dimensional link with all versions of reality and timelines. See, feel, and hear the cleansing waves of light flowing over, through and under the Earth.  

State the intent to offer your pure continuous wave of God/Source light via your Higher Self, by bringing an end to suffering, trauma, pain and fear, and manifesting it, replacing these emotions and feelings with abundance of Bliss, Contentment, Love and Security. 

So Be it and So It Is!

This meditation was brought forth by:

More information about the Age of Aquarius meditation can be found here:

And here:

You may also find more information here about the Age of Aquarius Final Activation:

In Love and Light 

Maria Nesa 


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