Sunday, February 14, 2021

Advanced Planetary Earth Grid Inner Meditation

Dear all 

Below is a meditation for Sisterhood of the Rose and Light groups worldwide. 

Please feel free to include this meditation in your daily practice and sisterhood gatherings and please feel free to welcome sisters and brothers to join worldwide: 

***Please note that this is a more advanced meditation for those who have practiced meditation before.

This is an Inner meditation and nothing is Projected outward. Once light anchors throughout the inner universe, so will light flow powerfully in the outer universe. 

1. Connect within, to the mind, heart and inner womb/naval.  Combine these three essences to create a powerful inner connection. Maintain the connection to your inner womb/naval and feel yourself anchoring to the core of the earth sun. 

2. Ask ArchAngel Michael to cut any chords and attachments and release all that no longer serves your highest good and connect to the Galactic Central sun and visualize the rays of the sun flowing and anchoring throughout all points of light, through your body and to the core of the inner earth sun. 

3. Anchor the Violet, Pink Goddess and White Rays of Light within and through all chakras, the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, crown, soul star and then ground the light and anchor a Shield of light with in an egg shape or sphere in violet, pink and white rays. . 

4. Connect to the I AM presence of the soul, anchor in seven (or 12)  rays of light from the Higher self through the Soul Star, flowing through all chakras and connecting to the core of the earth sun. See yourself in a powerful stream of light. 

5. Connect with all Ascended Masters, like Saint Germaine, El  Morya, Serapis Bey, Kuthumi, Sananda etc. in the highest plane and their divine counterparts. Then, connect with the Angelic Kingdom and all Arch angels like Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel and Michael. 

6. Connect with the Goddesses of Light, Stationed all across the planet on all vortex nulls and nodes. See them creating a vortex of rainbow light at all points of light.  

7. Connect with the spirit animals that bring balance now from the galactic central sun. 

8. Connect with the star light family, like the Sirians and Sirius Rays, Andromedans and Andromedan Rays, Pleiadians and Pleiadian Rays, Arcturians and Arcturian Rays and see pure and unconditional love and light anchoring. 

9. Connect with the Goddess Relay stations within our solar system, that is bringing in pure unconditional love and light, and feel the pure light flowing and Anchoring the rays of light to the core of the planet. 

10. Hold both hands up and call forth each person attending by name and focus on sending light from your higher self to theirs and them then anchoring light from their higher selves to their physical selves. 

11. Focus now on the key locations where everyone is joining from and anchor pure light to their specific countries through the earth light grid. 

12. Now, focus both hands on the physical altar or crystal grid in center and stream light (Keep the connection with the light rays, ascended masters, star families and higher self) and form a circle around the grid, then visualize pure unconditional love and light. 

13. Ask Archangel Michael to cut all chords that no longer serve. Shield with a Violet flame shield of light. 

Notes: (Be reminded constantly of the Violet flame protecting and supporting in a shield of light, constantly flowing from the higher self. In this way so no one gets tired as the light creates powerful and constant assistance for the body.) 

Thank everyone for joining and share gratitude. 

You may find a French translation of this meditation here:

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