Friday, February 5, 2021

Goddess Saraswati, Hineini (Here I am) and Root Races on course

Voyage on Planet Earth have been interesting and as we learn, as a humanity and as societies, to connect with our inner wisdom and knowledge, so we rise to higher states. 

To think of one Goddess that Inspires Wisdom and Knowledge, one can think about  Saraswati. Her Divine Songs flow like Wisdom through the ages for many.  

Harmonic tones are set as she embodies simplicity in divine feminine nature that touches all with her sweet embrace. 

Coming forth from the higher planes, anchors the divine codes and flow the radiant songs of the Goddess as she inspires all to be in harmony and balance once again with higher wisdom and knowledge that is obtained within. 

Let us all be inspired by the joyful Wisdom of this Graceful Goddess and let us Embrace our divine Nature as we, as a collective, bring forth new inspirations and guidance from our highest wisdom. 

And so it is. 

Below: Saraswati, Goddess of ‘Vidya’, i.e. knowledge or wisdom. Art by Maria Nesa 

Hineini! — Χ”ִΧ ֵּֽΧ ִΧ™ (pronounced hee-NAY-nee)  is the joining (as happens in Hebrew)  of two little words:  hineh and ani, meaning here and I.

“Fire and water Dragon gatekeepers are preparing directional gates for harmony and balance via elemental essence, with water and earth crews as one and the fire and air crews as one, coming together and bringing higher wisdom through the four directional gates, combining all higher wisdoms together in a unified sphere, bringing us to a place of simplified Unity and Balance.

Many souls responded to the Higher Calling and are joining together now, to Celebrate the Arrival of the New Rainbow Kingdom, where all is merging as one. 

With the Knowledge and Wisdom of Greater responsibility of the ones who heard the call so comes forth all the vastness and a multitude of Creation Codes, embedded in the form of the Eternal Sun.”-Maria Nesa 

The Five Root Races depicted in art By Maria Nesa below: 

In Love and Light 

Maria Nesa 


  1. I love your posts Maria! Thank you for helping us connect to the Goddess energies <3


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