Friday, April 30, 2021

Divine Water Blessings for Lakes, Rivers, Streams and Oceans

May the Gift of Life Flourish for all. 

And so it is. 

Dear ones, 

Below are some sacred Light blessing ideas for the waters of planet earth, if you are so guided please assist in this sacred blessing project. 

- Pour 8 oz of pure water in a cup or a

Glass jar (preferably one with a lid

for travel purpose.) 

- Charge with the Element Activator Gen.2 from Light Mandalas.

(You may find the element activator here:

- Add three drops of ormus also known as liquid light 


- Place Morganite and Opaque Cintamani or Pearl Cintamani In water. 

- May add Gemstone beads of Aqua Aura, Amethyst,  Green Jade, Lapiz lazuli, Kyanite...

- Think thoughts of Love, Happiness, Joy,  Peace, Healing Light, Joy, Abundance, Prosperity and Purity while activating and working with this water. (One May do a meditation and listen to calm nature music before this water activation to bring the self to a state of complete purity.) 

- Hold cup and say a sacred blessing or prayer out loud, for example: 

I Cleanse, Purify and Activate This water with Divine Light, Joy, Love and may the ripples of this Sacred Water bless and grace all that it touches. 

Purify x3,

Activate Divine Love x3, 

Activate Divine Joy x3,

Activate Divine Light x3. 

And so it is. 

- May visualize pure White and Divine Emerald, Electric Blue/White, Violet and Pink Light Anchoring while saying the blessing. 

- May place water in Rose Quartz, Emerald or amethyst bowl as well while doing the blessing. 

- May charge the water with reiki or reiki heart stones. 

- May Add Blue Lotus Flowers or extract or flower essence.

Note: One may keep the stones within the jar to reuse for later and just charge the water with the stones and use a small dropper bottle to add three drops of water to various areas across the waters. 

In Homeopathy it is believed that when sacred medicine is poured within a body of water it will Dilute And ripple

Throughout the vastness of the larger body of water and so will this blessing. 

A special River Within the USA has Recently been blessed with this Divine Activation of Light: 

The day after the sacred water blessing, the local town activated workers to start cleansing the liners for the towns water pipes for cleaner drinking water. More children started playing in the park near the river and more people came outdoors to enjoy the scenery of the water as if they could feel the sacredness emanating as the light blessing rippled throughout the town. The energy in the town felt lighter and brighter and more people started acting in a more positive way.

Water is powerful and sacred in many ways!  

In Joy and Love 
Maria Nesa 

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