Saturday, December 31, 2022

The Great Light/Dawn/Awakening - Imminent Cleanse is upon Us

So called healers all over the planet have fallen into the trap within the controlled grid and have mixed their current understandings of what they were taught to belief and so many need light and higher wisdom. 

Many false teachings have been passed on to areas all over the world and so many are confused and still serve false beings. 

Humanity will awaken and many things will shift and change. 

The promised lands shall be cleansed from all evil before the pure ones walk there once again. Let this be known. 

Thoughts, ideas, lifestyles, allot will shift as evil is eliminated from the reality of light and all other realities that will be fully engulfed with pure light. 

The healing ways many thought they knew will change. 

False history stories will be swept away and true history and origins of humanity shall be known. 

You may wonder for instance if Dinosaurs are real, well I will share with you all that they know how to make those look very real and for a long time now and how to make many belief that our civilization is younger than it actually is. That is what they wanted you to belief. The reality is much different from what will come to realize on this planet. 

So many books was swayed for agendas of false ideologies and principles and that includes all your religious books and your fairy tales and your creation stories and your history and math and science books. So many lies to fit an agenda that had so many fooled still to this day. 

Each one who wanted to be a prophet, a king or a so called public figure, their doors will be knocked onto and their fate will be met. 

The influences of the the dark will crumble off each particle and atom one by one. 

What many called their practices and centers upon this earth to bring healing to others will change as they will come to find out that their names served darker agendas or connected to many sufferings. 

The mentality of many on this planet will change as higher wisdom will come forth. 

The eyes will open to the truth and they will be shocked. 

What many thought they knew about enlightenment will be cleansed with pure light. 

The journey is only about to start as newly born light beings. 

Will humanity choose light or will some continue to dwell in the dark and the nefarious cults under a very long controlled grid. 

The promised lands shall be cleansed as it is deeply invaded and infected. 

Those who still serve the dark will

meet their own fate. 

All will face God in the end and meet their own reckoning. 

For now, pray and ask for guidance. 

In the end Love Wins. 

I will pray for all. 

May peace be with all. 

May all awaken. 

May God cleanse the lands. 

I pray for each being to see the light. 

Awaken awaken awaken. 

Maria Nesa 

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Call to Light workers - Anchoring the 12 Rays of Light

Dear all 

Light workers  can join to anchor the 12 rays of light if so guided within the next two weeks onwards. This will greatly speed up the light engulfing the planet now. 

In loving service 

Maria Nesa 💖

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

About Planet earth Relationships and Divine Unions

Observations of planetary relationships 

In a divine Union, no one else speaks or acts for the other one, each one brings forth their own voice and essence as each one holds key areas that together make a whole. 

In observance many partners seem to be in a phase where one of them would become silent and the other would over power and represent the other one. 

This is not a healthy relationship. 

In this type of relationship one seems to take a back seat while the other one drives. This shows that one is dominant over the other one. 

This creates blockages for soul families to not be able to reach the individual who took the back seat to the driver who overpowers and speaks for the other one. In this scenario it seems many individuals was controlled by the manipulator who sought control. 

These types of relationships won’t last in the 5D world. 

Each individual have key characteristics. Each individual hold specific value to contribute and to speak for themselves and to empower themselves as individuals in growing their positive relationships, friendships and partnerships in many areas. Once a healthy balance is established and each divine individual is whole with creativity in their field of being, then a healthier environment in the relationship fields is established. 

A key factor to be reminded of is to help nurture each other’s gifts and talents and to be open to let the divine partner be balanced in the multi faceted parts of their being and existence. 

To hold a space of love and compassion is key for healthy relationships to blossom into full cohesive spheres of oneness. 

In this area we grow and expand positivity in each relation and so make the world a better place by starting within the small circles of the self. 

It is important to nurture the self and to be filled with self love before attempting any unions. To be complete is the completion of the divine feminine and masculine within before the twin flame relationship is manifested. This is the way for full love in completion and Union. 

May all blossom and prosper in healthy relationships and unions. 

With much Love and Joy 

Maria Nesa

Code of Conduct For A Disciple of the Holy Spirit"

" . . . A specific requirement of any Planetary System, for a Quality or Activity which is not present, is cognized by an individualization who is interested in that Planet or Planets and who has taken embodiment, through the gates of birth, and realizes that there is a requirement and that there is an answer to that requirement from The One Light and Life of Heaven. Such an individual, whilst not yet Ascended, makes the call to the Heavenly Father during the aeons of physical life experiences and thus magnetizes from the Heart of Heaven and the God-Free Beings Who represent that specific Quality, Virtue, Gift or Requirement into the substance of Earth, a specifically God-Qualified Flame. Unascended beings hold that Divine Flame in the atmosphere of Earth for a specific purpose by their Love Divine. . . . " ("Bulletin", Vol. 10, #j4)

Code of Conduct For A Disciple of the Holy Spirit"

      A.   Be conscious ever that thou aspirest to the fullest expression of God, and devote all thy being and thy service to that end, as expressed so ably in the First Commandment.

      B.   Learn the lesson of harmlessness; neither by word nor thought, nor feeling inflict evil upon any part of Life. Know that action and physical violence are but the lesser part of the sin of harmful expression.(*)

      C.   Stir not a brother's sea of emotion, thoughtlessly or deliberately. Know that the storm in which thou placest his spirit will sooner or later flow upon the banks of thine own lifestream - rather bring tranquility to life and be as the Psalmist so ably puts it "oil on the troubled waters".

      D.   Disassociate thyself from the personal delusion. Let self-justification never reveal that thou dost love the self more than the harmony of the universe. If thou art right, there is no need to acclaim it; if thou art wrong, pray for forgiveness. Watching the self, thou wilt find the rising tides of indignation among the more subtle shadows on the path of Right, called "self-righteousness".

      E.   Walk gently through the Universe, knowing that the body is a Temple in which dwelleth the Holy Spirit that bringeth peace and illumination to life everywhere. Keep thy Temple always in a respectful and cleanly manner as befitting the habitation of the Spirit of Truth. Respect and honor in gentle dignity all other Temples, knowing that ofttimes within a crude exterior burns a greater Light.

      F.   In the presence of Nature, absorb the beauties and gifts of Her Kingdom in gentle gratitude. Do not desecrate Her by vile thoughts or emotions, or by physical acts that despoil Her virgin beauty.

      G.   Do not form, or offer opinions unless invited to do so, and then only after prayer and silent invocation for guidance.

      H.   Speak when God choosest to say something through thee. At other times, remain peacefully silent.

      I.   Make the ritual of thy living, the observance of God's rules, so unobtrusive that no man shall know that thou aspirest to Godliness, lest the force of his outer will might be pitted aginst thee, or lest thy service become impinged with pride.

      J.   Let thy heart be a song of gratitude that the Most High has given into thy keeping the Spirit of Life which, through thee, chooses to widen the borders of His Kingdom.

      K.   Be alert always to use thy faculties and the gifts loaned unto thee by the Father of all Life, in a manner to extend His Kingdom.

      L.   Claim nothing for thyself, neither powers nor principalities, any more than thou claimest the air thou breathest or the Sun; using them freely, but knowing the God-ownership of all.

      M.   In speech and action, be gentle, but with the dignity that always accompanies the Presence of the Living God that is within the Temple.

     N.   Constantly place all the faculties of thy being, and all the inner unfoldment of thy nature, at the feet of the God-power, especially when endeavoring to manifest perfection through one in distress.

      O.   Let thy watchwords be gentleness, humility, and loving service, but do not allow the impression of humility to be mistaken for lethargy. The servant of the Lord, like the Sun in the Heavens, is eternally vigilant and constantly outpouring the gifts which are in his particular keeping.


Tuesday, December 20, 2022

About Healing

Many remedies are already available to the seeker, please do not take someone’s essence, especially if they are healers, yet find your own way and find your remedy.  This is should be a crime among those who hold the healing gift. 

This is true and real. The healing comes to the seeker once they really ask for it with a true heart.

Many people today feel they need to ask others for healing, thry then belief the healer used their own light to give to them, no, the remedy always comes if one asks. It is already there. The healing light comes from the Source and is available to those who connect with Source. 

Many healers have true hearts and are vulnerable in todays state of affairs, why? They will offer assistance to all who are in need in a humble way, yet their essence have been used for others gain and the healer is then left drained and exhausted. Why? Because a part of their essence was taken from them. 

This has been happening in the light community in many circles. This will be dealt with in the galactic courts. It is a serous offense in the higher realms. 

This is also a sort of vampirism and narcissism. Beware. 

Many need to understand that healers are there to hold open a gate for the other one to receive the light, healers do not offer their own essence. 

Let this be clear. 

This is where reiki got misused and where infiltration occurred through the years, now many stay away from it because of this. 

This behavior of the seeker of healing through someone else’s essence should not be tolerated, especially among light workers and light communities. 

The healing one require does not come from someone else’s essence. It is from Source. Ask and one shall receive. 

If one think they can take light essence from others for their own gain, they misunderstand the concept of healing and in the process create barriers that cause mistrust and leave the healer to have to heal themselves. 

May this heal and may many learn from this. May the light community find the healing from the source of our own being.

The violet sphere of the self  is key for highest protection. Please activate this day and night. 

Stay protected all and be safe. 

May those whom have misused my healing gifts for their own gain or who affected my health in this plane receive their own karmic debt 10x fold. 

And so it is 

Maria Nesa

The Great Reveal

Many ask the question. what or who is authentic? 

The key is to observe. and to see if they mimic, if so, then they are not authentic and may lack their own vision or may not be real. 

If one is authentic, then pure creativity stem from their being, they will not project jealousy or dualism, there will be no watching, mimicking or any of that sort of behavior, there will be no projections from them to mess with the essence of your own authenticity. If they are real they will show their own creativity and manifest from their own true being and the Source of their being. 

The true ones live. 

The fake ones are around, however not real. 

Sometimes they are just ai as well, trying to act as human or just a program acting to be real and they look so real they can fool anyone. Yet they are placed in the area to create illusions and project so that one would think there is something wrong with the self mind, beware of those who do this. They may influence your loved once, take warning and hold a space for them to be protected by the true light of God. 

Observe, as many of them reveal themselves in dreamtime 


take the messages sent to you to heart

as it is a guiding anchor for you to follow. 

All is being revealed, open the mind as a whole to the entire trio sphere of being and see once more with true eyes. 

And so it is. 

Maria Nesa

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Emerging to the True Self, Maintaining Integrity of the Heart

In this world, I have learned that people will do what and act however they want. In this regard, I always become the observer. As the higher essence is more clear to the full spectrum of the works of every present moment, this is where we should all aim to be at, within the sphere of the true self and always maintain high standards of love, integrity and inner peace. 

Once the recognition is there, the true self becomes more aware and have more empathy in each situation and so helps to guide the physical self in all realizations. 

All that is not of the highest good will always fade as long as all areas are not in full honesty, cohesion and in truth as well as a full beauty in creation of highest intent. 

There can be no other way. Once you see and feel the truth that is your compass. The inner guidance of the true self connected to God in purest purity. 

God brings only the best for all who keep close. 

The victor is the one who always uphold a strong faith in the self, true integrity to the entire being. Do not sway or give in to others misuse of their power, or the lack of vision. 

It is this way that we overcome any falsities, see through illusions, overcome obstacles, maintain sanity and peace of mind and heart. 

The true self always knows and sees through it all. 

Be with those who do and see good in not just themselves, and also in others. The highest good intent is what lifts the spirit up to be the best version of the self. 

And so this is my piece of wisdom for the day. Please take it to heart and may each heart, mind and soul always consider others, humbly, and act and behave in such a way where only true and pure Love is present. 

In Truth, Love and Beauty 

Much Love 

Maria Nesa

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Master Kuthumi


Kuthumi  keeps his focus on Samzhubzê/Shigatse (the Masters and their retreats), Tibet, where, playing his grand organ, the sacred flames of his heart evoke a cosmic harmony. Through his music, he bestows cure and peace around the entire planetary body and reaches the souls that go through a transition (including the death hour) and leads them to the ether retreats of the Great White Brotherhood to receive instructions in preparation for the following earthly lives. He inspires architects, poets, and scientists, awakening mystic memories about their own soul harmony in the geometry and rhythm of stars.

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Inner Meditation Guidance

Welcome, my name is Maria. 

Are You ready for the journey inward...

Please take a Moment to visit the living heart website and please listen to the live talk on the main page regarding Inner Meditation Practice. This is important information and guidance for all meditation groups on the planet. 

To create the highest essence and outcome on an individual and planetary scale, Inner Meditation is key. 

I am inviting all who practice meditation to listen and to feel inspired by these teachings and to incorporate this into their daily meditation practice if so guided. The journey inward are the true teachings of all the sacred masters and ascended beings. 

You can find the recording on the main page here, right underneath

“are you ready for the journey inward”:

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Friday, January 28, 2022

The message of the white hawk

The message from heaven was brought forth from USA in the North. 

Blessings to all in this New Year.

“White Hawks represent determination, focus, leadership, clarity, future planning, intuitive decision making, and protection. They often show up when you are called to complete a goal or mission and need strength and encouragement to keep moving forward. Hawks are believed to be messengers from the spirit realm. “ 

The White Hawk stretches his mighty wings and soars. He has the power of higher perspective, the power of focus, freedom and clear vision. The hawk is able to rise above, gaining perspective of the larger picture. The hawk holds the vision for the whole, the All, the complete.

Receiving the illumination and the White Hawk’s clear vision, we see the Earth Goddess presenting a Flower of Life to the world. Mother Earth brings us life, nourishment, sustenance and support. It is upon Earth that we manifest our dreams and desires. It is upon the Earth that we play out our lessons in new growth, opportunity and creativity.

During this time of celebrating the New Year, take time to validate You, as the great being of creativity and limitless possibilities. Honor your own Wisdom. Be like the Great White Hawk and discover your clear sight. Find your grounded connection to the Earth and begin to manifest your dreams as reality.

It is my hope that as we walk upon this Earth together, we discover our unique gifts and purpose, learning to share and communicate them in loving kindness, radiating joy, peace, truth and love into the world and beyond.”

Happy New Year to you all! 

Thank you, I love you. 

Maria Nesa 

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Inner Peace and Harmony

With all that is going on in the world today, it is easy to get distracted, however it is good to have the following reminder…

Allow yourself to be calm and peaceful.

Go deep within the heart and breathe quietly. 

Feel inner Peace and Harmony as you float in a calm sphere of pure light. 

Inner stillness and calmness is the key and essence that the world needs now. Inner practice of these kinds of methods will bring us to new heights in our soul growth. 

May all find deep inner peace and radiant pure unconditional love. ✨💕💖💕✨

With love, 

Maria Nesa

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Inner Meditation and Prayer Support - January 23rd, 2022 - noon 12 EST - Worldwide Rally for Freedom is being created on January 23rd 2022 in Washington D.C.

Dear all 

A Worldwide Rally for Freedom is being created on January 23rd 2022 in Washington D.C.:

Anyone is welcome to support with a global inner silent meditation or prayer for this event. 

If you wish to assist in the behind the scenes work you may sent the following letter after printing and signing:


Instructions here: 

You may join via prayer or inner meditation at 12 noon EST: 

1. Visualize yourself within a sphere of violet rays of light and a mirror protection shield, blocking all that doesn’t serve your highest good. See yourself connecting to your higher self and stay there. This is the 5th and 6th dimensional state or higher where no low vibrations or ai tech can enter. 

2. Calm the mind, the heart, all the senses and visualize all these areas lowering down to your womb/naval as you go within.

3. Now follow the inner light as you reach the central sun within your being. 

4. See and visualize planet earth and go in a little further until you reach the event taking place in Washington D.C. for the worldwide rally for freedom on January 23rd at noon 12 EST. 

5. See all medical and health departments in the USA and all across the planet receiving notice of their immediate stop of all harmful vaccines and all other ill intentions that is not of the highest good for all of humanity. 

6. Visualize humanity and all beings being free from all pain, suffering and anything that has been harmful. 

7. Visualize pure unconditional love and light flowing from the galactic central sun through to the center of the earth and bringing light and healing throughout the planet. 

8. Bring all your senses back up to your present moment. Visualize pure light flowing through and around you as you are safe and protected in your higher self source sphere of light and continue to hold this protection sphere of light throughout your day. 

Ascension into higher Octaves of Light

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