Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Inner Meditation and Prayer Support - January 23rd, 2022 - noon 12 EST - Worldwide Rally for Freedom is being created on January 23rd 2022 in Washington D.C.

Dear all 

A Worldwide Rally for Freedom is being created on January 23rd 2022 in Washington D.C.:

Anyone is welcome to support with a global inner silent meditation or prayer for this event. 

If you wish to assist in the behind the scenes work you may sent the following letter after printing and signing:


Instructions here: 

You may join via prayer or inner meditation at 12 noon EST: 

1. Visualize yourself within a sphere of violet rays of light and a mirror protection shield, blocking all that doesn’t serve your highest good. See yourself connecting to your higher self and stay there. This is the 5th and 6th dimensional state or higher where no low vibrations or ai tech can enter. 

2. Calm the mind, the heart, all the senses and visualize all these areas lowering down to your womb/naval as you go within.

3. Now follow the inner light as you reach the central sun within your being. 

4. See and visualize planet earth and go in a little further until you reach the event taking place in Washington D.C. for the worldwide rally for freedom on January 23rd at noon 12 EST. 

5. See all medical and health departments in the USA and all across the planet receiving notice of their immediate stop of all harmful vaccines and all other ill intentions that is not of the highest good for all of humanity. 

6. Visualize humanity and all beings being free from all pain, suffering and anything that has been harmful. 

7. Visualize pure unconditional love and light flowing from the galactic central sun through to the center of the earth and bringing light and healing throughout the planet. 

8. Bring all your senses back up to your present moment. Visualize pure light flowing through and around you as you are safe and protected in your higher self source sphere of light and continue to hold this protection sphere of light throughout your day. 

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