Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Master Kuthumi


Kuthumi  keeps his focus on Samzhubzê/Shigatse (the Masters and their retreats), Tibet, where, playing his grand organ, the sacred flames of his heart evoke a cosmic harmony. Through his music, he bestows cure and peace around the entire planetary body and reaches the souls that go through a transition (including the death hour) and leads them to the ether retreats of the Great White Brotherhood to receive instructions in preparation for the following earthly lives. He inspires architects, poets, and scientists, awakening mystic memories about their own soul harmony in the geometry and rhythm of stars.

The Divine Calling - Venus and Jupiter brings Purity of Unconditional Love

  🕊🕊🪷The Divine Calling🪷 🕊🕊  The Goddess and God works in mysterious ways, with great Love and Dignity as well as Purity, shining from...

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