Tuesday, December 20, 2022

About Healing

Many remedies are already available to the seeker, please do not take someone’s essence, especially if they are healers, yet find your own way and find your remedy.  This is should be a crime among those who hold the healing gift. 

This is true and real. The healing comes to the seeker once they really ask for it with a true heart.

Many people today feel they need to ask others for healing, thry then belief the healer used their own light to give to them, no, the remedy always comes if one asks. It is already there. The healing light comes from the Source and is available to those who connect with Source. 

Many healers have true hearts and are vulnerable in todays state of affairs, why? They will offer assistance to all who are in need in a humble way, yet their essence have been used for others gain and the healer is then left drained and exhausted. Why? Because a part of their essence was taken from them. 

This has been happening in the light community in many circles. This will be dealt with in the galactic courts. It is a serous offense in the higher realms. 

This is also a sort of vampirism and narcissism. Beware. 

Many need to understand that healers are there to hold open a gate for the other one to receive the light, healers do not offer their own essence. 

Let this be clear. 

This is where reiki got misused and where infiltration occurred through the years, now many stay away from it because of this. 

This behavior of the seeker of healing through someone else’s essence should not be tolerated, especially among light workers and light communities. 

The healing one require does not come from someone else’s essence. It is from Source. Ask and one shall receive. 

If one think they can take light essence from others for their own gain, they misunderstand the concept of healing and in the process create barriers that cause mistrust and leave the healer to have to heal themselves. 

May this heal and may many learn from this. May the light community find the healing from the source of our own being.

The violet sphere of the self  is key for highest protection. Please activate this day and night. 

Stay protected all and be safe. 

May those whom have misused my healing gifts for their own gain or who affected my health in this plane receive their own karmic debt 10x fold. 

And so it is 

Maria Nesa

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