Wednesday, December 21, 2022

About Planet earth Relationships and Divine Unions

Observations of planetary relationships 

In a divine Union, no one else speaks or acts for the other one, each one brings forth their own voice and essence as each one holds key areas that together make a whole. 

In observance many partners seem to be in a phase where one of them would become silent and the other would over power and represent the other one. 

This is not a healthy relationship. 

In this type of relationship one seems to take a back seat while the other one drives. This shows that one is dominant over the other one. 

This creates blockages for soul families to not be able to reach the individual who took the back seat to the driver who overpowers and speaks for the other one. In this scenario it seems many individuals was controlled by the manipulator who sought control. 

These types of relationships won’t last in the 5D world. 

Each individual have key characteristics. Each individual hold specific value to contribute and to speak for themselves and to empower themselves as individuals in growing their positive relationships, friendships and partnerships in many areas. Once a healthy balance is established and each divine individual is whole with creativity in their field of being, then a healthier environment in the relationship fields is established. 

A key factor to be reminded of is to help nurture each other’s gifts and talents and to be open to let the divine partner be balanced in the multi faceted parts of their being and existence. 

To hold a space of love and compassion is key for healthy relationships to blossom into full cohesive spheres of oneness. 

In this area we grow and expand positivity in each relation and so make the world a better place by starting within the small circles of the self. 

It is important to nurture the self and to be filled with self love before attempting any unions. To be complete is the completion of the divine feminine and masculine within before the twin flame relationship is manifested. This is the way for full love in completion and Union. 

May all blossom and prosper in healthy relationships and unions. 

With much Love and Joy 

Maria Nesa

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