Sunday, December 18, 2022

Emerging to the True Self, Maintaining Integrity of the Heart

In this world, I have learned that people will do what and act however they want. In this regard, I always become the observer. As the higher essence is more clear to the full spectrum of the works of every present moment, this is where we should all aim to be at, within the sphere of the true self and always maintain high standards of love, integrity and inner peace. 

Once the recognition is there, the true self becomes more aware and have more empathy in each situation and so helps to guide the physical self in all realizations. 

All that is not of the highest good will always fade as long as all areas are not in full honesty, cohesion and in truth as well as a full beauty in creation of highest intent. 

There can be no other way. Once you see and feel the truth that is your compass. The inner guidance of the true self connected to God in purest purity. 

God brings only the best for all who keep close. 

The victor is the one who always uphold a strong faith in the self, true integrity to the entire being. Do not sway or give in to others misuse of their power, or the lack of vision. 

It is this way that we overcome any falsities, see through illusions, overcome obstacles, maintain sanity and peace of mind and heart. 

The true self always knows and sees through it all. 

Be with those who do and see good in not just themselves, and also in others. The highest good intent is what lifts the spirit up to be the best version of the self. 

And so this is my piece of wisdom for the day. Please take it to heart and may each heart, mind and soul always consider others, humbly, and act and behave in such a way where only true and pure Love is present. 

In Truth, Love and Beauty 

Much Love 

Maria Nesa

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