Saturday, December 31, 2022

The Great Light/Dawn/Awakening - Imminent Cleanse is upon Us

So called healers all over the planet have fallen into the trap within the controlled grid and have mixed their current understandings of what they were taught to belief and so many need light and higher wisdom. 

Many false teachings have been passed on to areas all over the world and so many are confused and still serve false beings. 

Humanity will awaken and many things will shift and change. 

The promised lands shall be cleansed from all evil before the pure ones walk there once again. Let this be known. 

Thoughts, ideas, lifestyles, allot will shift as evil is eliminated from the reality of light and all other realities that will be fully engulfed with pure light. 

The healing ways many thought they knew will change. 

False history stories will be swept away and true history and origins of humanity shall be known. 

You may wonder for instance if Dinosaurs are real, well I will share with you all that they know how to make those look very real and for a long time now and how to make many belief that our civilization is younger than it actually is. That is what they wanted you to belief. The reality is much different from what will come to realize on this planet. 

So many books was swayed for agendas of false ideologies and principles and that includes all your religious books and your fairy tales and your creation stories and your history and math and science books. So many lies to fit an agenda that had so many fooled still to this day. 

Each one who wanted to be a prophet, a king or a so called public figure, their doors will be knocked onto and their fate will be met. 

The influences of the the dark will crumble off each particle and atom one by one. 

What many called their practices and centers upon this earth to bring healing to others will change as they will come to find out that their names served darker agendas or connected to many sufferings. 

The mentality of many on this planet will change as higher wisdom will come forth. 

The eyes will open to the truth and they will be shocked. 

What many thought they knew about enlightenment will be cleansed with pure light. 

The journey is only about to start as newly born light beings. 

Will humanity choose light or will some continue to dwell in the dark and the nefarious cults under a very long controlled grid. 

The promised lands shall be cleansed as it is deeply invaded and infected. 

Those who still serve the dark will

meet their own fate. 

All will face God in the end and meet their own reckoning. 

For now, pray and ask for guidance. 

In the end Love Wins. 

I will pray for all. 

May peace be with all. 

May all awaken. 

May God cleanse the lands. 

I pray for each being to see the light. 

Awaken awaken awaken. 

Maria Nesa 

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