Tuesday, December 20, 2022

The Great Reveal

Many ask the question. what or who is authentic? 

The key is to observe. and to see if they mimic, if so, then they are not authentic and may lack their own vision or may not be real. 

If one is authentic, then pure creativity stem from their being, they will not project jealousy or dualism, there will be no watching, mimicking or any of that sort of behavior, there will be no projections from them to mess with the essence of your own authenticity. If they are real they will show their own creativity and manifest from their own true being and the Source of their being. 

The true ones live. 

The fake ones are around, however not real. 

Sometimes they are just ai as well, trying to act as human or just a program acting to be real and they look so real they can fool anyone. Yet they are placed in the area to create illusions and project so that one would think there is something wrong with the self mind, beware of those who do this. They may influence your loved once, take warning and hold a space for them to be protected by the true light of God. 

Observe, as many of them reveal themselves in dreamtime 


take the messages sent to you to heart

as it is a guiding anchor for you to follow. 

All is being revealed, open the mind as a whole to the entire trio sphere of being and see once more with true eyes. 

And so it is. 

Maria Nesa

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